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Best Oval Dining Table Ideas For Your Dining Space

Best Oval Dining Table Ideas For Your Dining Space

Dining spaces are beautiful parts of the home where families create long-lasting memories that help them bond together. Dining tables come in a variety of shapes, ranging from rectangular to square and round, but if you'd like to have a perfect combination of these shapes in one table, the oval dining table is the go-to option. Oval dining tables create a stunning ambiance around the dining area and create the perfect impression on your guests.

Aesthetically speaking, oval dining tables set the tone for a sleek dining space that brings everyone together in simplicity and style. Depending on the size, this dining table can house up to 10 people, thus making it convenient to host family and friends for intimate moments.

Why Choose an Oval Dining Table?
  • It's the perfect statement piece for any dining room.
  • It connotes simplicity, style, strength, and sturdiness.
  • It holds your dining room pieces together in a smooth pattern and breaks the sharpness of edges around your dining space.
  • The oval dining table is visually interesting, and an impressive aesthetic piece for any dining room size.
  • It's the perfect place to create bonding mealtimes and moments with friends and family.
Oval Dining Table Styles You'll Love

Other than the shape of an oval table, what makes it rather unique are the breathtaking styles they come in, ranging from the type of footing to the material used; everything brilliantly contributes to the impressive look and feel of an oval dining table.

Pedestal Oval Dining Table

This table style features a stunning rectangular or slanted round length and curved edges on the breadth. The footing of the table is fitted at the center of the table, with a variety of support styles towards the end of it. While some tables may feature another rounded platform support at the base, a sturdy vertical support with unique shape and designs, others may have extended 3-foot support holding it up at the base.

The style is perfect for small and large dining spaces and great for a minimalist dining area. You may modify the style based on light or heavy your decor goals are and what you intend to achieve with the table. A pedestal oval dining table will keep between 4-10 people comfortably seated at it, depending on its size, your space, and how it's positioned.

Oblong Oval Dining Table

This oval dining table comes in a simple unique design that allows you to explore the simplicity and natural stint of wood, combined with the sleekness of steel. It features simple curved edges and a sleek metal four-foot support that contributes to the lines and symmetry in your living space.

It's a perfect table to trim down on an already heavy dining area and contributes to a classy, pristine, and sleek look for any minimalist space. The table sits well in small dining rooms, and a large dining room as well. It has a versatile touch that makes you determine how you use it, without compromising on its beauty.

Rustic Oval Dining Table

This dining table introduces the perfect 19th century feel into your dining space and makes it a perfect place to relive old times. If you're looking to recreate the perfect holiday inn feel in your home, then this table will give you the perfect family stay-cation feel while you have meals at it.

Table support can be a 4-foot design or a 2-heavy duty support design that holds up the tabletop in an impressive style. This table design will do well in a large room, and a smaller piece can be sought for a medium to small-sized room.

The rustic oval dining table often comes in a wooden frame that helps to set the rustic tone for your perfect dining space. The entire frame is made of wood with a weathered finish and creates a natural theme around your dining space. Whether you're doing rustic, farmhouse, traditional, or earthy themes, this dining table is the place to take those important meals.

How to Choose an Oval Dining Table

While designing your space, it's important you determine what works for your aesthetics and what wouldn't, as you don't want your dining tables looking out of place, especially if you already have specific chair types you'd want to use in your living room.

Table Material


An all-wood oval dining table design is a common design that you'd find in many stores. They tend to last longer and have an impressive, sturdy build that makes them an all-time favorite.


Glass dining tables are nothing short of class and prestige. They help to give a luxurious touch to your dining space. It's perfect for both large and small spaces, but it's even more outstanding for smaller spaces, where it sits without adding any heavy detail to the room.


Marble dining tables are another luxurious table material to look out for in your dining space. They add a hint of class and sophistication to any space, and will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests when they come visiting.


Metal dining tables are sleek and brilliant pieces, that make any living room space come alive. Metal tables come in a variety of designs and add a modern feel to your space. It contributes aesthetic symmetry to the dining space and holds pieces together while giving off a simple feel. It's perfect for minimalist spaces where details are delicate and few, metal dining tables are perfect!


The hybrid design features a mix of materials in various oval dining table designs. Wood is often complemented with metal frames, or glass finished with wooden support. Various dining tables are inspired by various interests; hence hybrid designs are common in many stores.

The hybrid material design allows you to enjoy the sophistication of different material styles and all the benefits that it adds to your space.

Determine your preferred size

Choose an oval dining table that suits your preferred size and available space. If you have a small family, 48 -72 inches that seats 4 to 6 people is perfect for your dining room. A dining table of about 96-120 inches will have up to 8 to 10 persons seated at it, depending on your family size, and the consistency of guests' visits.

Dining Area Positioning

The position of your dining area will determine what table design you go for. If you have a formal dining setting, glass, wood, or metal can contribute a sophisticated design. Hybrid table designs can contribute a soft and playful feel around an open dining space. The quality of the material will determine the feel around your dining space.

Chair to Table Ratio

If you have your chairs already, pick a table that complements it in weight and size, such that the chair doesn't feel too narrow against the table and the weight of the table and chair doesn't feel too heavy or light against each other. The table should have sufficient space for the chairs so that it doesn't obstruct sitting, it doesn't feel uncomfortable to dine at. Also, the chairs should fit beneath the table, if you'll be using armchairs especially.

Determine your preferred style

Since oval dining tables are of different shapes and sizes, you'll have to determine what works for you. Pedestal dining styles and those with vertical support and other variety of styles are common, and you'd have to determine which works for your taste.

Other Dining Table Shapes to Consider

Rectangular dining spaces

This features linear edges on all four sides and is perfect for seating guests in large numbers. You may position about 4-6 chairs around it, depending on size; just ensure to leave enough legroom for comfort.

Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables help to make the most of small spaces while keeping them enlivened. It's perfect for small family time meals and can help to foster intimacy. It blends sleekly into any shape of the dining room and helps to bring the people sitting at it closer.

Square dining table

A square dining table works great to keep everyone seated at the table within a distance of each other, the table is perfect for a dining space with less than four persons sitting at it. It may also be extended or joined in twos to accommodate more persons.


Oval dining tables are perfect for any size of room, it doesn't have the limitation of a square or round-shaped dining table, and makes it easier to look into the faces of those sitting at the table with you.

The quality of material you choose has a direct impact on the aesthetics of your space. Hence if you're choosing a wooden, metal, ceramic, or glass dining tabletop, be sure the entire design is in touch with the overall design of your dining space. Don't hesitate to impress your family and guests with a stunning oval dining table that enlivens your dining space. Whether you're doing a modern, traditional, or Scandinavian dining room design, an oval dining table will make all the difference.