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Bethene Pomilia

Bethene Pomilia


Bethene is a freelance furniture product data analyst, with over seven years of experience in the furniture industry. She has a degree as a data analyst from the University of Phoenix, which has really come in handy as she now focuses on furniture product data analyst, plus as our senior editor.


Immediately after collage she decided to venture into the furniture industry by joining a small start-up business that was run out of a garage. And it was in that garage where she acquired basic skills in hardwood furniture despite facing many challenges trying to master the craft. As her love for furniture grew she was always inspired to keep moving forward despite the many setback most women in this industry experience.

After a number of years in the woodworking business, she decided to venture out on her own and established her own furniture company based on sound principles and excellent workmanship. Whose main focus was always to bring modern handcrafted rustic furniture into reality through hard work and dedication.

From her humble beginnings, Bethene has always tried to learn a new skill each day, however her commitment, dedication, and love for this industry is what has led to her success in this industry. And now as a part time freelancer she works with our team as a furniture product analyst, mainly for her extensive knowledge in this field.


Bethene attended the University of Phoenix, where she graduated as a data analyst with no prior knowledge of the furniture industry, which has later become her major area of specialization. Back at the University of Phoenix she managed to graduate best of her class, which is evident from her data analysis skills.