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Choose a Marble Dining Table for the Ultimate in Interior Style

Choose a Marble Dining Table for the Ultimate in Interior Style

Marble has been a symbol of luxury for centuries originating with the Greeks and Romans, marble is a natural stone with an opulent appearance that oozes grace and status. Smooth and luxurious, a marble dining table is a sophisticated choice and works well in either a contemporary home or a classic, period setting. It is an expensive stone so its reputation has not tarnished over the years as its price has often kept it beyond the reach of many people other than the very rich, so its cachet remains undiminished. It has long been a favourite of royalty and used in palaces, temples and architectural wonders of the world like the Taj Mahal.

Depending on the type and colour of the marble, a marble dining table can be uber modernist or classically traditional plus, it is incredibly hard-wearing and often more tolerant of regular household use than polished wood alternatives.

Types of marble

Marble is found in many different colours and types so if you have set your heart on a marble dining table, then you will definitely be able to find a colour and finish to suit your interior. The appearance of the marble will depend upon where it is sourced from, the impurities within the stone, the pattern, colour and what is described as the veining intensity.

There are literally hundreds of different types of marble but here are some of the most popular for use within the home any of which would make a classic table top for a marble dining room table.

  • Calcutta marble – Calcutta marble is often viewed as one of the most luxurious of the marbles available and this is principally because of its rarity. Often confused with Carrara marble due to similarities in colour and veining, it is even quarried from the same area in Italy as Carrara marble but there are some distinctive and unique features which sets Calcutta marble apart. Calcutta is literally a brilliant and bright white colour with dark and thick veining, a patterning which is actually quite different to Carrara.
  • Emperador marble – this marble is a light or dark brown colour and is Spanish. The hues of brown are complemented by asymmetrical white and grey veining patterns and the overall effect makes this stone a popular choice for dining tables as it complements other wooden furniture in the same room.
  • Carrara marble – this is one of the most common marbles available and so it usually has a more economic price point compared to some of the scarcer types. This marble is of a grey/white background with lots of intricate feather-like grey veining. Carrara marble is hugely popular and on trend in the current interiors climate of white and grey rooms with glass and chrome – Carrara marble fits right in. The veins are light-coloured and the overall effect is stylish but subtle so this stone is often a popular choice for lots of locations within the home.
  • Black marble – black marble is usually divided into two sub-categories and these are Levadia Black marble and Nero Marquina marble, the latter sometimes just called Nero marble. Levadia black marble is Greek and features grey/white intricate veins in the pattern of smoke against a rich, black colour – this marble is also called Titanium Black marble because of the intense darkness of the stone. Nero marble is a rock exploding with colour intensity and irregular white streaks, this is a Spanish marble quarried from the Basque Country.
Design and shape

Even the simplest designed marble dining table will look stylish, glamorous and opulent. The other great thing about marble is that it combines so well with other materials such as wood, brass, wrought iron and silver, offering plenty of choice for the table frame and legs if you don’t want an all-marble piece.

Marble dining tables are available in a variety of designs from old-fashioned and traditional to contemporary and modern. Choose round, rectangular or square with either marble legs or a central pedestal or opt for a contrasting frame and legs made from another material. Here are some of the best, trending design ideas for a marble dining table with something for every style of interior.

  • A round marble dining table with a thin Carrara top in white or blue/grey stone sourced from Tuscany inset into a chromium or steel base paired with off-white leather covered dining chairs with a polished metal finish, the absolute embodiment of modern chic.
  • Style your dining room with a charming pink marble dining table with golden hairpin legs and art deco dining chairs in pale gold with dusty pink velvet seats – pure elegance and luxury creating an intimate boudoir feel.
  • Opt for a grey marble dining table with cantilever chairs covered in matching grey fabric set on a white marble tile floor.
  • Traditional Calcutta gold marble for both table top and carved into ornate table legs with gold accents makes for a jaw-dropping statement piece. Styled with colonial chairs, this gives a completely fairy tale look.
  • The glass marble combo is a sleek and tasteful partnership, a clear glass table top on a chunky marble base paired with plush dining chairs in velvet or leather.
What kind of dining chairs go with a marble dining table?

Just about any type of chair can match with a marble dining table. Chrome and other sleek metals are popular for chair frames as they will complement a marble dining table perfectly. Plush and luxury fabrics tone with marble, usually in a plain but striking colour to offset the intricacy and patterning of the marble itself so think plush velvet, button leather or sleek satin.

It is quite common to use the same material for the chairs as the frame of the marble dining table, this creates a uniform look. Most people opt for either an opulent and upholstered chair or something sleek and modernist so that the table is the statement piece. A marble dining table is an easy piece to match with dining chairs, there are always plenty of options, more so than with other types of traditional wooden dining tables.

Indoors and outdoors

As a natural stone, marble will live happily either inside or outdoors. When sunlight hits the surface of a marble dining table then it will bring the natural colours in the stone to life, so it is a great choice for dining al fresco giving a real Mediterranean bistro feel. Remember, that all marble tables particularly if they have a solid pedestal or are supported on a marble plinth, are very heavy so its not really an option to move them around into different locations in the garden.

All marble dining tables need some routine care and attention, but an outside table probably takes a little more time as it has to contend with all the elements. Clean the table with warm water and a neutral pH cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Rinse the table with fresh warm water using a clean microfibre cloth. Wipe the table top with a clean terry cloth towel to gently remove all remaining moisture from the marble. Apply an impregnating stone sealer every year to the clean surface to prevent water-based and oil-based stains from permeating the porous marble surface.

A marble dining table for outside dining should be covered when not in use so it is protected from stains and moisture and also from any damage like chips, scuffs or cracks from hard objects. The acid from bird droppings will damage marble so ensure the table is fully protected from the elements and the weather when not in use.

Care of a marble dining table

Marble products including dining tables are pretty strong and resilient and if they are properly maintained, can keep their showroom good looks indefinitely. Resealing and polishing every six months will help keep a marble dining table in tip top condition.

Some marble dining tables are made with stone which is porous and soft so sealing the marble is essential to protect against stains and to preserve the softer stones. Use placemats when serving hot foods and coasters under drinks to stop the formation of rings as marble can absorb and retain the moisture from liquids and discolour the surface. It is safer to cover the top of the table when dining but this does defeat the object a little bit. Place mats will protect and not hide the entire table like a tablecloth.

Marble is a symbol of culture and tradition and so always adds an air of sophistication and elegance to any interior. Marble is timeless so a marble dining table will never really fall out of fashion and so marble has a place in almost every dining room, contemporary or traditional.

Marble has a unique ability to blend into almost any interior regardless of design, it is a material that links different styles and periods quite effortlessly. A marble dining table offers the ultimate in interiors style with a huge range of colours and patterns to suit all tastes and budgets.