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Make A Bed Anywhere: From Owning A Murphy Bed

Make A Bed Anywhere: From Owning A Murphy Bed

Imagine owning a bed that you can pack up each morning, so you can have ample space for yourself. It might seem a far-fetched option for a regular platform bed, yet the trendy murphy bed style makes it possible.

Owning a murphy bed is the perfect option if you have a not-so-large room or you have a guest room that's even used for other purposes when you don't have guests around. It's a unique style of bed that allows you to move the bed out of sight when it's not in use. The bed affords you extra space that you can repurpose any time you choose, without the hassle of moving out your bed when you choose to.

Recently modern murphy beds are beginning to take up interesting designs from what the traditional murphy bed use to be. Other than a flat wall when the bed is raised, more interesting designs are featuring bookshelves and extra storage space.

Trendy Murphy Bed Models

The history of the murphy bed transcends as far back as the early 80s and has remained high in demand up till the 21st century. Modern times have seen the evolution of murphy bed designs, and the average user now has ample options to choose from. Here's a list of available murphy bed styles to look out for on the market.

Traditional Murphy Bed:

The central idea of what murphy beds are like stems out from the concept of traditional murphy beds. It features a vertical bed frame that houses a king or queen-sized bed and hinges up, hiding the bed from view. At bedtime, the bed is lowered for sleep, it allows you the luxury of choosing your mattress type, but one must be careful to use one that is compact enough to lock in within the frame.

Horizontal Folding Murphy Bed:

This murphy bed style is designed to fit into rooms with low ceiling height and more width. It's a modified style of the traditional murphy bed, only that the bed frame is hinged horizontally rather than vertically. This style of bed fits into compact rooms with a really small floor area.

Folding Mattress Murphy Bed:

The folding mattress murphy bed is a more comfortable modern murphy bed design that allows you to not only fold in the bed frame but also fold the mattress along with it.

Most are designed with a folding mattress that you can pack up easily when stowing the bed. It's a compact option than the traditional murphy bed that holds up the entire frame of the mattress vertically. It works best with adaptable mattress materials, such as memory foam.

Other designs include horizontal folding beds that fit into the size of a regular cabinet. When folded up, a visitor might not have the slightest idea that the beautiful vertical cabinet in the room is actually a bed unless told. So, either packed or unpacked, you still have a bed that beautifies the room in such a way that justifies every penny spent.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Murphy Bed

The sheer love of the transformation that the murphy beds bring to your space and the fact that you relish the magic of switching up your bedroom and keeping the major item -bed, tucked away when you want might be the reason why you want a murphy bed. It might also be that the murphy bed is your perfect option to save space and keep your room compact; you are about to explore the options to look out for when buying one.

Your preferred design:

As discussed, the murphy bed comes in a variety of designs and it's important to go for what works for you. If you have no special mattress needs, you might go for the foldable murphy bed options. This is because a foldable murphy bed style may not accommodate custom bed designs, as not all mattress materials fold well. The traditional murphy bed design will accommodate special bed needs, regardless of its horizontal or vertical position.

Think about the size and style that works for you:

Your ideal murphy bed should be of a size that works with the dimensions of your space. If you have more width space than height, then you should look out for horizontal styles that does the job perfectly. Remember to consider how large you need your mattress to be before choosing a murphy bed.

Your room should speak your style, and your bed should perfectly incorporate into the aesthetic of your room. Think about your shelve needs and the murphy bed integration technique. Some are designed to blend into the wall, while others extend out of the wall part of an existing storage design.

What material would you prefer?

Murphy beds are designed from a variety of materials. While earlier murphy bed designs were incorporated into metal frames, modern designs are largely made from wood and its derivatives. Ensure to check out the type of wood your bed is made from, as it will largely tell on how light, heavy, or sturdy, the bed turns out to be. Solid wood like pine, oak, and cedar might be something to look out for, but you might also choose lighter materials like MDF and plywood.

Integrated safety designs:

You don't want your murphy bed falling over on its own, that's why it's important to pay attention to every safety feature integrated into it. Look out for a balanced hinged design that effectively holds the bed in place while in use.

Extra straps to secure the bed in position also add up as additional safety advantages. Also ensure, that folding the bed up, down or sideways as the case may be, can be done without hassle, as you don't want to deal with the problem of a stiff, difficult-to-fold type of murphy bed.

Why You Might Need A Murphy Bed

You probably have a queen-sized bed in your room but are out to experiment with new designs for your room or any other, or you're at loss for what bed style to go for: here's why the murphy bed might just be your best bet.

1. To save space:

The concept of the murphy bed is designed to serve this purpose, so if you probably need space to do more, and are considering small footprint furniture, the murphy bed comes as a perfect design for such purpose, and it allows you to take off the large footprint of your bed at daybreak, only to lower it down when it's needed. So if all you have is a mobile home or studio home, you're sure to have more space to get more done.

2. 21st Century elegance:

The murphy bed defines beauty in a class of its own: it might not seem like the regular queen-sized bed, yet it comes in versatile designs that never fail to complement the aesthetics of your home. You may choose to have the murphy bed customized in designs that suits your style and catches your fancy.

3. Amazing flexibility:

The fold-up bed design allows you all the flexibility you need from your living space. Usually, you'll need to move a typical bed from its position into some other space to use up the perimeter of your room, when and how you choose. However, the murphy bed gives you flexibility and you can afford to get spontaneous with how you use your space.

4. Multi-purpose Style:

You might choose to have a cabinet in the day or a bed at night, a beautiful wall shelf during the day, or your bed at night; anything that works for you. Murphy beds offer a sort of multi-functionality that allows you to modify your bed as you please. Although the overall functionality of the bed is largely dependent on its design, you'll get amazing functionality from most designs nonetheless. Hence if you want a closet, storage unit, bookshelf, and a bed, all in one furniture, a murphy bed can give you all of that functionality.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Using a Murphy Bed

You can get so much from a murphy bed, and that makes it different from a regular platform bed. It also means you'll need to look out for some safety factors since you'll be moving this bed from time to time.

  • A horizontal murphy bed should be hinged appropriately and latched in to prevent accidental falling of the unit.
  • Ensure the springs and hinges are well balanced and look out for signs of stiffness after using it for a while.
  • Choose a sturdy wood frame that easily supports the murphy bed and your weight.
  • Get expert help to install your murphy bed, especially for types that integrate into the wall.
  • Ensure you purchase quality tools to fix your bed and have them handy so you can fix faults when the need arises.
  • Lubricate your unit from time to time if you have a cabinet-style murphy bed to ensure that your bed rolls out smoothly.

Your style, preferred design, room, and preferred bed size, are all important to choosing a murphy bed; make sure that you integrate these factors into your budget and you're sure to get the perfect murphy you'll love. Now you can save up extra room space while getting all the flexibility you want.