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The L-shaped sofa, stylish and modern. What exactly is it?

The L-shaped sofa, stylish and modern. What exactly is it?

Sofa, we are all familiar with the word. L, it’s just a letter. But the two combined, magic! The L-shaped sofa as the name suggests, it is a sofa that is L- shaped. The L shape can be either on the right or left side, depending on one’s preference and the orientation of the space it will occupy. The l-shaped sofas are becoming extremely popular and are the best design decisions one can make for say your living room if you love sectional sofas.

What is good about the L-shaped sofa?

Ah! So much goodness. Some of the ways the l-shaped sofa is much better than just a normal shaped sofa are;

  • It is space efficient. If you have limited space, this is the best sofa as it provides more seating space compared to regular sofa. It’s shape provides the perfect spot to fit your coffee table which can be both functional and decorative.
  • It is great for entertaining guests. It is casual hence more inviting, less formal and can comfortably host guests. What is even more interesting is that it can be used as a daybed as well host a guest for the night provided you provide them with beddings!
  • It is easily customizable. This depends on one’s needs and the space the sofa is going to occupy and therefore it can be easily made to satisfy one’s preferences.
  • It is economical. Try looking at the price per seat and you find that it is more economical as it can cost a larger number of people compared to a regular sofa.
  • It is easy to decorate. Throw some vibrant colored or patterned accent pillows and you are good to go. The covers can also be changed to new colors or patterns.
  • Versatile is another word associated with l-shaped sofas. The l-shaped sofas are extremely adaptive and can be easily modified to fit even those awkward corners of a certain space. This makes them perfect for those who have some custom needs.

L-shaped sofas are made from what exactly?

For the frame material, metal or wood are used but mostly wood. Hardwood timber is the most common choice. The upholstery or cover of the sofa is where one gets a huge range including leather, polyester, acrylic, linen, velvet and PU – polyurethane leather. I will dive right into each one of them and help you know the best one for them.

Leather upholstery is resistant to stains and scratches and are easy to clean using water and a soft sponge or cloth.

  • Polyester is mostly used with another material such as acrylic and it is a form of plastic which can be made into threads and woven into fabric. The good thing about polyester fabrics is that they retain their shape in the long run and can be recycled and they are pretty stain resistant. The only downside is that they easily soak in oil.
  • Acrylic is best known to be dirt resistant and therefore if you are thinking of an outdoor l-shaped sofa or a sofa to be used where there is high traffic, then this is the best upholstery material.
  • Linen is comfortable, breathable and doesn’t have static or the way one might stick into an acrylic or leather sofa. Linen is easy to clean and therefore one can opt for linen covers for the sofa and easily remove them to clean. Linen has several qualities or grades so don’t go for poor quality.
  • Velvet colors tend to be vibrant and hence good for making a statement. It doesn’t warp or mark easily and it’s fibers don’t easily unravel. That been said, it tends to attract pet hair and soaks up spillages.
  • PU is a glossy plastic. It is made from molten polymer risen and is mostly used as an artificial or manmade leather. It doesn’t stain easily. It is considered vegan.

From the above explanations, it all depends on one’s preference of the choice of the frame material and upholstery.

How to fit the l-shaped sofa into your living area

Once you have your furniture, how you place it in your living room plays a huge role in the final overall look of the room or space. The most common ways to place this type of sofa into your living space are;

  • Backed into a corner where both arms are against walls and is most common to small spaces.
  • Against a corner where only one side is backed by a wall, mostly the longer side.
  • In the center of the space and it works best for larger spaces or an open layout kind of a space.

Left hand or right hand facing sofa, which one to choose

It all depends on the space the sofa will occupy. The left or right hand facing sofa simply refers to the longest side of the sofa. For example, for a left hand facing sofa, look at the corner at the front of the sofa from a standing position, the longer side for this one will be on the left side of the sofa. Although it’s to be noted that some l-shaped sofas are equal on both lengths at the corner, so it all depends on one’s choice. What to consider in order to determine which of the two is best includes;

Position of the wall if you are looking to position it against one. The longest side needs to be the one against the wall.

If the sofa is not to be placed against a wall, it should be placed in such a way as to allow for maximum movement without obstructions along the way.

Consider obstructions such as doorways, windows, cabinets among others so as to choose between either a left or right hand corner sofa.

It is more advisable to have a mock-up of the space the sofa will occupy in order to acquire the most suitable one.

Decorating a L-shaped sofa

The upholstery itself can be decorative such as having a vibrant colored material or one with various lines and patterns. For a neutral colored sofa, one can add pops of color using accent pillows on the sofa itself. A coffee table placed centrally can be decorative and other décor pieces. Just don’t do too much to prevent the room from feeling crowded.

Disadvantages of L-shaped sofas

As much as the l-shaped sofas are very practical and are versatile in their use, they still have some disadvantages. Some of the cons associated with them are discussed below.

  • Shape of the room the sofa occupies may pose a challenge. I f the room is not symmetrical or linear enough, then this sofa may not be suitable for it.
  • Challenge to move as one may move to a space not shaped as the previous one and this may be an issue placing this type of a sofa.
  • Narrow doorway can be a huge challenge as if the sofa is too large, it may be extremely difficult and in some cases impossible for it to pass through.
  • Difficulty in cleaning especially at the corner and a vacuum cleaner may come in handy but it’s again not affordable to everyone.
  • Expensive especially when it comes to the upholstery or the covers as the materials may be quite costly.
  • Not flexible mostly in terms of re-arranging a space. It may be quite difficult to move them to another position as they are difficult to rearrange.

Considerations for the best l-shaped sofa

Getting a sofa for your space is such a huge commitment and therefore preparedness comes in handy here. A single sofa can make or break the overall appearance of one’s living room as it creates the first impression of your home to outsiders or guests who come to your place. Some tips to help choose the best sofa in this case l-shaped sofa for your space are;

  • Depending on the shape and size of the space the sofa is going to occupy then one can easily make the decision on the sofa to choose as it should fit perfectly the space one allocates it and not be a just a cumbersome piece of furniture. The sofa shouldn’t cover up the entire space or get lost amidst your decor, it should complement it.
  • How much one is willing to spend so as not to break the bank! Get a quality sofa worth of the money you are willing to spend.
  • Comfort and therefore don’t get caught up with only looking for one which appeals to the eye but consider your comfortability too.
  • Frame of the sofa. The sofa should hold up well and not crumble under your weight. The feet of the sofa should be strong too.
  • Fabric of the upholstery or the cover. Let it match your taste and be of good quality so as to serve you for long. Choose either a patterned or just a plain one depending on your taste. Some people are allergic to some materials so this should also be a consideration.
  • As prior discussed, choose either a left or sided couch making the named considerations.
  • Existing décor is a major factor to consider so that the sofa may be a continuation of your theme and not throw everything off balance.

The l-shaped sofas are therefore practical for most spaces and as discussed above, they are versatile in their usage. In both large and small spaces they appear to fit in just fine. They are modern and give a streamlined appearance to interiors and are available in a variety of materials and colors. They are appealing to the eye and in most cases used both indoors and outdoors depending on one’s preference.