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Bestar Hampton L-shaped Tiered Laminate Corner Computer Desk
Bestar Hampton L-shaped Tiered Laminate Corner Computer Desk

Bestar Hampton L-shaped Tiered Laminate Corner Computer Desk

MERCHANT: Overstock BRAND: Bestar
43 Reviews
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Keep your home office space organized in style with this chic computer desk from Bestar. This L-shaped desk is designed to fit into a corner, and it comes in your choice of solid or two-to...
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Casual,Modern & Contemporary,Transitional
Laminate,Melamine,Particle Board
Desk Type
Corner Desks,L-Shaped Desks
Assembly Required
Product Features
Cabinet,Includes Hardware,Keyboard Tray
Socioeconomic Status
Small Business
10 year Limited Manufacturer
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Featured Reviews

Here are 10 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
43 Reviews
Would Recommend
7/10 recommendations
Featured 10 Reviews
Elizabeth D.
This was easy to put together.
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Mary L.
Most awesome desk I have ever owned. It is big and spacious with a lot of surface area to work. The finish is a baked-on white that won't scratch. The lift for the monitor is perfect. Wish I would have seen this years ago. I give it a two thumbs up. You will not be disappointed.
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mark u.
Awsome desk, my wife works from home and has tried a couple other desk's this is a winner. It works perfect for the area she is working in, its right height, fits perfectly. came exactly as they said it would and at the measurements they said it was. Good thing as the area is a tight fit. We highly recommend this desk. Its also very sharp looking
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alexandra b.
Perfect work from home desk
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Natasha S.
I wanted to order it in a darker color, but I am pleased with it. It provides a lot of desktop space and storage. It is very sturdy and was made with quality. It is massive, so make sure you take measurements of your space. It’s a solid and well made product.
Helpful Helpful 0
The desk is now assembled and I like it very much. It looks exactly like the photograph online. However, the 2 packages it came in were very heavy and it was hard for my husband and me to move them. The first order had two broken pieces, which Customer Care cheerfully took care of. Still we had to wait for a new desk (they insisted on sending us 2 new packages even though only 1 package had broken pieces). The biggest problem is that it took my husband and son-in-law 4 hours to assemble the desk. I would definitely order items from Overstock again but nothing large, like a desk, that has to be assembled.
Helpful Helpful 0
Janet M.
I love it his desk! That being said it is extremely heavy and took a pro builder several hours to construct. I love the design… expansive work area… raised computer stand… lower keyboard holder, and built in cabinet. Just factor in the cost for self build.
Helpful Helpful 0
kent c.
Arrived completely destroyed. 13 + pieces were damaged. This certainly could have been the shipper. After a lot of time and back and forth with customer service, they ultimately refunded us and had us just throw away everything.
Helpful Helpful 0
Jennifer H.
The quality of this desk is poor. The packaging leaves a lot to be desired. I have received 2 desks, both with damaged edges. This should be a decent desk at this price point, but it's $**** ********* quality. Nothing lines up properly. The "cabinet" on the bottom left hand side needed to be reinforced as it was incredibly wobbly. Both desks are equally terrible.
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Bestar Hampton L-shaped Tiered Laminate Corner Computer Desk review
Matthew B.
Lengthy shipping time only to receive product with several scratches, peeling paint & one broken piece. No assembly instructions came with the shipment & assembly instructions for this model (69430-000017) are not available online. The assembly instructions available directly through Bestar for model 69430 are for 69430-510017-520017, which contain significantly different hardware. Attempted to contact Bestar directly through chat & by phone, where hours were listed as 8am-8pm UTC-4 Monday-Friday, but automated response noted offices are closed & listed the same hours. Their chat service is also offline, but is marked "Available". After assembling, pieces do not sit flush & many of the edges are slightly peeling.
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Questions & Answers

Is there a lip on the back of the desk? I use a monitor stand that clips to the back of my desk and holds two monitors. Is there a way to attach it?
No, there is not no lip on the back
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Is there a way to add a taller hutch to one side of the desk? Just looking for additional shelving for books etc.
Overstock has the desks that come with a hutch, such as the Bestar i3 Plus Height Adjustable L-Desk with Frosted Glass Door Hutch - Bark Grey/White, sku 25782582. Please check them out.
0 Helpful 0
what is the depth of the desk.
No answer yet
0 Helpful 0
Hello, are there holes for cords?
No answer yet
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Is it possible to remove the monitor and the keyboard shelf?
No answer yet
0 Helpful 0
What are the demotions of the hutch? Wanted to make sure a wide screen monitor base would fit. Thank you!
The overall dimensions are, 35.4 inches h x 70.1 inches w x 70.1 inches d and the left/ right wing measures 35.5 inches w x 23.75 inches d. The measurements for the center unit are 34.6 inches w x 34.6 inches d. The weight capacity is approximately 200 pounds, distributed weight.
0 Helpful 0
What is the depth of the desk ?
The dimensions are approximately, 35.4 inches h x 70.1 inches w x 70.1 inches d.
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What is the depth of the desk ?
The dimensions are approximately, 35.4 inches h x 70.1 inches w x 70.1 inches d.
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When will the brown and black (or a black only) version of this desk be available to order? The only one I see available is black and white.
We cannot guarantee when this finish will be back in stock on Overstock.
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Is the 70 inches X 70 inches - is that 70 inches on each side of the desk? I am trying to measure to see if it will fit in my space
No answer yet
0 Helpful 0
The height of this desk is listed as 35 inches. Normally desks are around 30 inches high. Can you advise if the 35 inches includes the little shelf for the monitor, and the desk is otherwise around 30 inches high not including that shelf? Thanks.
The desk is at 30 inches but yes with the small hutch it stands at 35 inches.
0 Helpful 0
Is anyone using the monitor shelf for two monitors? Any thoughts about this supporting dual monitors appreciated.
Yes, I work from home and have dual flat screen monitors as part of my setup.
0 Helpful 0
What does the back side look like? If it was facing the other way is it still nice looking? Any pics would be greatly appreciated!
It is not finished on the back. I hope it helps.
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Do you have to use the keyboard tray?
No. I actually do have mine installed but put a drawer tray on it and have the keyboard on desk top
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Why did you choose this product?
I was looking for a large wooden corner desk with a keyboard tray facing the middle and plenty of workspace on the top of the desk. The mini-hutch was perfect especially with the little storage spaces beneath it. And the desk is very aesthetically pleasing from the pictures.
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Why did you choose this product?
Please do deliver before November 21, 2015.
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
My sons birthday
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
Liked the looks for a priced desk.
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
The monitor shelf and keyboard shelf. The look and desktop space
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
I liked the style which includes a 2-color finish.
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
looks like it's what I need.
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
Liked it
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Can the desk be assembled without the shelf for the monitor? I use a laptop and need the space more for writing/studying. Will there be holes in the desk if I don't install the shelf?
Hello Cindy, you can opt not to assemble the monitor shelf, there will be holes in the desk. Thanks for shopping with us!
0 Helpful 0
How deep are each of the sides?
Hello Mike, the length of both sides of the desk is approximately 70 inches. Thank you for shopping with us.
0 Helpful 0
What are the length and depth of the keyboard holder?
Hello hkbc, the keyboard holder is approximately 26 1/2 inches long x and 14 1/2 inches deep. Thank you for shopping with us!
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I have the same question - I would like to know the dimensions of the corner desk. Also I was wondering if the desk can be flipped. I want to put two of them next to each other in my office for my two daughters. I am looking at the executive desk for myself and need all dimensions.
Hello tasty t, the desk is not reversible. The cabinet fits on the left side only. The corner desk is approximately 49 inches at the widest point, 39 inches from the furthest back to the very front and 23 inches from the back to the upper front. Thank you for shopping with us!
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What is the length of the workstation on the left and on the right?
Hello conchita, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the information you have requested is currently unavailable. You will receive an email notification once an answer is posted. Have a great day.
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Can the cabinet on the left be used to store your cpu? What is the size of it and are there holes for the wires?
Hello DebH, the cabinet measures approximately 17.5 inches deep x 14 inches wide (without door hinge) x 21.8 inches high. The backside of this cabinet is left open for wires. Thank you for shopping with us.
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Black colour desks are just delightful, efficient and charming for offices and also for home workspace. It adds sophistication to the space and also allows giving different touch to your home office from rest of the house. Work desk in black and cabinets in dark wood gives a dashing look to the home office. A black colour desk gives a modern touch than traditional wood styles. Few decades ago, we usually didn’t experiment much when it came choosing the colour for office furniture. But now there is a drastic change in our work culture and also for choosing office accessories. Desks play a very vital as it’s the where we most of our office time. For some exciting office look, you can go for black colour desks. You can choose black coloured wooden desks or black metallic desks. Due to the current Pandemic situation, we created a small workstation in our home itself. In this case black desks can be the safest choice as they go with any kind of home accessories.


Brown colour desks give a very sophisticated and vintage look. One may use brown colour study desks. Vintage-looking brown executive desks with an oak which will undoubtedly enhance your study room. Brown coloured desks match almost all kinds of interior decor or colour palette. Brown colour may vary from a light tan colour to dark wooden polish shades. You can also use brown colour study tables, computer tables in your room. Another advantage of the brown coloured desk is that colour doesn’t fade fast. The brown colour desk gives an elegant look to your study room. With enough style and colour options, the brown colour desk attracts more modern consumers than any other colour. The wide range of contemporary desks fits the brown colour desk as per choice. We generally go for brighter and flashier colours when it comes to choosing office furniture and we keep brown colour aside. But if we choose brown shades for the desks it proves to be fantastic neutrals with other furniture. So, whether it’s your homey workspace or office desk, one can easily go for brown coloured desks.


When looking to invest in an office, studio or home desk, there are a lot of factors to consider. The size, color and storage of desk matter a lot. Gray color on desk makes your working room look modern and elegant. This home office desk works on many levels, be it a modern farmhouse or a rustic design. Gray desk comes with handles and a file drawer to hang standard or legal sized documents. The smooth desktop has enough space for a laptop, a lamp, and accessories to keep it all within each reach. Finished in a contemporary two tone black and gray, this computer desk will. This collection invites you to choose a unique solution for your entertainment, storage and office needs. By combining flexible open shelving, spacious cabinets and adjustable drawers, you have the flexibility to decide what configuration works best for you.


A study or a home office does not have to be filled with traditional grey desks where you can choose a white colour desk for your workspace. A white colour desk gives a fabulous look to the workspace. A creative white colour desk will grow interested to make you sit and work on something. A white colour desk has a modern, clean look which works well with any interior style. Any type of colour will go with white and it gives the flexibility to change up theme as preferred. You can go for white coloured desks with wide drawers. We all know that colours have a deep psychological effect. It helps us to relax and concentrate on our work. White desks can be the best choice because it will give you relaxation, which is necessary as you are going to spend hours at work. It also creates a feeling of airiness. White desks give a clean and minimalist look. Thus, white desks can never go out of style.


Did you know that doors could be converted to tables? One of the workspace inspirations, if you are trying to save some resources, is transforming and embracing the door as a desk option! It is inexpensive, practical, and provides good support as long as you do and assemble the legs well. It does not have to be cheap or old-fashioned looking, but you can consider door-as-desk designs a look over. Upcycling a reclaimed old door to a whole new stylish table, pull it out on some DIY project, or lay it hold of the houses that are for demolition or remodeling or have it customized. If these doors are too big for your home, they still can be converted into smaller tables. In fact, half doors create great end tables that are perfect for a minibar or café within your kitchen. Paired with reclaimed wood, you can also produce stools!

Keyboard Tray

A comfortable working desk is very crucial especially if you spend many hours in front of your computer. A keyboard-tray is a unique feature for desk that Helps Position your Keyboard and Mouse at Correct Height. The tray is situated below the desk. The keyboard tray in some desks is adjustable, making it easier to position the keyboard lower than your work surface. The keyboard-tray in other desk it as got wheels underneath to enable you to pull it out and in when you want to operate the computer. It saves on working space, making it easier for those using it to have a top surface area to place working papers or other accessories. Keyboard trays can be drilled, clamped, or otherwise attached to your desk in a variety of different ways. That means even desks which you think may not support an under-desk tray may be suitable with the right pick.


A Laminate desk is a unique piece of furniture that made out of synthetic materials that looks like wood, as a manufactured product laminate is usually made resistance to scratches and heat, meaning that with a laminate desk you don’t have to be that careful as with a wooden desk, and as a result making it more popular than regular wooden desks and other types of desks. As it is resistant to heat and scratches, this gives it a certain level of strength and as a result it doesn’t require strict maintenance like other types of desks, plus it can be used in a place where there is huge traffic as it can withstand being regularly touched or scratched. One of the downside of a laminate desk is that it’s quite expensive, however with a laminate desk you get quality, in short you are getting what you are paying for, there is no compromise when it comes to quality and durability.


Melamine is a very unique piece of wood that consist of two layers that are thermally fused on to a particle board core forming a hard layer on the outside. One of the pros of owning a melamine desk is the fact that they come in different colors and finishes, as a result there is always a melamine desk out there can easily match your style. One other advantage of owning a melamine desk is that fact that it’s less expensive as compared to other types of desk, plus it also comes with a wipe clean surface, which means that its surface won’t age. And in that case it can be able to withstand the harsh office environment. One of the cons of a melamine desk is that it has a bad reputation especially when it comes in to contact with water, it’s likely to start forming mold immediately.

Particle Board

A particle board desk is a desk that is made from light weight wood that is natural looking and durable. Particle board is wood that is made from wood scraps, so it’s still very durable but it’s also an extremely cost-effective option when selecting an office desk. Particle board desks are an ideal choice for smaller spaces and available in a range of colors and styles to match or enhance any design motif. Particle board is also very flexible and easy to work with, making it an ideal choice for people who enjoying DIY projects and intricate detailing. Particle board desks are dent resistant, which ensures you have a long-lasting and durable furniture piece. Particle board desks are also easy to update or enhance through paints, stains or finishes to give you a beautiful desk that will match your style.


A corner desk is an ideal office furniture selection for a variety of work spaces and design preferences. A corner desk fits snugly into the corner of a room, optimizing it and using the space efficiently. Corner desks are available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can be sure you’ll be able to find one you love! A corner desk is versatile in that you have the option of arranging the furniture so that you (the user of the desk) is facing the wall, or you can rearrange it so that you’re sitting with your back to the wall, so you can have a view of the entire room or office. While corner desks are on the smaller side when compared to other types of desks, a corner desk is discreet and compact, and frees up more of your work space for other things, such as additional desks or furniture, storage solutions, or décor.


An l-shape desk is an ideal desk choice for larger rooms or offices. An l-shaped desk can add a unique and distinctive look to your office or work space. These types of desks are available in many different styles, designs and colors, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find something that you love and suits your particular needs and style. An l-shaped desk is an ideal choice for adults and children alike; they provide ample space and storage without compromising quality or style. L-shaped desks are strong and sturdy and will be a long-lasting piece of office furniture. Assembly of l-shaped desks is fairly simple and straightforward; once correctly assembled, an l-shaped desk can be placed in different areas of a room (such as against a corner or facing outwards from a corner) to create a different vibe and aesthetic. No matter how you position your l-shaped desk, its sure to look beautiful and provide you with a gorgeous work area that will promote productivity.

Closed Storage

For a clean and perfect-looking desk, closed storage desks are the ideal ones. Closed storage desks give you security and also reduces the risk of losing any important files. If you are having less space in your home then a closed storage desk will be the perfect option as it requires very little space. Closed storage desks are built in such a way that it appears to be a desk with no drawers or cabinets so that it gives you ample of space to do your work on the desk and also serves the purpose of storing things. You can get a variety of closed storage of desks which are readily available in the market. You can choose different materials and colours for your desk which will match with the colour schemes and decorations of your room. Often children left their things on their desks only by using closed storage desks they can easily organize things properly in the respective drawers or cabinets. Thus if you are looking for a desk with high utilities, then you can go for closed storage desks.


A desk is a very important piece of furniture. Desks have become the standard furniture nowadays in most of offices and homes and come in different shapes and sizes according to the home and offices. A Desk drawer added more space, safety, and compactness to a desk. A desk comes with storage drawers where you can easily keep necessary things inside them. A standard desk gives enough space and extra comfort and also comes in storage drawers where you can store important papers, books, and other necessary things. A desk also offers efficient storage space to organize your home. The specific benefit of drawers is the flexibility. It not only impresses with its storage but also adds charm and elegance to the desk. You can customize your desk regarding drawers as per requirement. The office desk with drawers is durable and sturdy. It gives large capacity and convenient organization and high-cost effectiveness. Organization and accessibility keep the office working smoothly. An office desk with drawers comes in various types, sizes, shapes, prices, and colors.

Open Storage

The desk is the most favorite piece of furniture in the house. It’s also the centerpiece of all the furniture. We use desks for lots of activities like working, playing, doing school jobs or spending time on our hobbies. Storage is an important part of a desk. Open storage desks look very stylish and chic. Open storage desk means, where you can place all your working accessories on the desk. For a minimalist look, open storage desks will be a great choice. You can display all the Accessories properly. You can decorate your desk according to your taste and this will motivate you especially when you are working. Open storage desks allow natural light as there is no barrier around you. This helps you to feel relax and stay positive throughout your working hours. The most important aspect of an open storage desk is that you can do additions and alterations when you require them. Thus, an open storage desk fulfills all your requirements properly.


A desk with ample space to store the accessories, office materials, acts as a bonus. So, a desk with shelves helps us in storing all our work needs. You can also use some kind of decorative object to decorate your shelves. You can also install lights which will help you to work properly on your desk. You can keep books on the desk shelves which will help you to relax whenever you need a break from your work. For children, a desk with shelves proves to be very helpful as they can keep their books and other school supplies properly. They can also do their school work properly. Desk with shelves gives a neat and organized look and helps you to find anything you require without any mess. Shelves can be of different heights, you can install any of them according to your requirement and availability of space. You can also install a desk with shelves even in the small corner of your room. Thus, through desks with shelves, you can create clean minimalist home offices easily as they are very easy to install.


With the Casual style of desk, it is a style that give you freedom to either customize according to your preference. Casual styles are informal, hence making the colors used are neutral and soft colors. The desk style is so elegant and calling making them a focal point of view. Casual style has unique features to that are modern and comfortable. With causal style it gives the user a chance to decide on the kind of desk they want from lap desk to office desk. The designs are also modern and crispy. The furnishings that are inviting and comfortable, a relaxed boho feel enhanced by natural materials and fabrics. Casual styles also combine use of technology; hence the desk can range from desks with laptop charging system, portable desks or even customized LED lights mounted on the desk.

Modern Contemporary

The modern-contemporary style of desk is a simple but classy style, that seeks to portray both old and modern styles. It has a basic, bare, bold, and structural look that makes its outstanding. These piece makes a bold statement but at the same time it’s simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. The desk style has got storage drawers and a top surface that is contemporary, for you to write or place your desktop computer. The desks legs are exposed, to give it a modern look. The color is cool and warm, with a top furnish of contemporary color to make it outstanding and a focal point of view. The surface is smooth and clean making them easy to clean and maintain. Some modern-contemporary desk is geometrically shaped to give them the old stylish look.


Transitional style means a combination of traditional and contemporary furniture, materials, finishes, and fabrics to a classic and timeless design. This style is simply sophisticated, features straight lines and rounded profiles. Transitional desk style is great for those who are interested to give office space a home interior design style. Traditional style desk comes in neutral colour tone palettes like creams, taupe, a splash of black and grey. This style comes in different textures and fabrics with simple décor with simple lines and too many curves. Traditional desk style aims to create a comfortable and relaxing style for the home office. The transitional desk style meets the lifestyle of the household. This style of desks has wood species like maple, walnut, mahogany, etc. The texture and fabric selections are very important which vary from durable materials to sophisticated, plush fibers or small-scale graphics. A balanced mix of several textures is used to make a transitional desk style. The look of transitional style balances the contemporary design.

Computer Desk

Not all desks can be used to serve the same purpose. A computer desk is one of the special desks specially designed for placing your desktop computer or laptop. They come with special features to make you operate your computer easily without getting tired. Computer desks are designed to comfortably and aesthetically provide a working surface and house or conceal office equipment including computers, peripherals, and cabling for office and home-office users. Instead of having computer cables hanging carelessly, the table is designed to house the cable making it safe for toddlers and your child. Some of the computer desks are designed for two individuals to share while others are designed for one user.


A desk is a piece of furniture with a flat table style work surface mainly found in offices, schools, and homes. A desk is that one single piece of furniture where you can work from, or play from when you are either in the office or at home. In most scenarios every single desk is usually dedicated for a specific activity. A good example is the office desk, this a desk that you are likely to find in an office may it be your normal work place or your home office, it provides a good surface or setup from where you can work from and carry out all your daily activities. Most office desk are usually manufactured with the quality and comfort of the employee in mind so as to provide a good working environment that is inspiring and motivating.

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