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Always in Vogue, Add a Glass Coffee Table to Your Home

Always in Vogue, Add a Glass Coffee Table to Your Home

Glass coffee tables are one of those rare types of furniture which never date or go out of fashion, and can be matched with just about every type of soft furnishings and interior design to suit any home.

Glass is a fabulous choice when it comes to interiors, not only can it be combined with other materials like wood and metal, but it can also be shaped into just about any design or style to suit uber modern contemporary surroundings or classic period settings, plus everything in between.

Enjoy the practicality of a glass coffee table

Glass is one of the most hard-wearing materials you can use in the home, it is also one of the easiest to clean and doesn’t stain like wood and it is tolerant to heat, allowing you the luxury of displaying your beautiful glass coffee table without having to cover it with a cloth or coasters if you don’t want to.

Design suggestions for a glass coffee table

Glass coffee tables come in just about every shape, size and style so there is bound to be a design to suit your interior.

  • Match a low glass coffee table with a polished wood frame and legs for warmth and a cosy vibe in either an opulent or a period setting.
  • For modern but refined styling, opt for a metal and glass coffee table which creates a chic and sleek look with a lots of different colour choices for the metal.
  • For full on contemporary, choose a coffee table made entirely from glass, a perfect way to highlight and showcase rich and colourful textiles as well as a stable and practical piece of lounge furniture.
  • Choose an angular tempered glass coffee table with a golden steel frame and two tiers allowing you to keep the top clear for coffee cups whilst storing extra items underneath, this is both practical and stylish.
  • A round coffee table with a golden frame is the perfect addition to a cosy sitting room or a luxury boudoir bedroom managing to fuse both the classically elegant and the contemporary, this style of glass coffee table also looks good with other retro furniture from the mid twentieth century.
  • Choose glass with a monochrome colour palette in a sleek oval shape and striking marble effect surface, this design is right on trend and adds style and decadence to any interior. Born in the cocktail hour, this table can also display plants or provide a home for magazines.
  • Go for an ultra-contemporary look with a curved clear glass coffee table. Clear, tempered glass transmits a stripped-back unfussy image which is both stylish and welcoming. This simple design adds real flair to any interior without any compromise on functionality or stability.
  • Pick a chrome frame and sparkling clear glass to make the ultimate showcase statement in a chic white and grey interior or steal the limelight and choose golden coloured metal to really stand out.
  • A sleek square box style glass coffee table sits perfectly in a high ceiling Georgian drawing room with symmetrical and rich button back sofas and chairs. There but not there, the table never competes with or detracts from the overall style of the room.
  • Coffee table nests are very much in vogue having been rediscovered from the 1960s and 1970s, why…because they are really super useful and glass topped coffee tables are no different. One or two freestanding smaller glass tables will complement the larger one and provide a handy side table for visitors without having to rely on using the larger coffee table which may not be within reach of their chair.
Practical uses for a glass coffee table

A glass coffee table is like any other coffee table in that it is a hugely useful piece of furniture as well as being a robust and stylish addition to your interior design. A glass coffee table has numerous practical uses and here are just some of them:

  • Display beautiful textiles below and around a solid glass coffee table with nothing to interfere with colours and patterns which can be seen without interruption through the top and frame of the table.
  • Display plants or decorative objects which can easily be removed if the table is needed for drinks or food.
  • Glass coffee tables are just the most convenient item when you are lounging around, the perfect place to put a cup of coffee, television remote controls, mobile phones and even a laptop as well as books and magazines.
  • Choose a tiered or sectioned glass coffee table which provides useful clear storage below the table surface for books, newspapers or board games.
  • Use a glass coffee table for coffee table books and journals, for the ultimate in relaxation.
  • Add interest and dimension with a mirrored glass coffee table, a great technique in a small room or one which lacks the advantage of plenty of natural light.
What is the best type of glass to use for a glass coffee table?

Mostly all glass coffee tables are fashioned from thick, toughened glass and this is usually available in clear and extra clear. Clear standard glass, sometimes called ‘float’ glass has a very slight green tint which if you can see the edges, will be apparent as quite a dark bottle green. Extra clear glass minimalises this to virtually nothing, hence the cachet. Sometimes, extra clear glass is also called ‘low iron’ glass and essentially the iron content is removed during the manufacturing process resulting in glass which looks much whiter and clearer. This glass when viewed from the edge has a much more turquoise blue colour. Extra clear glass will offer much more clarity of what sits below the table so if you have a beautiful patterned carpet or an exotic and colourful rug, then this type of glass will showcase this feature to perfection.

Other options include glass which is still transparent but which can be tinted – the most common shades are grey and bronze. Some people also opt to have the underside of the glass lacquered so it is opaque, and you can usually choose any colour from the spectrum for this.

Solid glass coffee tables are commonly fabricated from several sheets of beautifully polished glass which are bonded together using a process which creates an invisible seal, creating a table that is not only very beautiful but super robust too.

What if I have a mixed material glass coffee table and need to replace the glass?

Specialist glass replacers offer lots of different types of glass to restore a glass coffee table which is either in need of some TLC or where the glass has broken or become scratched or scuffed.

Tempered or laminated glass are two of the most popular choices for replacement glass coffee tables. The thickness of the glass you need will depend upon the size of the table and the way in which the glass is supported. For a small glass coffee table with the glass contained within a frame then usually a 6mm thickness is sufficient.

How to keep a glass coffee table clean without marks or streaks

One of the biggest concerns for most people before purchasing a glass coffee table is the challenge of keeping the glass surface pristine and removing finger marks and dust. There is also the second problem of cleaning the glass without the cleaning process itself leaving streaks across the surface. Even a glass coffee table which seems clean under artificial light can actually be covered in microscopic dust and debris particles when the sun shines through the window on the following morning.

Here is a completely fool proof way to keep your glass coffee table looking its absolute best.

  • Clear the table of any items and dust it.
  • Take a clean cloth, rinse it through in some hot water, wring it out as hard as you can and then clean the top of the table, stubborn marks or rings from drinks can be removed by adding a splash of white vinegar to the hot water.
  • Take a second clean cloth and wipe the table dry.
  • For the best results, repeat the process with fresh cloths for the underside of the table as well.

A glass coffee table may not be the best choice for a busy family household but, they are easy to clean and forgiving of hot drinks and spillages, not staining like wood sometimes can. To look their best, it is ideal if a glass coffee table is kept immaculately clean otherwise it can really spoil the effect; glass coffee tables are less forgiving of dust and marks than good old wood but undoubtedly worth the effort. As a style statement, with a well-chosen plant or some interior styling, a glass coffee table can look fabulous and don’t forget, it is always available as an uber practical piece of functional furniture too. Glass coffee tables can be found in the most incredible range of styles and designs, and they work in just about every type of interior.