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How To Rock a Scandinavian Sofa In Your Living Room

How To Rock a Scandinavian Sofa In Your Living Room

Every element in your living room décor contributes to the overall functionality and aesthetics of the room. This is particularly true, especially when you’re working with Scandinavian design, as choosing the right Scandinavian sofa helps to give your room a distinctive effect while contributing to the overall calm and warmth of the room.

Above all, a carefully selected Scandinavian sofa helps to contribute to the overall beauty and appearance of your living room. The Scandinavian décor theme is an interesting modern design that helps to keep all décor elements minimal and beautifully tied together for functionality. It’s the typical proof that less can be done with more.

Why Choosing a Scandinavian Sofa Should Work for your Living Room

The Scandinavian interior design trend has gained popularity for over five decades, with a more recent touch of modernity introduced in the 20th century. Many homes have embraced the Scandinavian design theme for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionalism.

Ideally, the Scandinavian design originates from the cultures of 5 countries, namely; Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden. It stemmed out of a cultural intention to allow the free flow of light and air in any space, particularly because the Scandinavian people had to find ways to enliven their space, for the long months they had to stay indoors. The Scandinavian sofa design is best achieved sitting at home in an existing Nordic theme, complemented by exotic home pieces.

The simplicity of the Scandinavian home design makes it a special one for many interior decorators. If you are planning to decorate your living room using a set of Scandinavian sofas it would be important to find how other accessories will make the entire theme work.

Usually, a Scandinavian design in all simplicity features natural elements and every piece of accessory plays a functional role in the entire design. It makes it easy to take a good look at your living room and get inspired to try out something new, basically, it improves your mood and helps you to enjoy staying home.

Essential Elements to Enhance a Scandinavian Sofa

The following elements will help to improve the overall outlook of your Scandinavian sofa and you must pay attention to them;

Natural light:

Sunlight as a source of natural light is an important aspect of your living room. You should position your sofa in view of sufficient natural lighting to enhance its outlook. If the space is not so large, you may substitute with other lighting sources with a white wall as a backdrop. Sunlight helps to keep the room warm and bright while giving life to all the elements in the living room.


The wall color is an important highlight of your living room. It accentuates the impression that your sofa makes in the living room. You can also use it as a personality marker, displaying important images or pictures to form a gallery on your wall.

The Scandinavian design is a minimal one, so the walls shouldn't be choked full of hangings. Ensure that each piece adheres to the rule of clean lines and functionality.

Muted or subtle colors:

Colors are an important aspect of your interior design and make a good backdrop for your Scandinavian sofa. It also makes it easier to add patterns and elements that are bolder. Muted colors like beige, gray, white, and other neutral shades are important for your walls as well as sofas. Bold colors should only be used sparingly to maintain the Scandinavian theme.

Scandinavian styles sofa are usually in a mix of blue, black, white, or grey colors. These colors are important to keep the muted minimalist tone of the room; using these colors helps to maintain the neutral theme of the room. It's often common to find the sofas decorated with bright accent throw pillows for aesthetics, and you may also choose to drape the sofa with patterned throw blankets.


When it comes to lighting Scandinavian design often features simple light bulbs in place of chandeliers. Fancy lighting is often used to contribute geometry and add texture to the overall design.


Shapes are an important aspect of Scandinavian designs, simple lines and a touch of round elements work together with a Scandinavian sofa. A nice Scandinavian sofa adds balance to the texture of the living room. Every shape in the room serves a particular function in helping to keep the entire room sleek and simple.


A Scandinavian design is never complete without textiles in form of curtains, throw blankets and pillows fabric.

Choosing a Scandinavian sofa for your living room may seem quite difficult to decide, especially when faced with the option of what textile to choose. Go for sofas with a warm textile like cotton, so that it has a welcoming feel. You might as well use curtains to add an accent touch to your living room. A nice accent fabric helps to add an impressive backdrop to your Scandinavian sofa will adding to the overall aesthetics of the room.


Wood does complement a Scandinavian design pretty well. In fact, it's an important factor to consider when looking to introduce a hint of nature to your living room. You can choose to use a sofa with wooden elements to accentuate the room's look. Most Scandinavian sofas often have slim wooden legs, which helps to keep things minimal yet classy.

A wooden floor or ceiling may also contribute a rustic feel to your Scandinavian design while acting as an accent against the neutral color theme of the room.

Green Plants:

Plants are an integral part of Scandinavian design. They give Life to your room and make you look forward to lounging on your sofa, also they make your space breathable so that it doesn't feel empty due to its minimalist texture. The bright green of indoor plants helps to function as an accent color against the muted wall backdrop.

The vases or plant pots also add a functional touch to the feel of your sofa and contribute to the aesthetics of your Scandinavian living room.

Sofa Shape and Angles:

Most Scandinavian sofas are usually in rectangular shapes and often have a rounded edge design. The angles of the sofas also close up in a simple curve design, such that the sides of the sofas are smooth blend seamlessly into the calm tone of the room.

Common Styles of Scandinavian sofa

Folding Scandinavian sofa:

This style of sofa is perfect for a small living room and could be extended out as a bed at night. Also, it can serve as a go-to option for guests to sleep in when they come visiting.

Corner Sofa:

A functional Scandinavian corner sofa is great to utilize corner spaces with the ultimate aim of comfort and relaxation. It often has a classic design that makes it suitable to make a room cozy. A corner sofa with wooden legs works great on wooden flooring.

Sectional Sofa:

This style of Scandinavian sofa allows you to differentiate your sitting room from a larger living area. If you have a large living space, you may choose a simple sectional Scandinavian sofa to subtly mark out your sitting area.

Non-sectional Scandinavian sofa:

These sofa styles are designed to deliver simplicity and can sit in any part of your living room. They often deliver a sense of comfort and relaxation, thus making them a perfect choice for any size of living room.

Essential Guide for Choosing A Scandinavian sofa

You may get right into designing your living room and selecting your preferred sofa design if you’re working with a new living room. However, there are factors to consider, if you’re revamping an old space or want to touch up with a Scandinavian décor theme.


The Scandinavian theme prides comfort, simplicity, and functionality over quantity. Hence choose a sofa that excuses these ideals and complement it with decorative pieces. Choose decorative pieces with precision and limit them to a delicate few.

The flooring:

Scandinavian sofa styles are great for wooden floors, which helps to maintain a natural tone in the home. However, it would still work with other flooring options other than wood.


The leg designs of your Scandinavian sofa are important to the overall aesthetics of your living room, hence choose sofas with sleek wooden legs to keep things minimal. Legged Scandinavian sofa also offers the versatility you need to create a warm and attractive living room. Remember, every element has to be functional.


Soft cotton upholstery for your sofa and curtains is important to keep the room light and airy. Choosing heavier upholstery might not complement the overall Scandinavian theme.

Comfort elements:

Throw blankets and pillows are essential pieces in complementing the sofa. They also add an element of comfort to the feel of the room, which is why it's important to work them into your living room design. Use patterned pillars in different combinations to complement your Scandinavian sofa.

Decorative pieces:

Your sofa isn't complete without the necessary decorative elements. Strategically select functional decorative pieces such as lighting, wallpapers, artwork, and other wall hangings to complement your sofa. You may as well use antic or vintage glass items to complete the look.


There's so much you can achieve with a Scandinavian style sofa design, regardless of the size of the living room. If you'll be working with a corner, sectional or non-sectional Scandinavian sofa, it is important to choose those with muted colors, to maintain the overall theme. Ensure to keep things neutral while using decorative pieces to hold it all together. You can't go wrong with your sofa, if you keep things minimal, simple, and functional.