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Albert Shkembi

Albert Shkembi


Albert is a detail-orientated research consultant experienced at designing houses and innovative furniture products for our customers. He is also skilled at developing out-of-the-box ideas to create furniture to customer styles. He is a qualified furniture product research professional, with outstanding organization and eye for detail.


As one of the top honorary graduates of Ohio State University, Albert entered the architectural industry as a house construction and design expert, who is highly skilled in Revit and CAD. Over the years Albert has worked closely with architects and managers to design commercial spaces. As he is proficient in various advanced visualization software, 3D rendering and construction drawings.

As a professional furniture research consultant, Albert brings 5+ years of experience in this field. Albert also possess an in-depth understanding of the furniture industry, for both current and upcoming trends that are revolutionizing the furniture industry. Throughout his career he has managed to design, develop, and furnish, over 1 million square feet of house space and in the process managed to enhance and improve overall client designs, while still being able to decrease the client’s budget by 30% on the average.

Throughout his career, he has drafted plans using Auto CAD, modeled design proposal presentation using 3D SketchUp, and have managed to work on 10 projects each year with an average in-build value of $300 million.


Albert did his studies at Ohio State University, which is a renown its world-class architectural and interior design programs worldwide. Albert participated in numerous workshops taught by some of the leading architects and designers in the world, which allowed him to pick up some of the best skills in his field during his four years at Ohio State University.