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Best Queen Sized Bed Types And Buying Guide

Best Queen Sized Bed Types And Buying Guide

When it comes to sleep preferences, many people have unique tastes and styles and prefer a bed specific to their situation. Various kind of bed designs exists to meet the needs of different sleepers, and the queen-sized bed is the most preferred option for an average adult. If you've ever slept on a bed alone that felt roomy enough to take one more person comfortably without being excessively wide, you most likely have used a queen-sized bed. So what is it that makes queen sized bed stand out for most people, and why is it a big deal for anyone? You're about to find out.

Types of queen-size beds

Various queen-sized bed exists to fit the need of different sleepers since there's no one-size-fits-all for everyone due to differences in stature and body physique. Some queen-sized bed is designed to sleep a mid-sized average comfortably, others are for taller adults, while some allow for wider space to the side for someone who prefers to have ample space on either side of the bed.

1.Standard queen sized bed:

This bed type carries the actual shape and dimension that's the general rule for most queen size beds, which is 60" x 80". It's great for two people who don't need excessive room to sleep and can share a bed with another adult comfortably; these folks don't mind sleeping in the same position all night. It's also perfect where space management is the most important detail that makes the bed a must-buy. Anyone using a standard bed alone will comfortably sleep in a queen size bed without having to worry about legroom or having to sprawl out on the bed, as there's enough space to do so.

2.California queen size bed:

Ever seen a tall person lying on a bed, with legs sticking out to the edges? That's what happens when a tall person settles for a regular bed that isn't long enough to fit their stature. The California bed is made to have more length to accommodate taller people, so they can conveniently rest their feet on the bed. This queen size bed is four inches longer than the standard queen size bed, which leaves it at 84" X 60" in dimension. It's perfect for couples of different statures, with one of them or both needing a bed longer than the standard queen size bed.

However, finding this type of queen size bed might require some extra effort as it isn't as common as the standard bed. However, you might find it available with some specific brands that prioritize various sleeper needs.

3.Olympic queen size bed:

If you like the idea of a bed that's big enough for two but smaller than a king bed and still provides sufficient space to toss and turn, that's an Olympic queen size bed. It's six inches wider than the regular queen size bed and gives ample room for each sleeper to sleep conveniently when there isn't enough space for a king-sized bed. If you feel the Olympic queen size bed suits your needs more, then look out for a 66 x 80 dimension, but this may vary slightly depending on the type of bed frame used in the bed design.

Another important thing to note with Olympic queen size beds is that it's not as common in all types as the standard queen size bed. Being more of a custom bed type than a regular, you might need to prioritize your sleeping needs over width, as some beds configured to meet your sleep may not be available in size.

How to Buy a Queen-Sized for Your Bedroom

By now, you might already know that there's a lot involved in purchasing a bed that suits your needs beyond just picking one because they all look the same. Since new queen size beds are quite expensive to purchase, you've got to ensure that you're making an investment on a bed that's worth it and suits your need perfectly. But how do you know if a queen size bed can deliver on the promise of good sleep? These tips will help you to decide.

Test sleep on it:

When buying a queen size bed for great sleep, it's important that you choose a bed that you're comfortable sleeping in, but you can't determine that just by staring at it and because the bed looks great and perfectly fits into your bedroom. The first thing to do is to spend some time lying on it. A great bed brand or store will definitely offer you options of sleeping on a bed that you'd most likely buy.

Allow your body to absorb the feel of the queen size bed on your skin, turn on your most comfortable sleeping position and see that it works well too. What If I'm buying a queen size bed online, you wonder? That's not a problem either. Just ensure the brand offers a return policy. Some offer as much as a couple of weeks to about 100 days, so you have enough time to decide if you want to go long-term and if the bed suits your sleeping needs. With these in place, you can go ahead and purchase a queen size bed that suits your specification and test it out upon receiving it.

Price Negotiation:

If you find a queen size bed you love but seems on the high side of your budget, do a little bit more research about the specifications of the bed type before letting go. Understanding all the specifications of the queen size bed will help you understand why it's priced so, and you can then determine if you need all of that or if some aren't so important to your sleeping needs. For instance, you might choose a queen size bed with a hybrid mattress instead of one infused with memory foam if you'll be sleeping alone in your queen sized bed. This way, you don't get to pay for specifications that aren't so important to your sleeping needs.

Another thing you could do is to look out for retail stores that may offer discounts on their mattress sales, instead of going for those with non-negotiable prices, except you have a specific brand of queen size bed on your priority list.

Warranty and Delivery:

Ensure you ask your supplier questions about the warranty and the terms and conditions underlying it. Remember you don't want to be stuck with a bad bed you won't be able to return after six months and possibly with a bad back too. So take all the important details about what the warranty covers before paying. Some brands offer a warranty on the defectiveness of the bed frame and sagging of the mattress, but most don't offer for bed covering. So it's important you check the details properly to ensure it fits your needs. When the bed is delivered, ensure you inspect every detail properly, especially if you're receiving it all in the box. Some brands offer after-sale installation that you'll find handy and you can take advantage of. If you find any defective part, don't hesitate to report it immediately; the last thing you want is to have to deal with a defective bed for an extended period. Additionally, purchasing other bedding items from the same manufacturer will most likely save you a lot of time and contribute to the longevity of your queen size bed, than using regular beddings.

Advantages of using a queen-sized bed

1.Space-saving option for rooms:

It's way easier to save space using the standard queen size bed or the Olympic queen size bed in a room than going for a king-sized bed. This bed allows the flexibility of using a bed suited for adult convenience without necessarily taking up a large footprint in the room.

2.Enough sleep surface for individual sleeper:

As an individual sleeper who needs ample space to sprawl out for a convenient night's sleep, the queen size bed is a perfect option to go for. It gives sufficient room space for an individual sleeper to lie comfortably.

3.Cheaper than King-sized:

If all you need is a standard adult bed for one or two people, you don't need to spend excessively on a bed for two sleepers, as a queen size bed can serve as a cheaper alternative for a few years, pending the time you're buoyant enough to purchase a larger bed.

4.Easier to find need-specific bed types:

It's easier to find a bed design suited for your sleeping needs with a queen size bed. Since most people settle for this bed type, if you need more specific details on your choice of mattress, the queen size bed is the most preferable bed type of sorting it.


As more people are beginning to pay attention to their sleeping needs, the queen size bed offers the flexibility of choosing one that fits your space needs, budget, and physique. Once you've determined which type of queen size bed works for your space, It's easier to determine what you're purchasing and how much you're willing to spend on it. To choose the right bed, it's important that you test sleep on it, or confirm the return policy before purchasing; properly observing the bed upon delivery will as well help to keep possible problems from going undetected.