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How to Rock A Sleigh-Bed in A Modern Bedroom

How to Rock A Sleigh-Bed in A Modern Bedroom

Who says you can't go all traditional for your bedroom decor if you really want to? You can touch up everything in a traditional style and even go as far as using a sleigh bed, instead of a contemporary modern bed design.

Sleigh beds are named so because of their unique sleigh style, typical of the style of transport back in the snowy 1800s. Interestingly, sleigh beds have a significant relationship with Christmas periods, when children look forward to getting gifts from Father Christmas who arrives on sleigh horses in winter! Okay back to reality.

Sleigh beds feature an exquisite design; that gives the bed a statement aesthetic look. They significantly contribute to the decor of the room and add an extra appeal and cozy feel to your bed. The sleigh bed frames traditionally come in scrolled wooden designs and are great to add texture to your decor.

Nowadays, they have been modernized into steel and aluminum designs so everyone can have the sleigh bed design of their choice.

A sleigh bed is perfect for traditional style room decor if that's how you love it and it will fit nicely into a modern room as a magical statement piece of its own. If you need the motivation to come to bed early, a sleigh bed gives you reasons to do so gladly.

Why You Should Consider A Sleigh Bed for Your Modern Bedroom

Beyond the most obvious significance of the bed, which is, to sleep comfortably, sleigh beds contribute more functionality to your room. Check out the following points to discover why a sleigh bed is perfect for you.

Cozy comfort for a modern bedroom

Nearly everyone likes their room cozy and comfortable. A sleigh bed gives you cozy comfort effortlessly. The head and footboard form sort of a shield around you, and gives off a feeling of safety while you sleep in your sleigh bed. You may need to have extra pillows to sleep cozy in a larger bed; thankfully a sleigh bed does the job perfectly.

Elegant Bed Design

The modern sleigh bed designs have an elegant appearance, it keeps inviting you to come to lie down when it's perfectly laid. Its headboard and footboard hold the sheets in perfectly after laying. You'll find yourself admiring the elegance of the bed, you'd hardly want to step out of your room. The frames contribute an aesthetic effect to your room, such that you won't need too many extra details to perfect your decor.

Versatile Style for All Decor

Modern sleigh bed designs are available to suit both traditional and modern decor, such that, if you intend to add texture to your room using metal elements instead of wood, the sleigh bed makes a perfect choice.

If you like your room all traditional, and love the appeal of polished wood in your room, the sleigh bed makes an 'A' on the list too. One thing about this bed style is its versatility and compatibility with any decor theme, you'll love it no matter what.

Perfect to Make an Impression in the Guest Room

After your living room, your guest room is the next best place to make a lasting impression on your guests. An average bed might not add as much detail as you would love, and may leave you at a loss of what new element to add to beautify the room.

However, a sleigh bed is perfect to create that home-away-from-home feel you want your guest to have. With its regal appearance, you won't try too hard to give your guest that royal hosting they deserve. You won't need to worry about extra elements, as the bed is a major, and will create that lasting impression when coupled with few decorative pieces.

Great Appeal for Children's Room

If you're raising children transitioning into their teenage years, a sleigh bed is perfect for your children's room. The bed helps to add an air of maturity to your children's room, which in turn helps to produce the positive energy that children need to be at their best.

You won't need to beg your children to sleep; they'll particularly look forward to their bedtime while relishing the feel of comfort that sleeping in it brings.

Durability for Your Money

Have you ever bought a bed that crashed sooner than expected and made it look like you lost your money? Well, not the sleigh bed. The traditional solid wooden style of this bed has a sturdy build that contributes to its durability. So you can be sure your bed will remain sturdy and durable through years of use.

Fits in Average-sized Room

If you need a bed that features as a statement piece in a room of average size, the sleigh bed is your best pick. The frame gives detail to any queen-sized bed, transforming it into a regal piece in the room. It adds a magical touch to any averaged-sized room and doesn't necessarily need to sit in a large room. Sleigh beds also come in smaller bed sizes, perfect for kids and young adults.

Types of Modern Sleigh Bed Designs

There are about four types of sleigh bed designs that form the basis of the design concept for many contemporary styles.

Lattice Sleigh Bed

This sleigh bed design comes in a wooden spaced rolled back design that's common to single beds. The wooden frame has open slots and is a common design in homes. It's perfect for rooms where symmetry is a priority while maintaining less wooden detail.

Upholstered Sleigh Bed

The upholstered sleigh bed comes in tufted designs that hold the entire piece together, giving it a gorgeous appeal. The rugged sleigh bed often comes in Chesterfield buttoned designs that help to contribute a feeling of sophistication to any room. Perfect for rooms where every detail is a unique contribution to the overall aesthetics. You can rock them in as many colors and aesthetic combinations as you choose and they never fail to had a luxurious touch to any room.

Single and Double Endboard Sleigh Bed

Sleigh beds are unique for their scrolled end boards, some sleigh beds feature a single sleigh design at the footboard. The detailing on this style of bed is mainly focused on the footboard for aesthetic purposes.

For the double sleigh end beds, the bed design features a double end scroll on both ends of the bed.

Accessorizing Your Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are designed to be the focal piece in the room and brilliantly contribute to the beauty of a bedroom. However, the impressive feature might leave you wondering how best to accessorize this bed. Here are a few tips.

Smaller Pieces

Since sleigh beds tend to make even a small bedroom look large, the best way to make the most of it is to complement it with smaller pieces, for a lighter texture.

Side bed lamps

Bed lamps are functional and help to add a modern touch to your room. You'll find a range of lamps that fits your sleigh bed perfectly; either you want traditional or modern. Bed lights also help to make the room feel cozy and homey, as well.

Curtains and drapes

Already your bed is a focal point of attention and a stunning sight to behold. Finish off the job with beautiful complementary curtains and drapes for extra detailing and texture. Lighter curtains are preferable for a small room with a sleigh bed so that the room doesn't feel choky instead of cozy. For larger rooms, heavy drapes will do fine with your sleigh bed. Ensure you go for complementary or accent designs and you'll have made a haven out of your room.

End of bed bench

Use an end of bed bench to perfect the touch of class that a sleigh bed brings; you may choose an upholstered design or plane wooden type for effect. You might as well use the opportunity to introduce extra storage since some sleigh beds may not afford you extra space for small items.

Area Rugs

An area rug is an impressive way to add a subtle but intentional aesthetic touch to your room. You may even use it to tone down the boldness of your sleigh bed to keep it cozy and appealing. If you have an upholstered sleigh bed, you can go for matching color designs and create an extra functional surface around your bed.


Artworks have a psychological appeal on the room, but a bold sleigh bed might not work with a massive artwork sitting above it. It might feel distracting instead of endearing, so instead, try using smaller pieces of canvasses lined above the bed. You may use two medium-sized canvasses or three small canvases to add an artistic touch to the room.


Choosing a sleigh bed might not be as daunting after all. From its gorgeous look to its cozy and comfortable design, you'll have every reason to choose a sleigh bed for your modern room.