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Perfect Farmhouse TV Stand Ideas for Living Room Décor

Perfect Farmhouse TV Stand Ideas for Living Room Décor

For many, their love for everything traditional and 'farmhouse' is detailed by every piece of furniture and element in their home. The same goes for living room owners who love to rock a farmhouse TV stand in appreciation of this style. While farmhouses often reflected a down-to-earth standard in a traditional setting in the past and were often attributed to farms, they still often look modern with bursts of colors on different elements balanced by a neutral backdrop and heavy wooding.

Interestingly, more people began to discover the thrill of simple living, which has made farmhouse décor style a favorite of many to date. If you're looking to introduce a farmhouse TV stand into your living room, you're about to discover how much magic that little change could mean to your space.

Unique Elements for a Perfect Farmhouse TV Stand

When it comes to living room decor, farmhouse TV stands remain a classic piece that adds life to your farmhouse living. While there are many TV stand ideas with a lot of look-alikes, here are some impressive and unique elements to look out for in your farmhouse living room.

1. Vintage TV stands with exposed hardware:

When selecting a tv stand, those with exposed hardware can add a new level of detailing to your farmhouse decor. Details like exposed hinges, metal pull, decorative iron joints, carry weight in your space. It could reflect simple ways to add contrast to a wooden TV stand.

2. Open shelf designs:

Here's another no-brainer that can improve the look of your living room. A farmhouse-style TV with open shelves can add an extra impression to your space. Since farmhouse decor thrives on elements, it affords you enough space to keep these elements in sight, in a way that adds balance and details to your space. So either you're out to store decorative pieces in your open shelves or leave it bare just for the love of viewing the wood finish, it's 'farmhouse' and it's difficult to go wrong.

3. Frayed or distressed wood finish:

Your TV stand isn't farmhouse without a little bit of rustic detail. Look out for frayed or distressed finishing in your choice of a TV stand, especially if you live in an urban home than an actual farmhouse. It's a brilliant way to introduce the farmhouse touch and to complement other elements in your home that contributes to the overall farmhouse style.

4. Barn style cabinet doors:

Many farmhouse TV stands are characterized by impressive door designs that mimic barn doors. This helps to add that actual 'farmhouse' feel to your space. While some are hinged in an open-and-close design, others feature sliding doors that make it easy to navigate between drawers and shelves. It further improves how you organize items within your shelve area, creating a demarcation between things you need to keep in sight or out of sight.

5. Ornate cabinet doors:

If you're looking for something out of the regular that can help to add some more texture to your space, then cabinet doors with ornate designs are a thing to look out for. Find a TV stand with an ornate design on its cabinet doors for extra details to beautify your space. It helps to enliven your space, add some texture, and positive contrast around your TV.

Things to Consider when Buying A farmhouse TV Stand

Size of your TV:

Before buying a farmhouse TV stand, it's important to factor in the size of your TV. The width and weight should determine the dimension of stand you're choosing, as it's important that the stand can effectively support the TV and still leave enough room for remote controls, etc. If you're unsure of the exact size of your TV, using a measuring tape will help you to determine its length and width so you don't pick a stand that's too narrow or excessively wide.

Height of the stand:

When it comes to farmhouse TV stands, there's no limit to how creative you can get. Depending on your living room configuration, you'd need to determine the height you prefer the stand to be. Do you prefer low TV stands of not more than 15' height or something really high of about 30', or a TV stand that's somewhere between 20-25? Remember, the height of the TV stand will determine how low or high your TV will be after setting it up. With a variety of options available for your TV stands, you have the luxury of deciding on what height works for you.

Quality of wood:

Another important aspect to consider when going 'farmhouse' for you TV stand is the quality of your wood. Especially if you'll be embarking on the sole project of making one for yourself, ensure you choose high-quality wood that won't give way beneath your TV set. Choose a TV stand that features a sturdy wood frame that can give your TV the needed support.

Wood Color:

You'll find many farmhouse TV stands, in various color finishing ranging from white, brown, grey, beige to even black. You'd need to decide if you prefer the earthy tone that comes with brown or the strong accent that black gives. Whatever you choose, ensure it works with the style and theme of your living space.

Type of stand:

How would you like to position your farmhouse TV stand? In a corner space or central space? Do you need ample storage for books, media consoles, and other decorative pieces, or do you prefer to keep your TV area as simple and plain as possible? Your preferences in this regard will determine how to choose a farmhouse TV stand.

What a Farmhouse TV Stand Represents In Your Home

While you might not be big on settling for a farmhouse TV stand, here are some reasons to consider one for your living room.

Sets the tone for the living room:

In the living room, the TV stand is most likely the 2nd most conspicuous furniture item after the couches due to its size. This means that the look and feel of your TV stand can influence how your space feels. The TV stand is a major statement way to define your farmhouse style. It delivers effortlessly in setting your living room for a modern farmhouse look and can hold up other decorative pieces together to give your living room that warm and cozy feel.

Keeping it warm, with colors:

Farmhouses are characterized by their attendant warmth, and you can simply achieve that using warm colors on your TV stand. The interesting thing about a farmhouse-style space is that it doesn't have to lose its modern touch to go traditional, and that's what using warm colors on your TV stand is about. Try painting your TV stand in warm colors like white or even yellow to add effect to your space.

Adds texture and balance to the space:

The texture is an important aspect of farmhouse décor and the best way to introduce it is to use a TV stand. The quality of the material of your TV stand should detail some hardwood or steel touch that helps to add texture that the living room requires. Elements like ornate or barn door designs are effective ways to add texture to your space.

Solid wood profile:

If you're not living in a typical farmhouse but rocking a farmhouse décor, you might wonder how to introduce a touch of hard word and solid beams characteristic of farmhouses. Using a vintage TV stand built with solid woods can help to introduce that touch into your space. Solid wood Tv stands have such appeal to them that they could easily transform the perception of any space in a short time. Also, it offers the simplicity that wood introduces in any space, which makes it a major element in farmhouse décor.

Must-have Decorative Pieces For Farmhouse Living

In farmhouse living rooms, different vintage, antic materials come together to make a perfect farmhouse space. A farmhouse TV stand isn't sufficient to make your space that 'farmhouse style' you're longing to achieve. There are other elements to consider when planning your farmhouse living room design and TV stand decor. Here are some farmhouse must-haves to pair with your TV stand;

Wicker basket: These unconventional pieces are a must-have when it comes to farmhouse decor. They help to add a hint of nature while reminding you of that perfect traditional feel. You can place them in your tv stand shelves, see- through cabinet, or just by your tv set if there's enough surface space for them. They equally help to contribute to neutral tones common to farmhouse spaces.

Indoor plants: Various green plants are a big deal in farmhouse decor and they can easily find a place on the top of your TV stand, by the side, or within the shelves, depending on its size. Plants like eucalyptus with lateral spiky texture are best used for your space. They also help to contribute to the clean fine lines characteristic of farmhouse decor.

Handwoven fabric: Linen and wool are common-use fabrics in farmhouses. However, handwoven fabric can make a lot of difference. They could be used as a surface covering for your TV stand, laid on the dining table surface, or as decorative pieces for plates and cups. Depending on your living room specifics, you may place the fabric where it best functions as a decorative item.

Vintage lights and decorative accessories: This is the best part of your farmhouse decor - vintage accessories. Introduce vintage accessories around your tv stand ranging from lamps to table clocks. Use vintage lighting accessories as well to achieve a perfect farmhouse and industrial look for your living space.


A farmhouse living room is not complete without a perfect farmhouse TV stand to complement it. Various elements help to achieve a stunning farmhouse tv stand and contribute to the overall design of your living room. We've compiled a list of items to look out for when buying a farmhouse TV stand, so you know you have ample options to settle for.