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Best Computer Desk Styles for your Home

Best Computer Desk Styles for your Home

Are you working from home and in search of the best computer desk to work from this season? Interestingly, more people are finding reasons to stay home and work than to use offices out of their homes. Either it's out of the need to work from your comfort zone, or tone down the budget of procuring an office space, or the need to share a workspace with a colleague, we all need a sturdy computer desk to the job effectively.

Computer desks are different from regular home desks used to hold up decorative pieces or house some old books. If you're in for some productive work and will be spending a lot of time at your computer, it's best to use a desk designed for the purpose.

There are many computer desk designs that will blow your mind if you want a shift from the regular. Some multi-purpose designs also come with a shelf for your books, while others are adjustable to suit your preferred work height.

Versatile Computer Desk Options to Work from Home

1. Computer Desk with Petite Shelf Design:

This style of desk has a contemporary look to it. They not only serve as work desks but only contribute to the aesthetics of the room. With vertical line symmetry and upper shelf space, you have room to line your books vertically, place a favorite picture of you or someone close to you, or a favorite artwork that drives your inspiration for work.

You have ample space to position your personal computer, or a desktop as you prefer, and enough room to place your documents. Accompany this desk with a comfortable work chair, and your workspace is live.

2. Chalkboard and Cork Computer Desk:

If you enjoy drawing mind maps and sticking reminders around your workspace, this table style is perfect to help you save on board expenses. A regular computer desk with an added cork and chalkboard frame is perfect for sticking your reminders, pictures, and cut-outs. Also, you can pick up a piece of chalk and draw out your mind maps as you work.

You get to do all of your work and everything related from the comfort of your seat. With this desk, you can map your ideas as they come and keep track of your plans, with reminders just in front of you.

3. Compact Foldable Computer Desk:

A computer desk doesn't have to be so bulky, especially if your computer is all you need to place on it. A compact foldable computer desk meets your occasional need for a desk to work from.

If you're constrained for space, your best pick might be a foldable computer desk that you can stow away after work is over. It's a perfect pick if you don't like to have that work-ey feel around your home, and prefer to have things tidy when you're not at your computer. You'd save some space and have enough room to walk around, great especially if you have toddlers roaming the house, who wouldn't mind hiding beneath the desk as part of their antics. It's also great to move around for use in any part of your home.

4. Glass-Top Computer Desk:

Take your workspace further with a touch of a luxury glass-top work desk. This table design takes things from the regular, giving your workspace a delighting look; it turns the focus on your computer and other work items, giving you a feel of working in the air. It provides the sturdy base to hold up your computer for the hours you need.

Couple the glass-top desk with a cushioned chesterfield, and watch your space speak a class of its own. It's perfect if you like your space looking clean and uncluttered, the transparent look of your space will deliver the effect you desire.

5. Metal framed Wooden Work Desk:

Perfect for a minimalist space, choosing a wooden surface desk with a metal frame integrates your desk into the existing design of your home without hassle. It serves as an easy alternative if you're unsure of what style of desk to go for. It blends into your space easily, giving it an uncluttered look.

This style of desk is perfect for working on a computer, as it helps you to stay focused while you work. You can keep your space comfy with a tufted foot mat for an added plush feel for your space.

6. Corner Desk for Computer:

A corner desk is perfect when you're maximizing your corners and structuring a workspace out of it. It allows you ample computer space and enough room to place your feet. With this desk, you can hide your files neatly and out of sight.

It also provides a sure way to store the system unit if you're working with a desktop. It's a great option if you don't want your workspace to be so conspicuous, or you don't want to dedicate a special space for it.

7. Ladder-style Computer Desk:

Take your minimalist design further with a ladder-style computer desk. If you're the type that loves to ignore the conventional, a ladder-style desk might be the next thing to try out for your workspace.

Perfect to use as a bookshelf when you're not at your computer, it allows you to work from wherever you find comfortable. More so, you can move this desk around to work in any part of the house that you find inspiration. It serves as a unique alternative to a fixed desk, while making your comfort a priority.

8. Floating Computer Desk:

Use a floating computer desk if you prefer a desk with no footprint. It allows you to use your wall space instead of the floor space. Some come with an additional shelving layer for your book, pencil cup, and other folders.

You'll also find a spot to place a favorite picture or a small potted plant. If you'll be using a desktop computer, it's better to go for a regular desk in place of this. The built of the desk might not be able to support the weight of a desktop computer. Go for a sturdy wood frame that blends perfectly into the background for your workspace.

9. Wall-mounted Computer Desk:

The wall-mounted desk for computers similar to the floating desk, only that it looks more like a shelf than a desk for a computer. It can be substituted easily as a shelf when you're not using your computer, also they come with layers of shelving space where you can keep other stuff.

If you ever have to stop working from home, this desk will not go out of function, and of course, it has no footprint, so it will not take up your available floor space.

With this shelf-desk, you'll find room for your stationery, paperwork, and enough room to hide cables.

10. Computer-framed Desk:

This style is built to provide all the functionality that using a computer requires. It comes with sufficient surface area for a computer; you can as well place a printer on it. This style of the desk offers a special space for your keyboard that you can pull out for work, and push in when not in use. You may choose to keep a PC tower and the lower compartment or a small paper bin.

Most computer desk designs will give you the functionality that you require, meet your space needs, and fit into your existing decor. Also, some designs incorporate casters, which allow you to easily move the desk wherever it's needed. Some other desk designs have dual-functionality; they're easy to use as coffee tables, with adjustable height, to be purposed as a computer desk.

Computer Desk Maintenace

You should care for your computer desk, just as you would care for your home furniture. Your computer desk needs to be wiped properly, and it should be done often. This is because anything that affects your desk might have an adverse effect on your computer.

Here are a few tips to note;

  • Wipe your desk with a duster to keep it dust-free.
  • Ensure that you keep liquid away from the desk and if it gets on it by any chance, wipe it off immediately.
  • Be sure of the desk's weight capacity and be sure to keep off heavy items from it.
  • Don't use abrasive chemicals or sharp objects that can scratch on the glass surface of your work desk.
  • Use an organizational flat tray for paperwork to reduce clutter. Also, use an additional side desk away from your desk for bulkier items.
  • Wooden desks can collect more dust than your eyes can see. Use a neat damp cloth to wipe it regularly.
  • Keep water off your wooden desk surface to avoid spills that could cause it to decay.
  • Occasionally recoat your wood finish to maintain its shine for longer.
  • If you have a foldable desk, place it in a safe corner, where it's unlikely for heavier items to fall on it.


Various computer desk styles are available to fit your space needs if you have to work from home every day, or once in a while. From foldable to adjustable, and compact, there's a perfect one for your home to choose from.