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Best Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Dressers for Any Space

Best Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Dressers for Any Space

It's not surprising that solid wood dressers have remained favorite all-timers in many homes. They never lose their charm regardless of how many years of use they get, and they've become so important that the functionality in many homes isn't complete without them.

While many have various styles and tastes when it comes to dressers, solid wood dressers have remained a top choice due to their aesthetic importance, durability, and flexibility of redesign. For most people, what makes a wooden dresser a top choice, is the flexibility of redesigning it to suit their taste as often as it changes or after many years of use.

Features that make solid wood dresser stand out

Certain features make solid wood dressers stand out above other thin-wood dressers. Some dresser materials other than wood might also seem like an easier alternative, but when you look through this list of features, you'd see why solid wood dressers are even more special.

Less expensive maintenance

If you're wondering what makes a wooden dresser so important to most people, it's probably because they can have it in whatever shape they choose at lesser costs. It's undeniable that wood is one of the cheapest materials used in constructing dressers, which makes them more affordable than any other dresser material available. Also, when it comes to continuous maintenance of a solid wood dresser, it is relatively cheaper even with years of use. They seamlessly stand the test of time without giving way and might just require occasional repolishing to help it maintain its shine.

Available in various sizes and shapes

No matter the room configuration or who's using the room and for what purpose, wooden dressers are versatile and can fit anywhere. Solid wood dressers come in a variety of designs that make them a significant part of any room. You may choose a design that has vertical orientation for a small room or space shared by two or more persons. A dresser having a horizontal profile and larger footprint can sit in a large room, study, or any individual bedroom comfortably. The unique shapes and sizes of solid wood dressers make it a great fit in whatever context it is required, without leaving one short of options.

Modern, traditional, or mid-century

No matter the year you're purchasing it, wood is the only way you can use a piece of furniture to tell the story of the past in the future. Solid wood dressers allow you to style your room just the way you want it. If rustic is your thing, a solid wood dresser can help you achieve that seamlessly; if you like to keep things traditional and themed after a country home, a wooden dresser still does the job. If you're going all modern and contemporary for your room, there's still a wooden dresser to achieve that. Solid wood dressers help you to achieve all that you want with your space, something that's almost impossible to achieve with any other material.

The flexibility of color and finishing

If you prefer a glossy wood finish, faded or painted finish, you can go all out for it with a solid wood dresser. The dresser inspires you to explore all sorts of ideas with your room design, as the overall design ends up contributing to the outlook of your room. You may decide to paint it by choosing colors that work best for your style. It might also be that you prefer a simple neutral color, or might even want to use color to reflect what gender owns the dresser, it's all yours to determine. If you're not all about color, you might probably be fascinated by specific tones of wood finish as it works for your space and style; there are still no limitations when it's a wooden dresser. The dresser allows you to own the choice from start to finish; you may even choose a custom-made design If you're not a DIY-er, or find something that works for you on the market, as you'll never want for options.

Flexible drawer options

Either all you need is two drawers to hold basic items in your space or 9 drawers to house anything and everything, you'll find a solid wood dresser to do the job. These drawers are constructed to allow for as many drawer spaces for storage as you might want. Some designs feature open-and-close style cabinets where you can store things that you might want to keep vertically and may not sit comfortably within the dresser spaces. There are a variety of drawer options that come with modern solid dressers if storage is an important factor for you.

Multi-purpose use

A solid wood dresser is usually designed for bedroom use, but over time there might be a need to repurpose the dresser for use in other parts of the house. It could easily be purposed into a living room furniture as a hide-away for children clutter, throws, and blankets per season, etc. If you're moving into a smaller room that may not accommodate your dresser, you may use it as a bathroom dresser, or study table in the home office. If the dresser is smaller, you may use it to keep items handy in the dining area, as an extra kitchen cabinet, or purpose it for outdoor storage, in an area where it's properly shielded from the elements.

Why Should You Choose A Solid Wood Dresser?

In more recent times, dressers of different materials are being made to suit the lifestyle of an average individual; hence the market offers dressers in various combinations of materials, including engineered wood such as MDF, veneer, etc. While these may seem a less expensive option to solid wood, here's why you should choose the latter.


If you'd prefer to make a single purchase that you'd continue to enjoy for as long as you want, then a solid wood dresser is a no-brainer. Other types of wooden materials may begin to give way over time, under the pressure of use, and you might find yourself replacing them sooner than you imagined.

Saves long-term cost

Imagine buying a dresser you love so much, only to discover with time that it requires fixing from time to time. Before long, you soon realize that you're spending more on the dresser due to the wood being of lower quality. With a solid wood dresser, you only make the expense once and it saves you continuous long-term expenses on maintenance.

Intricate patterns and artistry

If you enjoy woodwork artistry, solid wood dressers are perfect. Designers often go all out to create interesting patterns and design on the dresser that adds texture and detail to your room. Thinner engineered woods often have plain designs as the quality of the wood may not allow excessive detailing on the wood. These patterns are important to contribute texture to your space, hence contributing to aesthetics while giving you functionality.

Best for temporal residence

If you're constantly on the move, then you want to ensure your dresser is made from solid wood so it stays sturdy and doesn't collapse under constant relocation. Mind you, a thin wood dresser may seem more convenient to move around. However, it's best enjoyed when left to sit in a stationary position. Constantly moving the dresser around may put it under pressure and it won't last as long as you hoped. But with a solid wood dresser, you've got no worries.

Flexibility to redesign

Modern engineered dressers are designed to do the job just as designed and an attempt to get too creative with it might end up ruining it. However, solid wood will stand strong through the creative process of revamping its look. For instance, you might decide to repaint the dresser to fit a new space and style or change some hardware on it to a more modern type. You can conveniently do all that you have to do, like drilling new holes, polishing, or sanding, just about anything you can to make it look better, and you won't need to worry about ruining it due to its solid design.

Sturdy material

One thing that makes solid wood dresses a great choice is their strength. The dresser remains sturdy and you may keep whatever you want in the drawer space. Also, you can place items you wish on the surface of the dresser without worrying about if the dresser can support their weight. It's even more interesting when repurposing the dresser. For instance, if you decide to repurpose it as a TV stand, you can be sure it would support the weight of your TV set conveniently.


If you weren't sure if choosing a solid wood dresser is a great option, now you know why you shouldn't think twice about getting it. Aside from the fact that you'll be saving so much in the long run, you also know that you can reuse them in other parts of the house. Solid wood dressers, if maintained properly, would often transcend generations of use while still being functionally and aesthetically relevant.