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Secret Living Room Green Sofa Decor Ideas

Secret Living Room Green Sofa Decor Ideas

Have you considered revamping your space with sofas and are unsure of what color to choose? A green sofa comes in varieties, and a perfect fit to enliven your space.

Since green speaks of nature and reminds you of foliage, a green-colored sofa, is a brilliant idea, as it maintains a natural, inviting appeal that makes you enjoy sitting in it all day.

With green sofas, you're about to experience a world of possibilities, has different shades of green could be used to beautify your space in mind-blowing ways. If you're on the lookout for something trendy, green sofas make this happen effortlessly.

Choosing a Green Sofa Style

Typically, you're often on the lookout for style and comfort when choosing a sofa. Also, you want to be sure you're choosing a hue of green that complements your existing decor beautifully.

Invariably, your initial focus should be on something that goes well with your background. Since different shades of green, complements a space in different ways, you'd also need to decide what shade works best for you. A mint green sofa, for instance, gives a different appeal from a dark green sofa. This is why your shade of choice is important.

Your Green Sofa and Wall color

When it comes to walls, white-colored walls make a perfect blend on a green sofa every time. Both colors have a way of blending and giving off a powerful appeal to any space.

If you won't be using a white wall, then you have to choose your wall color or shade of green wisely. Green is a naturally noisy color, but you may choose to rock it subtly or make it stand out boldly.

A neutral-colored wall and a green sofa give off a tender appeal. Try shades of white, gray, tan, or beige, if you're keen on a 'soft' look and feel for your space. If you want something bold and daring, a darker wall shade can work with a forest green sofa.

Accents work beautifully to complement a green sofa as well. Try a mix of accents if you want your sofa, getting all the attention. Dark wall shades on a light green sofa can help to achieve this look, as well as, a light wall shade on a dark green sofa. Looking for an ideal contrast? Try colors like pumpkin, wine, or herringbone for your wall.

Your Green Sofa and Complementary Furniture

What's the cake without the icing? A green sofa is grander when complemented with the right furniture. Choose extra sitting with a tone similar to your green sofa, especially if it's not a part of a set. Other shades of green can make a piece of interesting complementary furniture as well. You can try khaki as an alternate shade. Or other colors like chocolate brown, or gray to match up.

Your Flooring and Green Sofa

Since your flooring is an essential aspect of your space, it should complement your green sofa as well as your wall color. If your wall is made up of hardwood, it will complement your green sofa beautifully, as it combines as a neutral color shade. Patterned rugs with tints of green, make an impressive statement with your green sofa. You may also use rugs to create an anchor sitting area, with your sofa as the focal point.

7 ways to Accessorize your Green Sofa

Now that you have your living room set up with a green sofa sitting grandly in it. You might want to consider choosing the perfect items to categorize your green sofa, to make it look as brilliant and appealing as you've dreamt of. Sofas and throw pillows, plants, and wall arts are a few accessories that make an interesting combination with a green sofa.

1.Accent Colored Pillows and rugs:

Some colors complement green so brilliantly on accessories, that you'd love the inviting appeal. A color like red for throw pillows, and rug patterns, will make a stunning view on a mint green sofa. The pillows will give the sofa an inviting feel, while the sofa maintains an air of calm, around it.


Artwork adds a form of static reality to any room, and you can tell, one that is carefully selected to compliment a green sofa, will leave the living room looking magnificent. They work well with the aesthetic of the room, especially when combined with a houseplant of a similar tone as the sofa.

3.Accent Chairs:

This is a great idea, especially if you don't want a shouty green sofa. You can use a blend of accent couch to take off the attention from your sofa. Other decorative elements like your chandeliers can be used to tweak your decor alongside the accent chair.

4.Similar Hue Curtains:

You could choose curtains of the same hue as your green sofa. This works well when the wall and floor have a neutral color pattern. The curtains will make a brilliant statement with your sofa. Plants also go a long way in making this unique decor come out beautifully.

5.Floor Lamp:

A floor lamp standing majestically by your green sofa, makes a beautiful piece to complement your decor. It also serves as a source of extra lighting, and an alternative way to use up extra space around your sofa. You may choose to make the lamp blend by choosing something color, or one with a metallic design to add a modern touch to the room. With the lighting, you'll enjoy doing more around your sofa and have a beautiful vertical piece to gaze at, when you walk into the room.

6.Throw Blankets:

Accessorize your green sofa with a nice throw blanket of a different hue or accent color. It adds a warm appeal to your sofa and makes it inviting as you walk in. You can be sure to enjoy comfort sitting on the sofa. Aside its decorative use, it's functional to keep your sofa cozy and a favorite spot. With throw blankets, you can try out as many designs as possible. This allows your sofa to retain an inviting appeal through its lifespan.

7.Coffee table, Candle stands, and Candlesticks:

Another impressive way to make a statement with your green sofa is to add a fancy coffee table, colored candle stands, and candlestick to your decor. Imagine having these statement pieces by your lime green sofa, complimented with beautiful accent throw pillows, you probably wouldn't want to stay out of your home.

Other Green Sofa Best Practices to Note

Styling your home with a green sofa can bring out the interior decorator in you if you're not one already. This is because you get to embrace the versatility that a green sofa brings, and then you can try on different aspects of styling your living room, hence boosting your creativity. There are few best practices to note when styling your home with a green sofa to give you a stunning living room.

  • If you're going for a bright green sofa, try using dark accent decor and furniture for contrast. Also, it helps to reduce the visual noise that comes with using a bright green color. You'd be surprised, how a simple black pillow or dark brown wood can make a delighting aesthetic view of your living room.
  • Curtains are perfect to create accent views with your furniture.
  • Try adding simple accessories to create a minimalist look, if that works for you. Additional furniture pieces and accessories, like candle, stands with simple designs are perfect to achieve this design. Don't forget to add a throw blanket or a simple style single bench to achieve your perfect space.
  • Your sofa style should be consistent with the overall decor of the room. If your goal is a sleek living room, then you should accessorize it with other metal or glass elements. They have a huge effect on the overall ambiance of the room and the appeal of your sofa.
  • Ensure that you choose artwork that complements your sofa impressively. It should have a tone that reflects the overall feel of the room, and contribute to the color balance, either as a neutral or as an accent. If you are keen on being creative, you could design your artwork to blend perfectly with your sofa.
  • Determine your source of lighting for the room, especially if you're going for a dark shade of green. Be sure that the room has sufficient lighting to make the room inviting and cozy enough but not darken it. If the room is a large one, you can play around with darker shades of green for your sofa. A smaller room will require a lighter shade, so the room doesn't feel choky. Also, a lighter shade will help to keep your sofa as the focal point, instead of taking the attention off it.

Final Words

Either it's a simple or complex design, green sofas make a statement in any space when rightly done. Your walls are the most important aspect of your interior styling using a green sofa. Neutral wall designs, hues of green, and accent colors are a great way to make your green sofa stand out, depending on your style. With the right accessories, your sofa soon becomes a favorite spot for you.