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Ben Rock

Ben Rock


Ben is a custom woodcrafter with over 10 years of experience within the custom woodworking industry. In fact as a custom woodcrafter ben is always prepared to make dream furniture a reality using only the finest products such as hardwoods and finishes.


Throughout his career Ben, has always met every need and even exceeded the expectation of his clients. Over the years he has mainly specialized in customizing high-end furniture such as custom tables, antique beds and sofas. In short Ben, is capable of utilizing the natural beauty of a luxurious piece of wood to produce a piece of furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Ben is our lead consultant on anything furniture related as he believes and engineer’s furniture that is inspired by an individual’s unique though process. During his days as a wood customizer ben built reputable solutions as he has never been afraid of trying something new, especially considering that everything in his field was tailored to the specific needs and aesthetic needs of his clientele.

As a wood customizer ben used to not just build solutions, but also used to sell the experience of working with him which requires one to have a can do mindset where you have to do what is required of you in order to end up with an elegant piece of furniture. As our expert consultant, his extensive knowledge of the furniture industry is always helping revolutionize the industry.


Ben attended the Northern Illinois University where he specialized in Carpentry and managed to gather some very valuable skills such as craftsmanship, which has really come in handy as an expert consultant as he is able to differentiate real craftsmanship from that which is not.