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How to Choose the Best Writing Desk

How to Choose the Best Writing Desk

Writing is an important aspect of anyone's life and can be done casually on any surface. However, if you'd be writing for the most of your day, it's best to have a writing desk dedicated to this purpose.

If anything, writing requires some mental effort, and working from an uncomfortable space can make it even more draining. It's okay to write from any available surface if you'd get it done in a few minutes, but if you'd be spending a couple of hours writing, a standard writing desk placed in a comfortable position is your best bet.

Anything from a foldable writing desk to a convertible mini desk that allows you to work from any position you find comfortable, or even a regular work desk can be used in your home.

Consider these Factors when Choosing a Writing Desk

There are many factors you might want to consider before choosing a writing desk, you know you can't just pick up a desk without considering your personal needs, your space, amongst others, so let's take a look:

1. Space:

How much space you have will determine the size of the table or desk that you can bring into your home. If you have sufficient space or you have a dedicated work area or room where you write from, you have the luxury to go for large desk sizes that would accommodate other things like a computer, file tray, and other stationery that you might need for your work. If this is not the case, you might have to go for smaller desk sizes.

You might not want something that has a clear footprint if you don't have enough floor area. A wall-mounted writing desk is a perfect pick for you. There are varieties of options that you can choose from if you do not have sufficient space and different styles that are space-functional for larger rooms. You'd find sleek writing desk designs that contribute to the aesthetic of your space without struggle.

2. Consider Your Need:

We wouldn't tell you to get a large writing desk if why you need one is to write your grocery list instead of from your kitchen cabinets. It might also be because you need somewhere to write on while reading or meditating in the comfort of your homeroom.

Since a large writing desk will not be appropriate in these contexts, it's better to go for a convertible style writing desk or one of the foldable types that you can bring out when you need it and neatly store it away when it's not needed. Also, it will make a good option to improvise when you need a surface to place something when you are not writing.

If you are writing for – say an average of one hour or more daily, a larger desk style with a dedicated seat is a better option. This way, you are able to separate your working area from the other parts of the home.

Some desk styles come with an additional feature that allows you to write on a chalkboard attached to it, such that if you need to draw mind maps or stick notes while you work you'll be able to. If this kind of desk describes your perfect need then you can go for it.

3. Your style:

Your style speaks volumes about your personality and it's important to go for what you love regardless of your needs and available space. There is a style unique to you, and this matters in choosing your perfect writing desk. A wall- mounted desk may suit your style better than a 4-foot desk for writing. Also, if you like things simple and basic, a wooden desk with clean finish lines might just be what you prefer.

Additionally, your existing decor matters regarding your choice of a writing desk especially if it is going to be permanent furniture in your space. Some writing desks are designed to be folded out of place when not in use, some wall-mounted designs with this feature will surprise you if you like it tidy in your space.

4. Material:

Next, you've got to consider what kind of material you prefer for your writing desk. Would you want a glass desk, a wooden desk, or one with a metal design? The material of the desk will determine how functional you'll find it. A glass gives off an inspiring feel, takes out distraction, and calms your mind as you set about your writing. A wooden writing desk will give off a feeling of confidence, and its sturdy built helps to prepare your mind for the task ahead.

If you're choosing your desk solely for aesthetic purposes, then you can go for a blend of materials. For example, a glass writing desk with wooden leg support will add detail to a minimalist decor howbeit subtly. Wooden writing desks never go out of style; they always stand out elegantly anywhere they're placed.

5. Color:

Since you'd be writing at this desk, the color of the desk is equally as important as its style. Writing is best done when the mind is in a relaxed state; the calmness allows you to explore the depth of your mental capacity.

The color of your writing desk can be functional to mentally prepare you for your writing task. Most people love to go for a white desk, as it helps them to focus on writing without distraction. Others go for earthy colors like brown or a strong color such as black, depending on how the color affects their writing processes. A deep blue desk might not be a great choice for a writing desk, but if it resonates with your style, why not?

6. Storage:

Your storage needs will also determine the style of desk you go for. Since it's just a writing desk, some might not look to it for ample storage, but if you're particular about the storage that comes with your desk, then there are a few things to note.

Some desk designs come with minimal storage design, while others have built-in drawers, open or closed shelves to help you keep clutter out. If your writing involves a lot of paperwork, you might want to use a closed shelf or and if you'd prefer to display your books an open shelf will be your best pick. Writing desk with drawer space is another alternative where you can keep everything related to your writing.

Available Writing Desk Designs

Other than the conventional, there are varieties of writing desk designs that you might find appealing. Here's a list of a few of them to look out for when buying the writing desk.

L-shaped writing desk:

The L-shaped writing desk is a perfect pick when you have ample space and can accommodate a desk with a large footprint. This desk style helps to serve multi-purpose functions. It gives you enough surface to work with and extra space to keep other items handy. If your writing involves researching on your PC, the l-shaped desk allows you to do so comfortably.

Corner writing desk:

This desk style is perfect if you'd be writing from a corner of your home. It allows you to utilize the corners of your home if you are constrained for space, they are compact and use only a small footprint while giving you enough surface to write on.

Corner writing desks are great for inspiration. They help you stay focused on the work you're doing, eliminating distractions that can hamper your writing flow.

Foldable writing desk:

If you're all about flexibility, this style of desk will help you achieve it, especially if you prefer the flexibility of working from any part of your home. To do this, you need something as compact as possible and as light-weighted as it can be.

A small foldable writing desk is perfect for writing from the comfort of your cushion, bedroom, patio, or deck. All you need to do is to find a comfortable position, unfold the desk and place it before you. Suppose your work requires you to be constantly in motion, possibly like a travel blogger. In that case, it's easy to pack up a foldable desk and move about with it without hassle.

The important thing about this design is to choose a functional size that fits your needs as some foldable desks are small enough to carry around while others need to be folded and kept in a fixed position. Also, you'll find foldable desk designs that are attached to the wall and can be unfolded when needed.

Floating writing desk:

If you need a space dedicated to writing in your room, a writing desk with no footprints is a great choice. For writers, the urge to write might come up at any moment of the day and a floating writing desk gives you a surface to write without extra unnecessary detail or use of space. It is ideal to use when you need to document your thoughts in the heat of the moment. Also, they contribute to the overall aesthetic design of your room.


Choosing a writing desk might pose a bit of a challenge when you're not sure of what you want. Your writing desk is vital to the success of your writing task. Hence, determining your needs, space size, amongst other things, is important to choose the perfect desk style for writing. Either it's function, flexibility, or aesthetics that is important to you, you'll find a perfect style that suits your writing needs.