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King-Sized Bed and the Dilemma of More Space or Not?

King-Sized Bed and the Dilemma of More Space or Not?

When it comes to sleeping, there are many details involved. Sleep goes beyond closing your eyes and dreaming of angels. The environment you are in determines how you sleep. The state of mind which you are in also influences your sleep. Also, the bed in which you sleep highly influences the nature of your sleep. For this reason, experts believe there are many contributors to good night sleep. And with several studies showing the importance of sound sleep to human growth, the mind, and our daily activities, the question about the bed size that best aids sleep persists.

There are different bed sizes; while some are functional, others offer you more rolling space, like the king-size bed. Some bed simply gives you just about enough room to sleep by yourself. Others offer you just about enough space for you and your partner. So, wonder why they need a bed that gives them extra space. They wonder why they need to get a king-size bed. But some researches have shown that people who stay in a hotel with king-size bed. When they get back to their smaller beds often feel the difference in their sleeping pattern and end up buying a bigger size bed.

So, what are the benefits that bigger size beds offer that once you experience it, you do not want to return to a smaller bed? Well, this article will assess what a king-size bed means, its features, benefits and if truly you should go for that extra space. So, read on and find out more about extra space in beds.

What is a King Size Bed?

One of the largest bed sizes is king-size, one of the biggest you will get in the market. Generally, a king-size measure is 76 inches for the width and 80 inches for the length. This gives enough room for a person to have a good night sleep. It also comes with a lot of benefits that accommodate other members of the family. A king-size bed is a 76 cm by 80 cm bed, known to be very comfortable and spacious.

It is a perfect bed size for couples who want to cuddle, but still, have enough room to sleep comfortably on each side. It affords stretchers and turners that space to roll and stretch without necessarily falling to the ground. Therefore, king size bed is ranked among the elite bed sizes in the industry. No wonder you can often find this bed in hotels and elite lodges. This is to ensure that their clients get the best sleep in a comfy bed, an experience that would leave them wanting more of that large, spacious bed.

Factors To Consider Before Getting a King Size Bed

Before you go ahead to purchase a large bed, there are some factors you need to first consider. These factors would help you determine if you need or can accommodate a king-size bed in your room.

These vary based on your house and situation. But some include;

Size of Your Bedroom

Before you make that purchase of a king-size bed, you need to confirm that your bedroom can accommodate it. You do not want a scenario where only the bed takes up more than half of the space in your room and you struggle to walk about freely. So, the first thing you should do is measure the dimensions of your bedroom and envision where the king-size bed would stay when you get. This helps you pre-arrange your room and allows you to know if there would be enough legroom in your bedroom. If the legroom is very limited due to the king size, then you might want to reconsider your purchase. But if you have enough space for it, then go ahead and make that purchase.

Your Budget

A large size bed can be a bit pricey. So, you have to ensure that it is within your budget for a bed. A king-size bed is more expensive than a normal size bed, and often you might be sceptical about paying this extra cost. But the vital thing to do is to check your budget to ensure you can afford it. Once you can, then you go ahead to purchase a king size.

Beds often remain durable for about seven years. Therefore, getting a proper king-size can serve you and your family for about seven years and more. You can have seven years of comfort, good sleep, and adequate space for rolling while sleeping. Sleep is vital to the health of humans; thus, the good sleep you would get would positively impact your health and growth. So, check with your budget first; then, purchase.

Your Family

Family is very important in everything that we do. In our work, school, and other activities, we need to consider family. Talk less of a mattress that would be used by your family. So, before you buy a king-size bed, you need to consider your family. This means, considering the size of your family.

If you are a newly married couple, you can get a king-size for that extra space when cuddling or sleeping. This helps to avoid some minor little because marriage is two people with different lives coming together. Therefore, if the bed is large, it would help both of you accommodate the sleeping pattern of each other. If your partner likes to turn, he or she can roll and you would still have enough space to sleep.

A family with little children can consider buying a king-size bed. This is because when children are young, they like to be around their parents and even cuddle with them on the same bed. Therefore, if you have such type of children you might want to get a king-size so that you have enough space to sleep well and still cuddle your children to sleep. You must cherish moments like that because soon your children will grow and these little memories become rare gems.

If you have a dog or cat which you like to sleep on the same bed with you. Then, you might want to consider getting a king size. The king-size bed offers you space for your pet and for you to sleep comfortably. These scenarios and more is why you need to consider your family before you purchase a 76" by 80" bed.

Reasons Why You Should Get a King Size Bed

A king-size bed is often regarded as ideal for couples and a master bedroom. This is because most master bedrooms are large and would easily accommodate a king-size with enough legroom. So, after looking at what to consider before getting a king-size bed. Here are some things you stand to gain from getting a king size.

Room to Stretch

A large bed like the king-size gives you more enough room to stretch. To get good sleep you must give your body adequate space to wriggle and stretch. Sleeping in a standard bed would not afford you the luxury of space to stretch, but a king-size does.

Growing Space

Sleeping is a good way to grow in height. Studies have shown that the body grows in height during the night. Although this growth is considered to be about 2cm, consistent growth could significantly impact your height. This growth occurs more when you sleep straight and stretch out. While being cramped when sleeping can hamper growth. Sleeping in a king-size bed gives you room enough to stretch and grow in height.

Better Sleeping Position

When you sleep in a small-sized bed, you end up taking weird sleeping positions. You fold your legs to sleep because the space is small or you cramp your body to fit into the small bed. With the king-size bed, you are free to have a good sleeping position which promotes growth due to the large space available on the bed.


Humans are of different sizes and physic. Some are robust, some are slim. Some are tall, while some are short. We all have different physical attributes. A king-size bed is designed to accommodate various physical attributes of humans. Unlike in smaller beds, a tall person can sleep comfortably on a king size. If you are fat or slim, you can use a king size. So, a king-size offers user flexibility in terms of individuals’ size and height.

How to Style Your King-Size Bed?

After purchasing your king-size bed, you must know how to style it perfectly. Some ways of styling a king-size bed are;

Patterned Pillow

One way to style your king-size bed is to make use of patterned pillows. Using patterned pillows would ensure that you get a great design. This is especially helpful when you are using a plain color blanket or bed cover. While reverse is the case if you have a patterned bed cover, use a plain color pillow to have a great design.

Layer Blanket

To style your king-size bed, consider using layered blankets. This means that you can have about three to four blankets. The sheet, the duvet, the coverlet, and even a throw blanket. This could also be described as the lower sheet, middle sheet, and topmost layer. Layer blanker is one of the best ways to style your king-size bed. It fully utilizes the large size and gives you adequate comfort, not forgetting that the design you can achieve through the patterns and colors of the various patterns.


In summary, there are various bed sizes, but one has proofed to be the king of them all. Beds are vital to the health and growth of people, having a bed that allows good sleeping positions keeps you growing steadily. It reduces back issues and cramped bones. Therefore, a king-size bed is highly beneficial to an individual, as we have discussed.

Your children, your pets, and you can benefit from a king-size bed in your house. But ensure that your room is big enough to accommodate it. So, once you consider all the required factors, do not hesitate to purchase that king-size bed for your master bedroom.