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13 Cool ways to Rock a Round Dining Table

13 Cool ways to Rock a Round Dining Table

Have you ever imagined owning a round dining table in your home? Imagine the feel of sitting around a round dining table with your loved ones and sharing a nice family time with them. It feels surreal, like a scene from an exotic movie.

Choosing a round dining table for your house is one of the best decisions you can ever make when working on your home decor. This is because your dining area is one of the most important places where family members gather to eat and refresh themselves after a long day.

Reasons to Choose a Round Dining Table

Space Creation:

A round dining table is a way to create enough space in your dining area as it gives room for space with its unique shape. It further creates quite an easy flow of conversation in the home, making it easier to move around while serving at mealtimes.

Formal Setting:

If you are a businessman/woman who owns or seeks to invest in a venture. You might want to invite your colleagues or business partners over for a formal meeting at home. A round dining table is quite suitable for this purpose. It's a well-designed way to promote an unrestricted flow of conversation. Additionally, it creates a feeling of openness as people sit around the table to converse.

Have you ever sat at the edge of a rectangular dining table before? You would probably feel left out. However, with a round table, you'll flow easily with others.

What To Do When Choosing a Round Dining Table

1. Measure your space:

Grab a measuring tape and measure your available space. Your space would determine the circumference of the table. You would not want to use a wider circumference measurement for your table without having enough space. Measure your space appropriately to allow it to fit in.

2. Your style:

Your style determines your choice for a round dining table; if you are a compact person, you might want to opt for a round table.

3. Measure the space where the chairs would fit into:

You won't want to choose chairs that will probably not fit into the table; this might look weird and uncomfortable.

How To Rock Your Round Dining Table

1. Area rug:

Placing a rug on your table area is a wise thing to do to switch up your dining area in style. You could opt for cool colors like navy blue, black, or dark purple, which adds to the feeling of warmth in the room. It might be different colors arrayed in one. A white fluffy rug paired with a glass round table would also make a lot of sense.

2. A round woody dining table paired with green leafy flowers:

A transparent flower vase containing a bunch of green leafy flowers could be paired with a polished woody dining table with only one leg extending from the center. The green color of the flowers adds a natural effect to the polished woody table, as well as creates an inviting fragrance and a welcoming feeling to start a conversation. If you love nature a lot, this is one way to spice up your round table.

3. Comfy chesterfield seats:

Chesterfields are great and comfortable seats to pair with a round dining table. You might want to opt for that instead of the regular wooden chair which might be quite inconvenient for dining.

4. A Table mat or cloth:

To add a warm feeling to your dining table, a table mat or cloth would add a touch of warmth to your table. A uniform cool color table mat would achieve the warmth that you want, but if you are the type that loves brighter colors, you might want to opt for a different mix of bright colors.

5. A decorative dining table lamp pairing with a round dining table:

Pairing a decorative table lamp with your round dining table is another way to create a warm feeling in the dining room. It sets the perfect tone to welcome your guests, especially when you are hosting a special dinner with your family members or your colleagues at work.

6. Round dining table with creative lightings:

Lighting is one creative art that Involves using lights to create imageries that are appealing to the eyes and it's one vital way to create the right ambiance. There are different types of creative portraits that you can use such as:

Light droppings

The light could be created in such a way that it'll look like raindrops. This could create a warm ambiance and make your round dining table look appealing.

Scented Candle stand lightings

How about creating dim lighting as well as a good scented environment for your guests? This is very feasible with creative candle stands where you can put your scented candles and enjoy your sumptuous meal.

Pendant light

To properly illuminate your round dining table, place a pendant light above the surface of the round table, make sure the height is about 32 inches above the table to create a proper illumination. It could be a large pendant style, cluster style, wooden pendant light, or patterned light. It'll be a great sight to behold if it's a glassy round table which would reflect the nice view going on above the table.

Cage lightings

This is another trend that is popular and in vogue these days, they have different shapes, there are a lot of options you can get in the commercial market, they can come singly or in clusters.

Cage lightings pair well with a round glass dining table with ghost chairs surrounding it. It could pair well with a wooden table too.

Wall lightings or Sconces

This is a way to give your dining room walls some highlights to reveal the wall arts or even the bare wall itself. Sconces are very welcoming, and it gives a comfortable feeling to you and your guests even before they get to sit down at your comfy round table. There are different types of sconces with different designs you can choose from.

A Chandelier

This trend involves hanging a chandelier that comes in different designs. Chandeliers give a great highlight to your dining table because it gives a centered effect on the round table. There are contemporary chandeliers and modern chandeliers, a bigger one would create a better effect on your table.

7. Artworks:

Artworks could also switch up the atmosphere around your round table especially a white one, the artwork would tone the ambiance of your dining room but if you have a lot of windows than wall space, this might not be an option.

8. A large standing flower vase:

A large flower full vase situated in the corner of your dining table is also something that can pair with your round dining table to make it outstanding and appealing.

9. A centerpiece of a basket of fruits:

Fruits smell so nice and wonderful. If you do not want a strong smell or an artificial fragrance, just put a basket of different kinds of fruits at the center of the round table. Apart from that, it adds a unique color to the dining table. You should use a round basket to complement the round shape of the dining table.

10. Placemats:

In the dining room, placemats are quite necessary, they prevent food, water, or drinks from staining the round table making it look off, a round placemat would pair well since we are considering a round dining table. They come in different designs, it might be knitted or crocheted, it might also be a lace design depending on your style. Placemats give the dining table a 'ready to eat' look.

11. Glasswares:

If you are a glass lover, you might want to decorate your round table with a glass containing colorful sparkle sprinklings inside. The glass reflects the sparkles and if a glass round table is used, it reflects this beautiful sight.

12. A woody round table and decorative cane chairs:

Some people prefer the traditional decoration style, cane chairs are quite primitive but they could be paired with the round table to give a stunning look. While this may look quite old, there are a few modern cane chair designs that could be used while you are still maintaining the traditional look. To make it look more comfortable and appealing, white fluffy wool chair fillers can be incorporated as well as a black flower vase at the center of the table to give it more inspiration.

13. Curtains:

You don't have wall space but rather a window wall, curtains would be great to make your table stand out. You can use the same color of your table cloth for the curtain to make it look stunning.


With a round dining table, you can never be short on options to decorate your home. Complement your table with exciting decorative dining pieces, and enjoy the bliss of dining like a king.