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Kelvin Harrell

Kelvin Harrell


Kelvin is an expert consultant in furniture. He provides an expert opinion of different furniture products available in the market. He can analyze and come up with quality feedback of challenging puzzles encircling. He gives a clear idea that everyone can understand and execute.


After graduating from Clark University with a Bachelor's degree, Kelvin landed a job with top furniture industries. He has worked in this industry for more than 30years. During this period, he gained experience in this field.

Kelvin is a good listener; he spares his time to help clients and co-workers, a virtue he gained from this field. His self-confidence makes him be a team player, quickly cultivating and gaining client trust.

Most writers have benefited from his advice, for he has excellent ground in furniture products. His expert comments are well-tailored and organized.

He also does furniture reviews for products and assists freelancers in writing outstanding buying guides. He also, over the years, worked with different organizations, where he assisted in both writing and gave his expert opinion.


Kelvin graduated from Clark University, a top modern research university, with a Bachelor's degree. He has visited numerous workshops in the states before embarking on the furniture industry, acquiring related skills.