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Anne Lachance

Anne Lachance


Anne is our lead product researcher and evaluator in our team who has extensive experience in evaluating the value of some of the rarest and most authentic furniture in our collection. Also when it comes to researching the historic design origin of a furniture Anne is our lead specialist, as she can be able to identify some of the most tradition workmanship on any type of furniture.


As it is required within the furniture industry, Anne has a keen attention to detail when it comes to furniture design and also understands that customer service is a valuable tool especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Anne is an experienced product researcher and evaluator with over ten years in the industry, and high quality skills that are precise and detail oriented. Her success in this industry can only be attributed to her extensive knowledge in wood quality and design.

Anne’s role as a product researcher and evaluator has been a success due to her extensive knowledge product analysis and antique furniture collection, which requires employing meticulous attention to detail to have the amount of success required in this field. As a passionate researcher with over 10 years of experience in the furniture industry she has always conducted in depth research by utilizing various methods and techniques such as advanced product analysis and exceptional ability to distinguish a masterpiece from a fake.

With her proven track-record as a product researcher and evaluator her research results always produce detailed assessments and analysis of the product in question.


Anne attended the University of Southern Maine, where she majored in architectural design and graduated with a first class honor and later landed a job at a local custom carpentry company as a design consultant. Over the 4 years she was at the University of South Maine she worked on a couple of amazing projects, which helped improve her skills and also build her name as an expert in this industry mainly among her peers.