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Indulge yourself with a white sofa

Indulge yourself with a white sofa

In this article, we will be looking at how to use a white sofa in your home, whether as a statement piece or to blend with other types of furniture or decor. Learn how to use this colour to great effect in your interiors. Read our design suggestions and tips about how to incorporate a white sofa in lots of different rooms in your home as well as stylish outdoor living.

What are the advantages of using white as a colour choice for your interiors?

White is a pristine, clean colour associated with purity and serenity. White generally has positive connections in the human mind, think fluffy white clouds, weddings, doves, spring blossom, the list goes on!

White can be used to create an appearance of space particularly when it is used as a base colour for floors, walls or suites of furniture. White also amplifies light so as a fabric choice for soft furnishings, white can be used to great effect to create an illusion of brightness in a compact room or one which suffers from a lack of natural daylight.

If you think all white is a little too cold and clinical then you can soften the look with just about any other colour. If you are looking for a white sofa as a backdrop to rich textiles and wall coverings then you couldn’t make a better choice as white is the perfect base colour to showcase deep shades and hues for rugs, throws, cushions, wall coverings and curtains.

White gives a clean and fresh look to just about any room in the home and can be used sparingly or excessively – the “all white” interior of white floor, walls and ceiling with white furniture and a white sofa is very on trend at the moment and has a classical simplicity and style which simply doesn’t date.

White is a formal and refined colour and adds a touch of style however you decide to use it in your home. White is the obvious choice for an urban, modernist interior but also works well in a period setting where dark wooden beams are interspersed with pale walls. White can offset rooms which may feature low ceilings and are often dark with small windows. A white sofa in this setting maximises light and retains a traditionally sympathetic style without being heavy, dominant or old fashioned. In an old house, a white sofa can be used to blend traditional styling with a more modern and contemporary look keeping all the period charm and character of an old house and blending it with a 21st-century twist.

Using a white sofa for your interior design

There are so many design possibilities with a white sofa, here are just some of our suggestions:

  • Style your living area with a white sofa either as a matching item with white armchairs or as a contrast to furniture of different colours. A white sofa can act as a statement piece in an alcove or architectural feature or it can be used as a link piece for different colours and styles.
  • In an opulent dining room, a white sofa can showcase rich fabrics and textiles and will always retain a classic and stylish look alongside formal dining furniture.
  • White is a colour associated with luxury and opulence so why not add a small boudoir style white sofa to your bedroom? This is a sympathetic location and should avoid the wear and tear of the main living room in a busy household. A white sofa makes the perfect location to drape clothes or throws and can be either a totally decorative piece or a stylish and practical addition to your bedroom.
  • White is a popular nursery colour associated as it is with peace and serenity. A small white sofa is the perfect choice as a nursing seat with an infant or opt for a bench style with inbuilt storage to provide useful accommodation for toys or baby’s extra clothes.
  • Use a white sofa matched with stylish rattan garden furniture for a veranda or terrace and bring a colonial feel to your outdoor living space. White has always been the perfect partner with the green of nature and sits perfectly with dark or painted woven rattan or basketweave. Extend the theme with a white garden parasol.
  • A white entryway sofa can add a touch of luxury to any style of hallway and is light enough not to appear cluttered in a small house.

Which other colours work with a white sofa?

The classic ‘all white interior’ or nearly all white is very on trend at the moment, not that it ever really goes out of style.

White is the perfect partner with silver and grey and also toffee and gold which add more depth and warmth in rooms with high ceilings or which lack sunlight and can appear cold. Introducing some streaks of colour to your interior can soften an “all white” interior and these partner colours create an opulent and luxurious feel.

White is of course the essential component of the monochrome look for a black and white interior that can be so many things in some many homes. Create that retro 1960s vibe with crisp geometric patterns and shapes.

The many shades of white

There is no doubt about it, pure white is a brilliant but unforgiving colour choice sometimes and we are not just talking about finger marks from children or the wear and tear of daily living and pets.

There are in fact many different shades of white which can be more flattering and subtle than a basic brilliant white but will still give the impression that your sofa or interior is pure white when the overall effect is viewed. These include colours like off white or winter white varying through to white with a hint of blush tones of pink, green and blue. Here are some other shades of white to consider:

  • Seashell
  • Ghost white
  • Champagne
  • White smoke
  • Ivory
  • Old lace

You only to have the look at the colour palette on offer from the major paint manufacturers to realise that white is a many splendoured thing and there are lots of different versions of white on offer.

The drawbacks of white furniture

The obvious drawback is that white fabric will show every tiny little mark, speck or mote and so a white sofa may not be the most suitable choice in a busy household with children and pets.

With a little ingenuity, it can be possible to have that coveted white sofa and here are some tips to keep it looking pristine:

  • Place it in a room which has less traffic or usage.
  • Cover the sofa with throws when it is in use to protect it from marks.
  • Have a ‘no food’ and ‘no pet’ rule in that particular room.
  • Keep the door of the room closed to avoid accidental visitors like pets or small children.
  • Scotchguard the fabric which is a treatment designed to make the material more resistant to stains and easier to clean if the worst comes to the worst.
  • Choose a fabric which is more sympathetic to small marks so something with a textured, grainy or flecked appearance rather than a very smooth finish.
  • Cover or remove to a safe location all white cushions on garden or outdoor furniture. Some outdoor seating will allow you to have interchangeable covers so you can keep white for best and use a more functional and stain tolerant colour for everyday.

The one distinct advantage of a white sofa is that it won’t be subject to the same fade and bleaching effect of the sun which is why it is the perfect choice for light, bright rooms with lots of windows and outdoor furniture. You won ’t need to protect your white sofa from the impact of natural daylight and sunshine.

Without doubt, a strategically placed white sofa is a style statement and an investment; even if you decide to revamp your interiors, that white sofa will work so well in lots of other locations in the home.

You can’t go wrong with white because it matches with every other colour on the spectrum other than cream perhaps and it also works as the perfect contrast for so many shades and tones. Whether you are aiming for a mostly white look or just want a white sofa for the perfect luxurious spot in a bedroom or cosy sitting room, a white sofa will work in almost every style of interior and type of property.