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How to rock A Grey Dresser for Your Bedroom Decor

How to rock A Grey Dresser for Your Bedroom Decor

No matter how much the world evolves, there seems to be a continued love for dressers in most homes. And sometimes in a bid to move away from the usual, black, brown, or white, homeowners consider grey as the perfect choice for their bedrooms. But is grey really cool color for your dresser, and how well does a grey dresser fit into any kind of room? You're about to find out all you need to know.

Why grey is a special color for your bedroom?

1.It works best for neutral bedrooms:

If you're all for neutral, you don't want it too loud, nor too dull, what color best does the job? Grey, right! Having a grey color dresser helps you to stick to a neutral tone that doesn't seem too obvious. What makes it an exceptional choice is the fact that you get to stay in between black and white, depending on the shade you prefer. For instance, if you prefer going on a dark shade without going all black, using a grey dresser allows you to express your style with a major piece in the room. An all-white room doesn't have to feel eerie, as you can balance the room feel using a large grey dresser with a lighter hue of grey.

2.Nothing is more versatile:

If you aren't sure what color of the dresser will work in your space, your best bet is a grey dresser. The color allows the dresser to fit into any interior style no matter what you other color you choose. If you have a space painted in a light or dark orange back drop, for instance, you may not need to think of an accent color, if you have a grey dresser to do the job. Also, if you're going with a light color like sky blue, you have no problems choosing a grey dresser as well. That's the beauty of having grey, it's a versatile choice for any kind of room.

3.Perfect for sophistication:

Grey dressers make statement furniture in the room, that you may not get from other colors of dressers. Grey carries an air of sophistication, such that, one automatically feels satisfied and opulent with a grey dresser positioned somewhere in the room. The other brilliant thing about a grey dresser is that it could make the room feel luxurious, especially if it's one with metallic grips and bars, the room gives a feel of heaven already. Want to make an impression on a guest? Position a grey dresser in your guest room, and see how much of a compliment you get from it.

4.Create a calming space:

What's a bedroom, if it doesn't give you a feel of comfort and help you relax on a tiring day? A grey dresser doesn't just function as a dresser; it can help to add calm to the room. This is particularly achieved when you use natural materials in decorating your room. Simple things like a green plant sitting on your dresser top can work magic on your mental health, as the grey color and greenery blend together in a calming ambiance that helps to soothe your nerves on any day (or night).

5.Perfect for a minimalist room:

For a minimalist, details are only important when it's essential. If you're thinking about what color of dresser works best for your minimalist space, a grey dresser is your best pick. It helps to keep things calm while holding up all the smaller essential pieces in the room. The grey dresser allows you to get functionality and confidence in your style without compromising on aesthetics. With grey, you can keep things simple and stay in control of your space.

6.Perfect for texture:

Grey dressers made of wood are a great way to add texture to your space. The texture and feel of your room are important when defining how cozy you want the room to be. A grey dresser can easily add a tough touch to all the softness that a room has to offer in terms of large beddings such as duvet, bed sheets, and the mattress itself. A grey dresser sits solidly in the room to tighten up your aesthetics and create balance where necessary. If you ever felt like buying that grey dresser isn't so necessary, here's a perfect reason to do so.

Grey Dresser Buying Guide; Here's What You Need to Know

When choosing a grey dresser, there are certain things you need to have in mind. While you can purchase one just for the love of it, knowing these important tips will help you to maximize your options when choosing a grey dresser.

What are your needs?

Your needs are a priority when choosing a grey dresser. Do you care for storage space, or do you just want something decorative? Do you want something large for a large room or something small that would fit in a small space? Are you looking to keep small items in the drawers or use them to store quite a lot? All of these will culminate and influence your choice of a grey dresser.

Who would be using the dresser?

When choosing a grey dresser, think about the person who would be using the space. A stylish dresser with fancy details will work well for a kid's room, a lady's grey dresser should carry some impressive patterns, and a dresser for a man can feature a plain look. Determining who's using the dresser will help you to choose not just any grey dresser but the right dresser for the right person.

Quality of material:

While most dressers are made from wood, it's not uncommon to find metal designs that would still work great in any room. Hence you could decide work kind of material you'll find soothing, if you prefer a more modern touch, a metal dresser painted in grey can give your room a classy feel.

Design of the room:

You already know that a grey dresser is a versatile choice for your room, but that's not all. If the room has a pre-existing décor, the best thing to do is to determine what hue of grey will work for your space and how you'd love to complement it. For instance, a room themed in pink could use all shades of grey from light to dark. All you have to do is determine which works best, in terms of the design, style, and personality of the person using the room. Adults can handle a darker shade of grey in their room, as a mature color, but children may need something softer to make their room feel chic and cozy.

Where are you placing it?

Before you admire that dresser, think about if it will be a great fit for your space. Some dressers aren't so large but may still feel out of place in a small room, hence you might consider a small dresser to keep your space looking comfy and cool. Also, if you have a large space, it's best to choose a large dresser and not a small one, except you already have all other furniture items taking up the room's footprint; this is because that small dresser will seem lone in a large room space. If you can't find a dresser that fits perfectly as it should, then choosing a custom grey dresser might work for you.

Accessorizing A Grey Dresser

Nothing is entirely perfect by itself, and a few pieces to compliment the dresser is a brilliant idea that you'd benefit from in the long run. There are various items you could pair with your dresser to accentuate its look, which includes;


For some people, a dresser isn't complete without a mirror, while others are pretty good without it. if you've never considered pairing your dresser with a decorative mirror, well you should try it out, except you have an important reason not to, for instance, if you're comfortable with using the one in your bathroom.

Natural elements;

Got a green plant nearby? A wooden decorative plate too? Place it on or beside your grey dresser and you'll discover how much calm and allure that can add to your room.

Choose metal or glass;

You never really know how stunning your grey dresser looks until you pair it with some metal or glass pieces. Think of a decorative glass bowl, or probably look out for one with metal grips and bars, you won't be far from impressed with the outcome it gives your space.


Have you been looking to switch up things in your room, and wondering if a grey dresser would be a perfect choice? Well, it's high time you made that choice because you don't want to miss out on all the aesthetic benefits that come with owning a grey dresser. If you need something to work with a neutral-toned room, give your room a sophisticated feel, or pair it with natural elements; a grey dresser is your perfect option.