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Folding Beds: The Ultimate Guide To Owning One

Folding Beds: The Ultimate Guide To Owning One

Everyone loves to own that one item that helps them save space and saves the day when the unexpected happens. It's even more interesting when that item is a folding bed; you can have all the space you need to keep extra items when it's not in use and spread it out as an extra bed when a stranger pops in to spend the night. A folding bed is also a perfect option if you share the room with your kids; you get to easily stow it out of sight at daybreak.

There are many reasons to own a folding bed; you may choose to own one as an extra bed, a bed for a small apartment, your kids, or an extra bed to carry around for travel. They come in a variety of designs, features, and functionality.

Types of folding beds

Tri-Folding Mattress Beds

This folding bed type is a three-tiered mattress folding design that extends into a queen-sized or twin-sized bed when spread out. It folds in three layers to allow the large size of the bed to fold smartly. The three-layered design allows for ample room for comfort and convenience while saving as much space as possible.

Cot design

The cot folding bed is really small and mainly used as a travel or camp bed. It takes up a little space when folded and can be stored in a closet when not in use.

The folding rollaway bed

Designed to function as a platform bed, a rollaway bed is rolled out for use and rolled in after sleeping. It serves as a convenient option instead of platform beds and comes with wheels to easily roll it in or out at any time.

Murphy folding bed

The murphy folding bed comes in a style that allows for a compact way to stow a bed away behind a piece of furniture. Some designs allow you to hide away a bed into a wall, shelf, or cabinet after folding. Murphy folding beds come in a variety of designs that will impress you and contribute to your room aesthetics. They are so compact, you won't need to worry about where to store the bed, as it includes a folding bed and a storage unit.

Folding Bed Buying Guide: Things To Consider

How do you go about choosing a folding bed that suits you? Factors like the quality of the bed, storage design, weight, and bed size, are some things to look out for when choosing a folding bed. Here's why:

Quality of the mattress

Ensure that you ascertain the quality of the mattress required for your sleeping needs when choosing a folding bed. Aside from your space needs, you should consider the needs of the person who would be sleeping in the bed and the quality of bed they require. Your sleeping specifications should determine the folding bed design you choose to buy.


You should consider the purpose of the bed. Are you keeping it for guests, kids, travel, or daily use? This will help you to make an informed purchase decision. If you need something compact for travel, then a regular queen-sized folding bed might be convenient. If kids would be sleeping in it, then a small folding bed is all you need. The purpose of use is important to your purchase decision; however, if you need something for all occasions, then you may choose a queen-sized folding bed.


The weight of the bed is an important factor to consider for a folding bed. Since it's largely used to save space there's a huge possibility that you'll need to move the bed around from time to time. A folding bed should be light enough to allow you that easily.

The bedding Material

A bed is the ideal furniture piece for comfort, but it could be far from comforting when the mattress material isn't so convenient to sleep in. Ensure you're choosing a mattress made from breathable materials. The material of the mattress will also determine how durable and quality it would be.

Size of the bed

The size of the folding bed is another important factor; you should determine the size based on your sleep needs, how many people you want it to accommodate, and how much space you have in the room. Once this is determined, you'd the best folding bed size that fits your needs.

Ease of setup

When it's time to hit the bed you don't need something that would take so much time to set it up, neither do you want to spend a lot of time trying to pack it up at daybreak. The ease of setup of a folding bed is important for its functionality, choose a bed that affords you the ease of set up and packing.

Available space

To choose a folding bed, after considering your needs, the next most important thing to consider is how much space you have available. It helps you to put things in context when choosing a folding bed. You can easily determine the largest size of folding bed to go for that still do the job conveniently. Sometimes, it's possible to have your eyes on a really small bed only to discover that you can afford to have something larger. Also, how much space you'd need to have after spreading out the bed, are all important factors to consider.

Bed frame design

How do you prefer your folding bed frame? Murphy folding beds come in a variety of frames ranging from wooden to metal. Also, the rollaway bed often comes with a metal frame design that houses the wheel to move the bed, while some tri-fold designs are designed to be spread out on the floor. Your definition of convenience will help you determine if you'd want a folding bed with a metal frame or if you can do without it. Also, you might want to look out for the frame designs and how they complement the aesthetic design of your room.

Size of storage

Since it's a folding bed, you'll need to consider where you'd store it after use. Do determine how large a bed your storage area can accommodate before choosing a folding bed, knowing full well that each folding bed type, will have different space requirements.

Determine your budget

Knowing your budget is important to getting a folding bed; how much do you intend to spend given your space needs and your preferred specifications? Having a small budget doesn't mean you wouldn't get a quality folding bed; it might just mean that you may not have all the specifications you want from a folding bed.

Best Reasons To Choose A Folding Bed

There are many reasons why people love to own a folding bed; here are some important reasons to own one. Even if you already own a platform bed, a folding bed is perfect for these reasons:

Great space-saving option

A folding bed is a perfect option to save space in the room; once packed, there's ample room to do a lot of things during the day. It's ideal if the bed is only used occasionally and you won't have to deal with its large size when you're not using it.

Easy storage

Folding beds are pretty easy to store after each use. They come in compact designs and are designed with features to ease storage. Usually, storing other types of beds can be challenging and it could be difficult to move them around, but with folding beds, you won't have to deal with that.

Versatile designs

Folding beds come in designs that make them come in handy for use in any situation. A single adult-size folding bed can be conveniently used as an extra bed for guests or as part of your camping kit. This versatility allows you to save up on buying different types of the same item. Also, it's easy to determine where you want to place the bed; you can use one out on the lawn during the day or even have it spread on your balcony while you take a cool afternoon nap. You can only enjoy such great versatility from a folding bed.

Easy to maintain

Folding beds come packaged with extra care due to the need to move them around, which makes them easier to maintain than a regular bed. Usually, cleaning a platform bed might require the services of a professional house cleaner or extra hard effort for a DIY. A folding bed makes all the maintenance easy, as you can move it to clean in the best position you find comfortable. Also, it's easier to maneuver a folding bed while cleaning than when cleaning a platform bed.


Besides helping you save space, folding beds have an amazing versatility that makes you enjoy owning them. If you're not sure what to do when choosing a folding bed, don't forget that your available space, sleeping needs, and budget are paramount.