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Choosing the best Chesterfield sofa for your Living Room

Choosing the best Chesterfield sofa for your Living Room

Everyone wants a living room that is good-looking and contains high-quality furniture. You want people to speak about how comfortable they felt while sitting on your sofa. A Chesterfield sofa will give that feeling of satisfaction, and they differ in size and quality. It is one of the most popular designs of sofa that we have in the world. Additionally, it is known because of its exquisite looks as it depicts high standard, high-status quo and speaks of luxury. Everyone would want to have an exceptional piece like this in their various homes.

What does a quality Chesterfield sofa look like?

Taking a glance at a piece of sofa, you might quickly decide and mistake a piece of Chesterfield lookalike sofa with the real one. What differentiates the original from the one of lesser quality? Let's get right into the difference.

1. The height of the arm and back

For an original Chesterfield sofa, the height of the back and the arms are the same; this is one of its uniqueness. The arms of the Chesterfield sofa are curved in such a way that it blends with the back of the sofa. Technically, if a sofa does not have this appearance, it is not a Chesterfield sofa.

2. Cushion filling quality

The cushion filling of a Chesterfield sofa determines whether it would be comfortable or not. The cushion filling gives the sofa a bulk of its comfort and supports the weight of the person sitting on it. A cheap Chesterfield sofa would contain less quality cushion filling and some common filings for Chesterfield sofas include feathers, synthetic fibers, and quality foams. The sofa should have many layers of padding because the padding of the cushion filling is very important in producing a soft and comfortable effect.

3. The quality of the leather

The leather quality should be top-notch. A lesser quality of leather could affect the real essence of the sofa. A quick reminder, a Chesterfield sofa is a classy and unique piece of furniture so you wouldn't want to get the ones with inferior leather. The leather is one of the most catchy accessories of furniture because it is an outer covering just like the human skin. It improves the appearance of the furniture piece. You can detect the originality of the leather by touching, feeling, and smelling it. Good quality leather feels so soft, supple, and smells like leather not like plastic; if the leather smells like plastic, it is synthetic. You could also do a wrinkle test because real leather wrinkles just like the human skin.

4. Buttoning

The back and arms of the Chesterfield sofa are tufted and rolled with several displays of uniform buttons attached to itc; this feature is what distinguishes a Chesterfield sofa from other sofas. The buttons, however, must be uniform and neat with a consistent display of pattern; if this criterion is absent, then the sofa cannot be considered as a Chesterfield sofa. The buttoning of a Chesterfield sofa differs from one to the other, the seat can either be buttoned or unbuttoned. You might want yours to have a buttoned seat depending on your preference. However, whether it is buttoned or not, it does not reduce its quality at all, people's tastes and preferences vary.

5. Get an authentic manufacturer

Not all manufacturers of furniture can make luxurious and quality furniture. It is very important to test the authenticity of the manufacturer to get the quality you are looking for.

Why a Chesterfield sofa?

People go shopping for furniture for different reasons that vary from person to person. These are some of those reasons for choosing a Chesterfield sofa over other sofa designs.

1. Comfort

Whenever we want to choose our furniture, there is one key factor we always look for which is very important, the factor is comfort. No one would want to sit on a sofa that would initiate a backache and make you feel uncomfortable whenever you sit on it. When welcoming a guest to your home, you won't want your guests to feel uncomfortable while you discuss. A Chesterfield sofa is very comfortable and welcoming so people would want to choose it because of this key factor. It gives your guests a long-lasting feeling of comfort during their stay in your house.

2. Value

Money is valuable and it is meant to purchase something that complements its value. Chesterfield sofas are very valuable and they are of quality design, people feel they would get value for their money when they purchase one.

3. Appearance

The appearance of a Chesterfield sofa is very appealing and it's a good sight to behold. No one would want a dull-looking sofa in their living room so some people might want to choose Chesterfield sofa over other sofa designs.

4. Feeling of recognition

We all want to be recognized in our different societies and communities. Due to the classy appearance of the Chesterfield sofa, people feel satisfied, acceptable, and recognized in their different communities. The feeling they get when people visit them and compliment the interior looks of their living room.

How to touch up your Chesterfield sofa

1. Soft cushion pillows with a Chesterfield sofa

Having just a bare Chesterfield sofa is nice but why not spice it up a little bit? Soft cushion pillows will be of good help in achieving this. If the sofa is brown, a brown cushion pillow of the same leather quality can be used to compliment the exquisite look of the sofa, one at each side of the sofa and one at the center depending on your preference. If the Chesterfield sofa is a grey velvet one, you can touch it up with grey soft furry pillows.

2. A blue Chesterfield sofa

A blue Chesterfield sofa would give your living room a cool and warm effect especially the deep blue color which has a warm undertone effect to it.

3. A Chesterfield sofa styled with buttoned sofa stool

How about a buttoned sofa stool to touch up the interiors of your living room? A complimentary sofa stool can be designed to give your Chesterfield sofa a more attractive look by using the same leather material used in designing the Chesterfield sofa to design the stool as well.

4. A black leather Chesterfield sofa with a 3D wall design

The 3D wall design is one of the most recent innovations in recent times and it can be used to give both your Chesterfield sofa and your living room a welcoming appearance. Instead of a normal wall, you can give your Chesterfield sofa a great highlight with 3D wall designs. There are several designs to choose from. For example, a dark bushy background with an upper sunset appearance will go well with your Chesterfield sofa.

5. An animal skin rug with a dark brown leather Chesterfield sofa.

An animal skin rug especially a tiger-looking skin rug would give a perfect look to your Chesterfield sofa. The rug must match well with the color of the sofa to make it look appealing.

6. A black-themed wallpaper

How about a grey Chesterfield sofa with black-themed wallpaper? Sounds cool, isn't it? The wallpaper does not have to be all black depending on your preference. It can have some touches of cool colors to it for example deep blue, deep green, and so on. The main idea is to get a cool background that cools down the grey color of the sofa.

7. Round glass table with flowers

A round glass table compliments any color of Chesterfield sofa, be it black, brown, or blue. A basket of flowers can be placed at the center of the table to give it an exciting look and also to improve the fragrance of the atmosphere.

8. A Chesterfield sofa and wall sconces

Wall sconces give a great highlight to the wall designs which in turn gives the Chesterfield sofa a warm appearance especially in the dark.

9 Complimentary curtains

You might not have enough walls in the perimeter of your living room because most of the areas are covered with glass windows. You can still do something to improve the looks of your living room in that situation. Get complimentary curtains to reduce the illumination and to make the Chesterfield sofa stand out. The curtains need to match the color of your sofa.

10. Chesterfield sofa styled with Chandelier lightings

Lightings are important in your living room interior decoration so it is very important to choose nice lighting that would improve the appearance of your living room and also make your Chesterfield sofa stand out.


Your living room deserves the best appearance that is very welcoming and appealing. Chesterfield sofa is a good option to consider when making decisions regarding your interior decoration. However, the above suggestions would give you a quick insight into styling your sofa.