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7 Reasons to Choose an L-shaped Desk for Your Workspace

7 Reasons to Choose an L-shaped Desk for Your Workspace

More people are increasingly finding the need to work from home. While most love the idea of staying indoors with family, the need to create comfortable workspaces becomes a priority atop their list.

Chairs are a normal home staple, but getting the perfect work desk to suit your space, style, and comfort might be quite tricky.

Work desks come in different styles and shapes for your space. With work desks, working from home daily, after work, or during weekends is way easier and comfortable. Depending on how much space you've got, L-shaped desks make for a more versatile design in the home. It contributes to the overall aesthetics of your workspace, providing sufficient space for storage and enough room for your feet.

A beautiful and comfy workspace is important for productivity, and of course, the shape and style of the desk contribute to the workspace as well. An L-shaped desk is a modern shift from the regular-shaped rectangular desk and is designed to fit into the room while utilizing less space.

7 Reasons To Choose An L-shaped Desk

Desks come in a variety of patterns other than the regular rectangular shape, helping to add a modern twist to your home and improve how you perceive your workspace. If your workspace seems cliché, it could hamper your motivation and overall attitude to work.

It could also register a note of boredom and make you passive about how you attend to your work. A simple L-shaped desk design might just be the perfect modern touch you need to improve the outlook and feel of your workspace. That said, here's why an L-shaped desk will make a perfect fit for your workspace and help you get more work done;

1. It serves as a perfect choice to save and to use space efficiently:

Essentially, most people do not have the luxury of space to accommodate a large workspace in their home. More often than not, a workspace is created out of necessity rather than as a natural part of home space use. With that, more people seek to have a work desk that will use space more efficiently.

The L-shaped desks are well suited to serve this purpose. For most L-shaped designs, the space below the desk is utilized for storage, providing room to keep more items. It takes up less room space and can fit easily into any frame.

For instance, some desks are integrated into standing open shelves, where vintage pieces or books are displayed. The desks automatically blend to give your workspace an impressive facelift. Also, with this desk, you can carve out the micro-feel of an office, allowing you to work with less distraction.

2. Introduce A Hint of New Decor:

Ideally, if you've been thinking of a way to improve or revamp your existing decor, introducing an L-shaped desk to the room does it effortlessly. It takes a room from casual room decor to a statement confident feel that anyone can feel when they walk in.

With that, you could add a new decorative item to the extra desk space or use a few colorful books in a holder to add a decorative statement to the table. Anything from a flower vase, desk picture frame, pencil holders are simple decorative items that will improve the feel of your space.

3. Prioritizing Your Corners:

You might not have found a satisfactory way to use the corners in your room before now; the L-shaped desk gives the perfect opportunity to do this. It also gives you the option to choose what part of the room to set up your workspace since most home corners are often underutilized.

Consequently, you can have a mental picture of how sitting in what corner of the room will look and feel, ultimately helping you to decide which part of the room to set up for efficiency and productivity.

4. Comfortable Work Area:

It's easy to choose to work from a sofa or the comfort of your bed. However, in the real sense of it, these are not convenient places to work from daily. If efficiency and productivity top your list of goals for work, then an ergonomic workspace is a no-brainer.

An L-shaped desk paired with a proper work seat is important for the effective flow of work, with all your work accessories comfortably placed where they can be reached easily. Working regular out of this workspace may pose some health risks, as you'll be forcing your body to work in uncomfortable positions.

You won't need to reach for anything or work in an awkward position, as an L-shaped desk provides ample room to keep everything within your reach. Also, the desk is at the right height, and you don't have to reach the top of the desk uncomfortably, like working from a dining table might require.

5. Ample Work Surface:

With an L-shaped desk, work just got easier. Owning one actually feels like owning two desks built into one, as it provides close to as much space as owning two desks would, just that it takes up a lesser amount of space. That said, the desk gives you sufficient room to work, especially if you deal with a lot of paperwork while using a personal computer.

All of these would require ample space, and the desk helps you to stay up to the challenge. It also helps to save your workspace from being strewn with paper with may hamper productivity, as it came become draining and overwhelming.

You have enough room on the desk to stack files and all of your paperwork without cluttering the area around your PC where you essentially need to work. If you ever have to share the workspace with a partner, you both can work on separate sides of the desk comfortably and conveniently without cluttering things up. Here, multitasking, collaborations, virtual meetings, etc are done effortlessly without you having to worry about clutter.

6. No Need To Buy The Same Thing Twice:

Working from home for most people came unplanned, and sometimes in the need to set up a workspace, they go for a regular desk only to realize that they needed more than that. More often than not, they end up purchasing an additional desk or replacing the old one, making for additional expenses.

With the ample storage and surface work area that an L-shaped desk provides, you attend to your space needs once and for all. Also, you have all the space you need should the scope of your work get broader in the months to come.

It's a perfect one-time expense that will continue to serve effortlessly, even years after its purchase and a change in your space needs. It remains a versatile desk design and will give your space a trendy feel years after its purchase.

7. Ample Room for a Professional Outlook:

If your workspace is set in your living room, then it's more likely that it would be within your visitors' eye view. You wouldn't want documents, laptop or printer cables, lying around loosely. There's ample room beneath the desk to hide unavoidable clutter as these.

You may as well choose to have doors on the lower end of your shelves or in your drawers to keep private things away. This way, your space is kept tidy while working or out of your workspace receiving guests.

Moreso, your desk can create a good impression of you during virtual meetings with clients or co-workers. When all is tidy and well-tucked in, you can go through your meetings rest assured that everything is fine around you.

Getting the Most Out of Your L-shaped Desk

Like most home furniture, the L-shaped desk needs accompanying accessories to make it stand out all the more and achieve the perfect office feel. Here are a few accessories to use with your L-shaped desk to get the most out of it.

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps improve the overall aesthetics of your table, establishes an official tone around your workspace. Use silver or metal design lamps for a note of subtle aesthetic cohesion.

Live Plants

With live plants, you can brighten up the mood around your work area and add a feel of nature. Working extended hours might feel depressing, and some work days may not be so exciting. A live plant in your workspace can make a great deal of difference.

Book Holders and File Trays

Complete the office feel of your work area using book holders to hold a few books vertically on the desk. A racked file tray, though functional, is another interesting way to make your space speak class while giving you all the right work vibes.

Paper Bin

What's a workspace without a paper bin? Place one somewhere beneath your desk, without necessarily hiding it. It passes a sense of tidiness and makes for a quick way to get rid of unwanted paper.


Having explored the benefits of an L-shaped desk, it's imperative to say that they are worth more than they look and will contribute to how you feel about your workspace. With ample space utilization, this desk gives you more space while using less space.