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How to Use a Kid’s Sofa in Your Home

How to Use a Kid’s Sofa in Your Home

What is it about soft furnishings and children…most kids see a large sofa and in their eyes, this is really a great fun trampoline or an inflatable castle. Kids just love bouncing on the furniture, the trouble is, if you have beautiful sofas and settees in your home, then you will be less keen to see them used as an adventure playground. Cue, the kid’s sofa, part of a huge market in child-sized and children’s themed furniture.

Child-sized furniture is always a huge hit with little people and a kid’s sofa can be matched with other diminutive pieces in a living room or playroom and make an excellent style choice for your interiors as well as a popular and practical item which doesn’t have to be confined to one use only. Available in bright or pretty pastel colours, kid’s sofas can be decorated with film and cartoon characters and are both fun and practical, adding extra seating to guest rooms, living rooms and children’s bedrooms. They are the perfect way to increase numbers for playdates and sleepovers.

Children love household items in miniature, designed just for them, scaling up from dollhouses to little kitchens or even mini shops. A kid’s sofa can be matched with other furniture and make an attractive designated play area or quiet space in a main living room as well as adding different seating options to a nursery, playroom or even a giant Wendy house.

Furnishing options for a kid’s sofa

  • Allocate the kids their own sofa in your lounge or living room, this is one they can bounce on and eat snacks on without getting told off.
  • If you have a playroom, then small-scale furniture is always really popular, a kid’s sofa can even double up as a day bed for mini visitors or a useful storage space for toys.
  • A kid’s sofa can create form part of a designated area for the children and you won’t need a lot of room to do this – children like to have their own furniture and possessions designed specifically for them.
  • A kid’s corner sofa offers more seating and is space-saving in a small home – add a matching footstool which can also be used as a table.
  • Create a kid’s corner with a kid’s sofa and tables and chairs to match, perfect for a playroom or to create a designated play or quiet area in an open plan interior.
  • If you are short of dining space for large family gatherings and parties, then a kid’s sofa with other mini chairs and a table can make excellent extra seating at mealtimes without taking up too much space.

Design suggestions

Gone are the days of nursery furniture and adult furnishings with nothing in between, now, children have a huge range of beds and soft furnishing items dedicated to their different age groups – the choice is quite overwhelming and there is a strong and buoyant market in children’s furniture. Here are just some of the styles and designs available for you to choose from:

  • Select a kid’s sofa shaped like a piano in stylish pink, black and white, this sofa has a foldable back rest to save space when not in use and a hidden storage compartment for toys and books.
  • For the space-crazed kid, choose a mini sofa with a stylish rocket design, perfect as part of a bedroom theme for aspiring astronauts and for those exciting space age bedtime stories.
  • Choose a Disney-themed sofa for story time – sofas are much better than chairs because then the children can snuggle up with you whilst you read to them.
  • Pretty in pink, add a pink sweetheart-shaped sofa to a little girl’s nursery or bedroom with pink fluffy cushions to match.
  • Why not choose a kid’s mini sofa table which can double up as a backless sofa and seat or as a table for eating at or for play activities like drawing and painting.
  • It had to happen – a sofa beanbag! Perfectly portable for all round the home, a kid’s sofa beanbag offers seating and sleeping options for more than one child indoors and outdoors.
  • Most garden furniture is only available in sizes suitable for adults so why not take your kid’s sofa outdoors to add extra mini seating for small people during those warm afternoons in the garden? Kid’s sofas have the benefit of being small and if you pick a lightweight design then they are perfectly portable to move outdoors onto a patio or terrace.
  • Some kid’s sofas are designed with cupholders, perfect for saving all those spills and stains.
  • Make a kid’s home cinema room and look out for a kid’s sofa with a unique arm rest which also doubles up as a storage unit for video game controllers, remotes and even books.
  • Go Futon style and match a Futon kid’s sofa with other modern and contemporary pieces in your home, who said that style was just for adults?
  • The Wendy house retains an enduring popularity and if you go big enough then a kid’s sofa can make the perfect choice. A large tent or awning can do just as well.

Practical tips for choosing a kid’s sofa

  • Pick dark colours, these are much more forgiving of scuffs and stains.
  • Use washable throws and blankets to protect the sofa.
  • Buy a sofa with spare covers which are machine washable then it is easy to change the covers and wash the existing set.
  • Make sure the design is safe so avoid kid’s sofas with sharp edges and detachable embellishments like buttons which could end up in a toddler’s mouth. Choose a design with rounded and curved corners and anti-slip footpads so there is no risk of the sofa slipping and sliding on a hard wood or tiled floor if play gets a little exciting.
  • Many sofas have storage compartments so they are dual-purpose, this can be really useful to keep clutter to a minimum and is perfect when space is tight.
  • Just like sofa beds for adults, there are also kid’s sofa beds for children and these are an excellent choice for sleepovers.
  • Most kid’s sofas are sold with an age range, what might be suitable for 2-4 year olds won’t accommodate a large child or more robust play, equally, a sofa designed for smaller children could be too inaccessible maybe even dangerous for toddlers so always check the retailer’s specifications carefully. Most kids like to snuggle up with their parents whilst watching television or listening to a story so make sure the sofa will take an adult weight too.
  • Some kid’s sofas are covered in a PVC material which is easy to clean with a damp cloth or warm soapy water, some styles have a textured finish to mimic velvet and make a perfect choice for a stylish living room or lounge alongside adult furniture.
  • Leather is a good material choice for a kid’s sofa and doesn’t just have to be a dark colour although pale or pastel leather sofas will show marks more easily. Leather is very practical and robust and easier to clean than fabric, it is also more resistant to the wear and tear inflicted on furniture by pets so can be a good choice if your child likes to share their book or TV viewing with a furry family friend.
  • Some kid’s sofas come with a range of polyester slip covers so you can change the look and style of the sofa quickly and easily and because many kid’s sofas are lightweight, move it around from room to room.
  • Choose a kid’s sofa with a sturdy wooden frame and feet, a design that is lightweight enough to move but won’t tip over if playtime gets a little exuberant.

Let your child get involved with choosing their own kid’s sofa, it is just as exciting as choosing furniture for your own living room. Children love having things that are miniature versions of what adults use so they have their own possessions and space but are completely in tune with the grown ups.

A kid’s sofa can be used to create extra storage space, seating and possibly even additional sleeping options. Kid’s sofas can be an integral part of the design theme of a child’s bedroom or playroom and are available in huge multitude of colours, patterns and designs based on classic children’s favourites and trending characters and styles from the latest films and games. A plain sofa can be dressed up with colourful cushions and throws and create a themed, classical contemporary look depending on where you want to put it – there are simply endless possibilities.