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Best Floating Table Ideas for Your Home

Best Floating Table Ideas for Your Home

More often than not, you get to hear people say it's impossible to eat your cake and have it. This might seem true when you're thinking of stuffing a small living space with everything you would need.

A living space is supposed to be serene, uncluttered, and have sufficient room to move around conveniently. However, having to use different furniture and fixtures may impede this comfort. Simple and stylish floating table designs are super space-saving solutions that allow you to eat your cake and have it, literally. This means you don't have to sacrifice the comfort of having sufficient space for a four-foot table. If you need one, a floating table is a perfect solution to your space and design needs.

What is a Floating Table and Why do You Need One?

A floating table literary floats, but not in the exact sense of floating in the air. It's a table design that takes out the four-foot or base support of a table while suspending it against the wall. It has fixed support to the side of the wall, above or below the table. Some may be held up using ropes, chains, or even a leather belt for a rustic effect. You may choose any of these designs based on the theme of your decor, or the inspiration behind the theme of your work area. Floating tables are perfect if you're looking to ignore the norms and go unconventional.

So here's why you need a floating table;

1. It affords you space

While choosing the interior decoration that best suits your home or office space, your space size is an important criterion that will help you choose. You can't design or bring in furniture and items with large footprints that your space can't accommodate, else you'll get frustrated with the denied flow of movement.

A floating table makes your home or office look spacious, unique, and classy, with the little space you have, you could get the maximum satisfaction out of it. Some designs also allow you to fold it up for more space while not in use.

2. Leaves no Footprint and requires little maintenance:

A floating table is pretty easy to install and leaves no footprint at all. If you're a minimalist that prefers to keep extra details out, you've got a perfect one to work with. It requires a low amount of maintenance and will continue to look beautiful for as long as it can go.

3. Display of homewares and small items:

Everyone probably needs a table for different reasons. You might probably want a surface to display your homewares, decorative pieces, jewelry, or other beauty products more than you need one to write. A floating table is a fail-proof option that provides all the space you need while saving as much space as possible.

4. It's ideal for all settings:

Floating tables can be utilized in different settings and fits easily into the theme of your decor. Either you're going for the traditional farmhouse theme or modern home design, a floating table blends perfectly into your background theme brilliantly.

5. It is an economical option:

If you like it economical, well who doesn't? A floating table is a budget table design that gives you functionality for less. Apart from being cheaper, the maintenance and cost of installation are minimal, making it more economical and cost-saving.

Floating Table Design Options

Different styles work for different folks, as the floating tables come in various designs and functionality to fit your space needs.

1. Hanging floating desks

Hanging floating desks are compact models that adhere to the walls and have sufficient surface space to accommodate your laptop and other gadgets. They are aesthetically pleasing and had great detail to any room without giving off a bulky feel.

2. Fold-up floating tables

Fold-up floating desks give you an excellent spacing solution for small rooms. It allows you to reposition your table upward, making a flat surface against the wall when out of use. It's great and prevents cluttering and building up of collectibles, which you tend to get with a traditional desk.

3. Fold-away tables

A fold-away floating table is quite different from the fold-up design. It gives you more surface to work with, which you can fold away when you're not using it. These designs are often more space-consuming if the table is left without folding, as it extends further to a fold-up table.

Simple Ways to Maximize Your Floating Table

1. Table lamp:

A table lamp can be used to create the feeling of warmth and most importantly, it is a good sight to behold. This is because the table lamp gives the table a shiny highlight on the surface. It also contributes to the decorative detail in your room effortlessly.

2. Complement with shelves

This is a method that can be used to utilize space in a small compartment. Hanging shelves can be used with the table to accommodate things like books, audio cassettes, stationaries, and many other items such as flower vases. Fold- away floating tables often come with shelve extensions added to the table.

3. Candle stands

Scented candles can be lighted up on fancy candle stands to create a highlight of warmth and a welcoming feel, the scented candle is great to create a nice ambiance. Also, candle stands are fancy decorative pieces that help you add detail to your space while the table holds it all together.

4. Flower vase compartments

For lovers of flowers, you could design your floating table in a way that allows for little-sized çompartments that can house these flower vases. When flower vases filled with an array of beautiful flowers occupy these little compartments, this would not only beautify the table but also improve the appearance of the room.

5. Art walls hangings

A lot of people appreciate artworks nowadays as they are a good source of inspiration and comfort. Wall hangings can be utilized in a way that makes your workspace appealing. to the eye.

6. A four-feet stool:

If you have the luxury of space, adding extra furniture might be another way to keep your table in the spotlight. Adding extra sets of furniture like a four-foot stool, a single-seat cushioned chair made of wood, metal, or even ghost pieces can help to add a modern touch.

7. A woolen table mat:

If you love to experiment with table mats, a round woolen table mat will nicely complement your floating table. A table mat allows your table to breathe and helps to add warmth and comfort to its feel. Pair the table mat with a color that blends with your background color, or choose an accent color to balance a wooden polish table.

8. Gadgets and stationary:

Gadgets in one way help to keep the table from being bare and maintain a formal tone, a laptop helps to prepare your mind for work. You could include glassware in which you would include your stationery such as a pen, pencils, ball pens, and the likes.

9. Area rug:

An area rug around your floating table area is a very nice way to way to improve the look of your table perimeter. Since it has no footprint, an area rug can help to define your work area without taking up available space. You may opt for cool colors like black or dark purple, which adds to warmth to the room. Also you might choose a multi-color area rug for a more decorative effect. A white fluffy rug paired with a floating table would also make a lot of sense.

10. A Medium-sized flower vase

Introduce a small or medium-sized flower vase to your floating table for a decorative appeal. A life green plant helps to add a natural appeal and drive inspiration as you walk at your time. Since it's a floating table, a small vase is perfect for adding a touch of nature without taking up excess space. You might as well use colored flowers to spice things up.

11. Climbing or clustered flowers

How about wrapping a long climbing or clustered flowers around the perimeter of the little cute floating stool? A fake plastic flower can be used in this case, and hot glue can be used to make it stick to the floating wooden table, a table lamp can be incorporated to bring these flowers into the spotlight in the dark.


Floating tables are a great space-saving option for any home. It fits into any category of use, either for work in a room, workspace or even as a potting table for gardening activities. How you rock your floating table largely depends how what you're doing with it.

The interesting thing about floating tables is that they work well in a traditional rustic setting and are perfect in modern homes too. This means that whatever your decorative theme, a floating table will remain functional, and if you decide to switch styles, you still got it handy in however you want it.