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Best Black Dresser Buying Guide And Repurposing Ideas

Best Black Dresser Buying Guide And Repurposing Ideas

When it comes to bedroom functionality, dressers have remained a timeless piece of furniture across centuries. Dressers of all kinds have graced different homes since medieval times, ranging from the home of the wealthy to the peasant. Dressers have also stood out in large Victorian homes in various patterns and designs while bearing the message of prestige and opulence.

In more recent times, they have remained a practical aspect of modern bedroom decor, with the black dresser being the most versatile choice for many dresser lovers. If you're thinking of ways to style up your home interior with a black dresser considering the many options available, you're about to discover all you need to know.

Best Black Dresser Buying Guide

It's important to patiently determine your need for a black dresser, as it is an obvious piece of furniture that commands attention in any room after the bed. A dresser style has to be functional and accentuate the overall style of the bedroom. If a dresser doesn't complement the form of the room, it can give the room an unappealing feel, much like an overstuffed space rather than a haven that it should be. Hence, when settling for black dressers, it is important to consider the following areas:

1. Design:

The design of your black dresser is important to the look and feel of your room. While black remains a bold color, it's best to determine what works for you in the overall design. You have to determine how many drawers you want your dresser to have, the kind of style that works for your drawer handles, etc. For example, you might decide you want a black dresser with a wooden knob or rectangular handles, metal handles with gold or silver finish in various ergonomic designs and intricate patterns.

2. Determine the style you want:

Dresser styles range from traditional to modern to conventional- the more futuristic type that works with smart technology for its full functionality. The options are many, and sometimes you need to determine what works for you and your existing decor. If you have a traditional-themed room, you may use the black dresser as a major piece of furniture to add that traditional effect; hence you may choose a more traditional design. A modern black dresser may equally be used as a major statement piece in any room or used as a highlight piece for decorating the living room or dining room.

3. Size and fit:

Some of the best dresser designs come in a variety of sizes that you may choose from depending on your room size. A standard room will be able to hold a large dresser of 58- 65 inches in width. However, other details in your room may influence your choice, if you have a large bed sitting in your standard room, then you might want to pipe down on the size of your dresser. If you already have a closet, then a small dresser might be best to keep some items handy, store undies and briefs, etc. A unit with 6 or fewer drawers will work in this case and help to tone down the weight of the room. Obviously, you don't want your room feeling stuffed like a furniture display outlet.

On the other hand, a small room might not comfortably take a large dresser, except the unit is going to be serving various purposes, such as a dresser, storage unit, table, and many more options that you choose to make out of it. It might work in the case where you have a small-sized bed with little or no extra detail.

The functionality of a small or large dresser in a large room will depend on its intent of use. Minimalists may find a large dresser too bulky and may prefer to use the couch to use up space instead. Likewise, a large dresser may be used to fill up extra space in a large room. It all depends on your intent as the room owner.

4. Storage:

Do you require a dresser that provides ample storage options, or will a few drawers fit your needs? The storage capacity of a dresser is important in your choice of a dresser. Some dresser designs often have cabinet and shelf features that allow you to get several functions from a single piece of furniture. If you already have all of these as separate units in your home, then it might not be necessary to go for a dresser with too many drawers or features. However, you might need a large dresser to keep things compact within a standard room and may find a dresser with six drawers convenient.

5. Functionality:

What exactly do you need your dresser to be able to do? Some require a dresser with a mirror attached above it so that they can dress by it as the name implies. While it might not hold primary clothing items, some prefer a black dresser with about three drawers that can hold their jewelry box and make-up kit. For the male folks, some utilize it as a place to store undies, skincare kits, etc. Others might not need a mirror dresser if they already have the mirror positioned in a place like the bathroom or closet. They may require a dresser to serve as a bedroom tabletop, where occasional work or writing can be done when necessary. This dresser type will have a plain surface suitable to serve this function and must be low enough for sitting.

Hence, when choosing a dresser style, determine the required functionality and what works best for you.

6. Your color choice:

Black is a versatile color that works well in most interior spaces. However, knowing that a dresser is a large piece of furniture, going for the black dresser will mean you're willing to introduce a major piece of furniture into a room, which is in black. Black color connotes elegance and style when rightly done but can quickly become boring when it is not complemented with the right elements. That's why it's important that you consider your existing décor before introducing a black dresser.

The black dresser can function as a strong accent piece in an all-bright room, thus gracing the room elegantly. Equally, you may introduce it into a natural-themed room having a white, cream, mint green, or even grey wall backdrop and it won't go wrong. You may also beautify a black dresser with wooden or metal accent pieces for added effect.

If you have a dresser in color other than black and hoping to revamp its look, don't be afraid to make a black dresser out of it, so long it works with your décor and style.

Repurposing Ideas for a Black Dresser; Other Parts of the House to Use

By now, you're all too familiar with the use of a black dresser in a bedroom and all the amazing function and beauty that it brings to it. The interesting thing about the black dresser is that you don't have to limit its use to the bedroom. If you have an old dresser that no longer serves its purpose in the bedroom, and you want to move it out to some other part of the house but are unsure where, here's a list of places a black dresser can be repurposed without feeling out of place. Also, you can repaint or spray the dresser in black if its previous look doesn't fit into the décor in other parts of the house, as black hardly goes wrong.

Living room repurposing:

A black dresser can make a useful piece of furniture in the living room. If it has a low width, you can use it as an extra storage space for items you want to keep away in your living room. Things like your throw blankets, throw towels, and magazines could be conveniently stored in it, while you use the top as a decorative spot for flower vases and photo frames. It may also hold your scented candles or even a decorative lamp for extra finesse.

If you have been looking for a perfect TV stand and have a wide oak dresser sitting idle, you can repurpose the dresser for your TV stand. You might also want to use the type with cabinet and shelve for cable management and the drawers for keeping small items like your remote control.

Dining room repurposing:

A low dresser might just be the dining room storage unit you never knew you needed. If you have the space, you may move your dresser to the dining room to hold plates, napkins, and other items that you’d usually need to get from the kitchen each time you need them.


A not-so-large dresser with a 48 inches width and 35 inches height can be conveniently repurposed in a bathroom. You can use it as a storage unit for towels and toiletries if it's taking up unnecessary bedroom space or you no longer need it there.

Home office:

You may move a dresser to your home office as an additional storage unit for files, books, and stationeries. The surface can be repurposed to sit a desktop or keep important files handy.


Your black dresser can brilliantly contribute to the feel of your space. It's a functional piece that can be equally used for aesthetic reasons and can be repurposed for any part of the home. Just make sure you consider all the factors listed above when buying your preferred black dresser.