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Choosing Your Perfect Armoire Desk; Everything you need to Know!

Choosing Your Perfect Armoire Desk; Everything you need to Know!

Do you know that you can have a dedicated workspace that you can neatly tuck out of sight when you're not working? Interestingly, you won't need to move anything at all to do this, as the desk, bookshelf, drawers, and every essential feature is integrated into a simple unit called an Armoire desk.

An armoire desk works like a basic office closet with doors that houses your writing desk, your computer, and your books, which you can shut out of sight when not in use. You probably might have seen an armoire desk as a guest in people's home or office but mistook it for a decorative cabinet because it wasn't in use at the time.

You might wonder what makes an armoire desk stand out as a desk; one great deal about it is its space-saving feature. It holds all essential units of your workspace in a compact footprint that frees your room space for other important items.

Armoire Desk Buying Guide

Armoire desks come in a variety of styles and designs that makes it essential to know what works for you before purchasing one for your space, as each is uniquely designed with different users in mind.

Here's are things to note when buying an armoire desk:

1. Dimension:

You should determine the dimension of the armoire desk based on its width and height, which is largely dependent on how much space you have.

Consider the width you want:

Do you want something that can house all your workspace essentials or an armoire that houses your sliding desk, and only a simple shelve unit? Depending on its features, some armoire desks can be between 30-60" wide; it all depends on how much space you have available and how much of it you're willing to give up for your desk armoire.

How much depth do you need?

The depth of your armoire desk will translate to how much space you need it to have. If you're okay with the regular, at least a depth of 25" will do fine, but you may want your desk up to 36" deep, depending on its features.

The depth of the unit will determine how large the desk is, for writing or holding a laptop. It would also determine how much space your legs have to roam while sitting at it.

The desk height is important!

Your height would largely determine the height of your armoire desk, you don't want to use a stool before you can conveniently get something from the upper area of your desk. If you are of average height, a 30" high desk height from the ground is good enough to sit without hurting your shoulders or bending too low to use it. However, you might need a lower or taller desk if you're not so tall or. if you're taller, respectively. On the other hand, if you can't find something fit for your height, you can go for the standard size, and use an adjustable chair to work at it.

2. Your Preferred Door Styles:

The door styles of your desk are as important as all the other units because this is where everyone gets to see when the desk is not in use. Doors with a nice intricate design will greatly contribute to the aesthetics of your room.

Some armoire desk doors come in fold-down door designs, while others have a cabinet-style door design. The fold-down door design is compact and often extends out as the desk surface, with storage shelving within the unit. This style of door is often compact and will take up only a small space, which makes it perfect for small rooms.

The cabinet-style armoire desk fore open sideways to reveal the line-out desk, shelves, and other storage compartments. However, this desk style often takes up side space; hence it's best for large rooms. The inner sides of the doors could be purposed as a board to hold stickers, and your work goals, depending on the type of material it's made from.

3. Preferred Storage Features:

Armoire desks are often as large as the storage designs integrated into them. Some are simple and will only hold an ample amount of books and simple office items. Others can hold large paperbacks and have extra drawer space where you can store every office item you own. Others are designed to hold all your essential office equipment, including your laptop, printer, extra cable space, and a paper bin.

4. Purpose of Use:

Why you're buying an armoire desk will largely affect the type and style you go for. If you need one to house a desktop and all its peripherals, then what you choose will be determined by the size of the desktop and how much space its peripherals occupy. A simple desk armoire should be convenient for writing purposes and can accommodate a laptop that you can keep away once you're done with the desk.

If all you need is an armoire desk for writing and aesthetics, it won't be hard to find the perfect design for you.

5. Aesthetics:

You can't separate your armoire desk from your home aesthetics, as it remains a focal piece of furniture and must therefore blend seamlessly into your interior decor. If you have a traditional or modern style theme for your decor, an armoire desk can fit in to add a touch of perfection to your space. Details like the wood finish, intricate designs, or the armoire desk are all important to determine your choice, as choosing the wrong finish may look odd, and make the desk look out of place in your home setting.

Choose a light-finished wood if the desk would be sitting in a light-colored room, using smaller decorative pieces for accent. A dark wood finish is perfect for neutral-toned rooms, accompanied by a nice piece of artwork. For durability, choose solid wood designs, as softwood may scratch easily.

You might want a flexible armoire desk that you can keep out sight on weekends. Some designs come with casters that allow you to sit at the whole unit in whatever part of the house you choose. If you prefer this, it's best to go for a lightweight design that you won't struggle to move around.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Desk; What To Expect:

Every detail in the design of your desk is important, and you should pay particular attention to it, as it would determine how much you'd get to enjoy your armoire desk in the long run.

Want to get the best out of your desk? Look out for these important areas:

Layered drawers:

Check if the drawers of your armoire desk are layered with fabrics to ensure that your books, files, and other stationery don't get stained by the desk's wood finish due to heat.

Door Hinges:

Confirm that the door hinges of your armoire desk are firm and will stay in position when the desk is in use. You don't want a cabinet door swinging in your face when at your desk or the fold-down door sliding out of place when writing.

Well-finished Edges:

Ensure that the edge finishes are well-finished and blend into the unit smoothly, you don't want a situation where your desk edges, start to peel away due to constant friction.

Overall weight support:

The overall weight support of your armoire desk would determine how much load it can hold. It's important to note this as it determines how you would use it and its overall durability.

Desk ventilation:

It's important that your armoire desk is well ventilated to allow free flow of air within the unit, especially if you'd be storing your devices in it. You don't want heat trapped in the armoire desk when using it, neither should it trap heat in when it's closed. Also, your important documents and files won't start to discolor from heat if the unit is well ventilated.

Stability and flexibility:

How easy is it for the desk to slide out of the unit without hassle? And how strong is the whole unit? Some cheap armoire desks are so thinly designed that the unit isn't sturdy enough to serve its purpose. Check out for an extra panel behind your armoire desk to ensure the desk can be stable and durable with use. The joints and hinges of the unit must be flexible enough to accommodate all the functionality you need from it.


When purchasing an armoire desk, it's important to determine what you want it for and every feature you'll be needing from it. If you've got enough space, you can use larger armoire desk designs, where you can store everything work- related. You'll also find functional sizes, that would fit into smaller rooms if you don't have sufficient space.

An armoire desk will contribute to your room desk and make a breath-taking focal piece in any room. So if you're looking to own one, you'll be buying a versatile piece that literally does nearly everything!