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Daniel Chaffin

Daniel Chaffin


Daniel attended Hannover Collage where he majored in Carpentry for four years where he graduated at the top of his class, only to go and run his family finance business immediately after collage. However after a year he decided to venture into carpentry a field where he felt as himself.


Daniel started his own family owned and operated custom woodwork startup, which over the years have provided luxury residences with the best self-crafted furniture, whose quality is unmatched. Mainly from his vast experience with traditional plywood and hardwood, using some of the most exotic wood veneers.

This has made him a pace setter when it comes to producing furniture that showcase superior craftsmanship and exceptional finishes. Some of the areas that Daniel is highly skilled in include: consultation, design services, custom fabrication and installation. His vast experience and capabilities can be depicted from his attention to detail, in his day to day operations from product manufacturing to when he interacts with is customers.

Over the years Daniel has provided his services to some of the best hotels, restaurants and condominium all around Phoenix, which is quite popular as he provides his clients with years of experience. Having been in the furniture industry for over 20 years his experience and lessons that he has come to experience in the industry are so valuable.


Having attended the Hanover Collage, where he majored in carpentry, Daniel has come to work closely with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry, which has made him a very valuable resource in this industry.