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How To Choose A Modern Tv Stand For Your Living Room

How To Choose A Modern Tv Stand For Your Living Room

When it comes to the living room decor, every element contributes to the aesthetic feel of the room, but above all these, the look and feel of the TV area plays an important role in holding all the pieces of furniture and accessories together. Your TV area is key to how relaxing and entertaining your living room is, and of course, your TV positioning also determines the level of comfort and relaxation you get from your TV; that's why the style, design, and positioning of a modern TV stand is vital in your living room.

For many wondering what to look out for in their choice of a TV stand, there are basic things to note, which will be discussed in this guide.

What is the Best Design of the A Modern TV Stand?

An ample variety of options are available when it comes to your choice of modern TV stand. While most already have a picture or guess of what they want, others are simply overwhelmed with the options and aren't sure what to go for and why.

The design of the TV stand will shape the look of your living room and your overall experience from it. We'll be discussing various designs and why you might settle for them.

Shelving pattern:

While the focus is your TV, it's not a bad idea to get a unit that gives you extra space for books or audio equipment. Shelving designs come in various patterns and dimensions that you may go for, depending on how much space you have and your existing living room decor.


This shelving design is a see-through style that allows you to save space while allowing the eyes to absorb the details of the items kept in or above it. It's a subtle design that puts the spotlight on elements placed within it, than on the shelf itself. Some TV stands are designed to let you sit the TV above the unit, while others take on a shelving pattern that holds the TV in a bracket-style.

2.The cabinet style TV stand:

If you visit a home with this type of modern TV stand on a day when the TV is not in use, it's easy to assume that there is no TV in the living room due to the enclosed style of this design. It is a cabinet-style design that keeps everything within the unit locked away from view when not in use. It's perfect for a minimalist home where it's important to cut down on as many details as possible. Of course, you get to open up the unit when it's TV time, and it is particularly great for effective cable management.

Recommended Design:

The best modern TV stand designs offer a combination of both designs. It includes an adjustable shelf opening that allows you to see through some areas and keep other items shut in other parts. Some designs come with up to 200 pounds capacity and allow you to comfortably accommodate large TV sets of up to 80 inches.

TV stand with audio stand:

If you're looking to make an entertainment center out of your TV stand, the stand comes in a design that makes it possible. It has a structure that makes it function not just as a TV stand but also as a unit that accommodates every piece of equipment that works alongside your TV for entertainment purposes.

Recommended design:

This style of TV stand is perfect in metal or glass designs, with open rack display that holds your audio towers and TV set together. Some compact designs up to 100 pounds of weight and a convenient fit for small rooms.

Flanking hutch design:

Another impressive TV stand design is the flanking hutch design. It makes the TV area look more like a shelving cabinet, where the TV stand is mid-space the entire unit. On both sides are storage cabinets where you could store important items like books, record discs, etc. the design takes away the distraction that comes from using an open shelf and allows a direct visual focus on the TV. The design is perfect for large and small rooms and great for single- room apartments where a lot of stuff has to be stowed away to save space. The unit allows one to do more with less space without compromising on entertainment and relaxation.

Swivel design:

Think of a TV stand that allows you to position your TV at any angle to face the direction of the room you're in. Well, that's what a swivel stand does for you. It makes it easy to position your TV to your preferred angle without having to turn the TV set. The design is perfect if you won't be setting it up close to the wall, and you have an angular or round sitting pattern in your living room. You'll be able to position it in terms of the position you prefer to sit. Also, if you have a workspace or dining area adjacent to your living room, it makes it easy to pay attention to your TV when you need to, without having to get up to the sitting room.

Floating TV stands:

If you'll like a unit that leaves out the floor space, certain stand designs are wall-mounted and you can place your TV on it. It features a clean way to add details to your living room without going loud or heavy on furniture. Some also contain extra space; shelve or cabinet where you can still keep smaller items. Just ensure that you go for a unit that can support the frame and weight of the TV without giving way. In fact, ensure that that the stress value isn't equal to the weight of your TV but even has the capacity to support something a bit larger. This way, you have something that can easily carry your TV weight and hold other smaller items.


The material of the modern TV stand often determines the style you get from it. Hence you need to choose your preferred TV stand material, especially if you'll be bringing it into a living room within an existing décor theme.


Wood happens to be the most commonplace TV stand material that you'll find on the market, because of its uniqueness and versatility. Almost any design can be achieved from a wooden design to fit into any existing décor.

While there are various forms and sturdiness profiles for different wood types. They won't fail to make an impression on family and guests in your home. All you need do is to ascertain its overall capacity to support your TV and you're good to go.


Glass TV stands are exquisite and add a luxurious touch to your living room. They are delicate and perfect for large rooms and subtly put attention on your TV stand while adding an overall beauty to your TV space and living room.


Metal TV stands are beginning to find their way into the home furniture space, and of course, always give off a classy appeal when used in home décor. Metal TV stands are usually smaller than regular wooden TV stands, hence are great for small rooms, as they blend quietly into the overall décor. Choose a metal modern TV stand if you like your living room classy and minimalist; you're sure to get value for your money as they have a sturdy build that helps to hold the unit together.

Types of TV stand styles to look out for

Furniture designers are constantly working to improve the overall customer experience with TV stands. Hence no matter the theme of your living room décor you'll always have something that works. The TV stands will always give off a compelling feel however you want it.


The modern TV stand is perfect for adding a touch of beauty and class to the home. They have an innovative style that makes the TV area lovable and has a central design theme of something from the 20th century.


Traditional TV stand designs are more laid back in time, more of what you find in medieval times or country homes. These styles are in no way outdated, as many still go for these designs to introduce a feel of pre-modern times in their homes.


For many, rustic designs are a big deal. Introducing a touch of faded wood and other frailed items are the highlights of a rustic theme, and a home with this theme can have a feel of a farmhouse of the 90s. Some modern TV stands are designed and often finished to give off a rustic feel. The predominant material to achieve this look and feel is wood. Hence if you're going for rustic, a wooden TV stand is the way to go.


Contemporary TV stands are more modern and introduce extra sophistication to the modern TV stand. It often comes with advanced features that allow your TV stand to do much more than a casual TV stand. An example is a fireplace TV stand, which integrates a fireplace below the TV stand and allows you more comfort and entertainment in your living room.


For most people, a perfect living room design features a modern TV stand that houses other fun equipment like the media player or game box. Various elements will make up your choice for a modern TV stand; which will include the room size, space, dimension of the TV stand, and your decor theme, amongst other things.

These factors will tell on your preferred design, choice of material, and overall TV stand style. Whatever you ensure that the stand can support the weight of the TV conveniently. With these, you can look forward to a relaxing and satisfying experience during your TV time.