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Sofa Chaise Buying Guide

Sofa Chaise Buying Guide

Comfort and style are key components when it comes to selecting your home furnishings. Finding home décor and furniture pieces that are both comfortable and stylish can oftentimes prove to be a challenge; in particular, people may find it difficult to furnish a family room/living room. Second to a kitchen, a family room or living room is the next room that people spend a lot of time in; you can entertain guests, host a get together, or just relax after a long day. Everyone wants a beautiful living space to enjoy, but sometimes, stylish furniture pieces are not as comfortable as you would like. A sofa chaise lounge is a happy medium that provides both comfort and style. Sofa chaise couches have been popular for years; originally created in France, chaise loungers were designed to allow people a place to rest without having to go to the bedroom.

What is a sofa chaise made from?

A sofa chaise is an upholstered sectional couch (with either soft fabric or luxurious real or imitation leather) that has a chaise lounge on one or both ends. Typically, sofa chaise loungers are available in upholstered fabric or leather finishes (with either a wooden or metal base). A fabric upholstered sofa chaise is a snug and comfortable furniture piece that promotes a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. A leather upholstered sofa chaise is a more contemporary choice that also promotes a relaxed atmosphere and modern design aesthetic.

Maintaining a sofa chaise

Depending on the type of material, maintenance of a sofa chaise couch is relatively simple. For fabric sofa chaise couches, it’s best to spot clean the couch as needed with mild soap or detergent and warm water. For leather sofa chaise couches, it’s best to treat the entire couch with a protective sealant or wax; typically, this can be done once you’ve set the couch up in your home (prior to using it).

Assembly of a sofa chaise

Sofa chaise couches are relatively simple to assemble, however, it’s ideal if two or more people can set it up and position it within a room. The amount of time that it takes to assemble a sofa chaise will depend on the size and complexity of the selected item. If a sofa chaise couch needs to be moved or repositioned, it’s ideal if two or more people can move it to avoid damaging the sofa chaise.

How to style a sofa chaise

Styling a Modern Sofa Chaise

Sofa chaise couches are available in a range of styles and designs to complement any home décor motif. A sofa chaise that is darker in color is an ideal complement for a smaller room, while lighter colored furniture is recommended to complement larger spaces. Sofa chaise couches are available in a wide range of styles, designs, sizes and colors to complement any home décor motif and style preferences. Some sofa chaise models are designed in a more contemporary way; typically, a modern sofa chaise couch has clean/sharp lines, is made of a combination of materials (such as leather and metal), and distinct curves. Modern sofa chaise couches or chairs complement an industrial and contemporary aesthetic; they are an ideal choice for people who love the art-deco style. You can enhance a modern sofa chaise with contemporary décor elements to add a fun vibe to your living space.

Styling a Traditional Sofa Chaise

Traditional sofa chaise couches are most often upholstered with soft fabrics; they are sometimes made of a combination of wood and luxurious fabric, have tufted upholstered details, and often feature a delicately curved top or bottom portion. Oftentimes, fabrics are available in particular patterns, which further enhances your preferred décor. Traditional sofa chaise loungers enhance the beauty and elegance of your home while promoting a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. A traditional sofa chaise couch is an ideal complement to a rustic, vintage or antique home décor motif; you can style a traditional sofa chaise with cozy blankets and large decorative throw pillows.

As sofa chaise loungers are available in different sizes, you could add an oversized ottoman to a smaller sofa chaise to complement the couch; this could be further enhanced by selecting an ottoman that is a contrasting color or distinct textile (such as velvet), to enhance the beauty of your space. Some people may opt to add a protective couch cover to the entire sofa chaise, mainly to protect it from pets and children. While this isn’t a necessary step, some people take this precaution to ensure their furniture is protected from any damage. Sofa chaise covers are more difficult to find than traditional couch covers due to the uniqueness of the shape of a sofa chaise couch.

No matter how you choose to style a sofa chaise lounge, there are unique décor elements or features of the sofa chaise itself that will enhance the beauty, warmth and comfort of your home living space. A sofa chaise lounger can complement a variety of design styles and décor preferences; they can further enhance your style and provide a gorgeous and distinctive focal point in your living space.

How and where to purchase a sofa chaise

When purchasing a sofa chaise, some people may wish to see the sofa in person (or test the sofa chaise) before purchase, while others are content with purchasing a sofa chaise based on images/information found online; most furniture and home décor websites have extensive details and a variety of photos to provide accurate descriptions of the furniture to help you decide. There are some furniture shops or distributors that allow you to fully customize a sofa chaise couch; you could select the color, material and size to suit your specific needs and preferences (this custom option may take longer, depending on the complexity of the customization). No matter where you purchase a sofa chaise, you should take the style, quality and comfort of the sofa into consideration. Once you have decided on a sofa chaise, it may take a few days to weeks to be delivered, depending on various factors (such as the retailer, your location, and delivery policies).

It's best to take these steps before buying a sofa chaise:

  • Measure the desired area/room that you wish to have your sofa chaise.
  • Take into consideration your other furniture; do you have the space with tables or shelves to accommodate a sofa chaise?
  • Keep in mind your wants and needs; do you want a sofa chaise that is larger to provide more seating? Do you want a sofa chaise with storage to eliminate the need for other storage solutions?
  • Consider how a sofa chaise will integrate with your existing home décor and furniture.

Benefits of a sofa chaise


Oftentimes, a sofa chaise lounge is equipped with storage underneath the chaise portion of the couch; this is an ideal solution for small spaces with limited storage, or if you simply need a storage spot for pillows, blankets and games to keep the rest of your living space clear. Either way, the extra storage a sofa chaise lounge couch provides is invaluable, especially in rooms or homes with limited storage. Sofa chaise couches are an ideal choice for families, as they provide ample space and storage for the whole family!


Another significant benefit of a sofa chaise is the enhanced comfort the piece provides; a sofa chaise provides ample space to put your feet up or lay down and rest after a long day; it’s an ideal and comfortable solution for anyone who isn’t satisfied with their current living room furniture. Sofa chaise loungers are ideal for people who need or want to keep their feet elevated, either for comfort or health-related reasons; this promotes better circulation and correct posture. A sofa chaise couch is a comfortable space to relax and unwind; restful moments are guaranteed with a sofa chaise lounger.

Reduces the need for other furniture

Depending on the size of a sofa chaise lounger or couch, it may eliminate the need for a coffee table, or allow you to get something smaller. Some sofa chaise couches can accommodate a removable side table for the arm rest of the couch (one that either goes on the arm rest itself or one that has wheels that rolls up beside the arm rest of the couch). With the enhanced storage capabilities of many sofa chaise couches, it also eliminates the need for other bulky shelving and storage cabinets, which keeps your living space clear and accessible.

Disadvantages of a sofa chaise

No variation in shape

Most sofa chaise loungers are the same shape, however, you can purchase different sizes. If you’re looking for a unique shape, a sofa chaise may not provide what you’re looking for.

Not easily moveable

If you need to move a sofa chaise (either to another room, or another home), you first have to disassemble it, as it won’t fit through most standard doorways/frames.

Sofa chaise loungers are a practical, comfortable and beautiful furniture piece that will seamlessly integrate into your existing home décor. With a variety of styles, designs and sizes of sofa chaise loungers available, there are plenty of gorgeous options for your home. This guide is meant to provide insight on what a sofa chaise is, how to style a sofa chaise, where to purchase the furniture piece, and other benefits/disadvantages of a sofa chaise couch. A sofa chaise is an ideal addition to any home living room or family room and will enhance the beauty, style and comfort of your home.