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Tara LeFranc

Tara LeFranc


Tara is an honest, professional freelancer who is very passionate about furniture design. Having been in this field for a long time, she has gained tremendous skills in assessing the functionality, sustainability or durability, and flammability of your furniture to ensure quality work. Tara is also a great furniture reviewer with excellent command of the language in furniture review.


Tara is a graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelors's degree in research. She entered the field of furniture tests as a consultant with one of the leading furniture industries. She displayed high levels of understanding of what was expected of her. Tara exclusively displayed her skills in all tests conducted on different types of furniture.

She also has work experience of over a decade in the same field. She has worked in many other companies majoring in furniture tests and designs. She has an eye for the electrical safety, flammability, and durability of your furniture.

Quality consultants recognize that they play a supporting role in a case where the client is the star; Tara displays a client-first mindset. This illustrates her depth understanding of this field. She is a great analytic solver; she can solve problems like a heroine.

She is a believer in perfection with a background in interior design. Tara is one of her kind; she incorporates creativity and professionalism with an aim to satisfy the client's needs. Her reviews highlight; she speaks honestly and does not underrate nor overpraise a product. She is straight to the pound with supporting evidence.


Tara is a graduate of Clemson University, which brands itself as one of the leading research institutions taking the second position in South Carolina. She has boosted client trust in several furniture products. Her reviews have proved helpful towards internet families, and clients have confidence in her.