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Martin Spielberg

Martin Spielberg


Martin is a professional writer specializing in writing helpful buying guides and product reviews for different products. Martin buying guides are concise backed up by quality commanding English. His reviews on types of furniture products are helpful and honest. He has an eye on grammar and typos. These skills enable him to stand out as a good writer.


Having had graduated from George Washington University, Martin worked with other companies, which opened his eyes to the freelancing world. His passion for writing landed him in writing buying guides and product reviews.

He gained honesty, speed, and quick, accurate research on his guides. Martin being an honest freelancer, doesn't tolerate plagiarism, not late turn around on his articles.

Martin buying guides are to the point and highly concise to the point. His experience in this field is over decade and he has proven to be a highly reliable writer.

He is also a perfectionist with a client-mind approach. With over five years of writing experience, he spent two years writing for a none buying guide which gave him an open-minded approach. Over this period, he has had an opportunity to visit different furniture workshops.


George Washington University inspired Martin and gave him the skills for this field. George W. University is one of the leading private universities which brands itself as a leading private university and ranks 33 worldwide. He has participated in different workshops in Washington, D.C, and participated in online classes to improve his skills further.