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They call it mellow yellow

They call it mellow yellow

Colour is always important when choosing a sofa but for most people, their primary consideration is the style of the sofa before they think about anything else. What the sofa will look like and which room it is going to feature in within the home is the big decision, colour is relevant, but it is not always top of the list.

Yellow is a warm colour and there are a huge variety of shades available ranging from a light primrose or pale cowslip on the soft pastel spectrum through to lemon and custard, on to a vibrant gold or hot mustard tone that is almost orange. A yellow sofa can be a statement piece particularly when combined with another colour such as black or grey, or a more subtle shade of yellow can be used to link different items together within the overall interior theme.

There are not many colours that yellow doesn’t work with, so a yellow sofa is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture for different rooms and interiors. Yellow is both on trend for contemporary, minimalist backdrops and stylishly retro for classic, period properties.

Is yellow a hot colour?

Sometimes people shy away from yellow because it is perceived as a hot colour. but this is really only a potential problem when it is used for wallpaper or paint – for soft furnishings, yellow can be inviting and spicy, warm and cosy or elegant and pale – it just depends on which shade you choose. A yellow sofa is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture as it is a colour that can be both timeless and elegant or modern and right on trend, shining out or blending in depending on personal preference and the interior.

Link soft pastel colours together with a yellow sofa for a cosy country cottage interior, an elegant drawing room or child’s nursery or use rich honey tones in satin, damask and velvet to create an opulent and luxurious feel to a lounge or bedroom.

Here are some of the best ideas for yellow sofas in the home:

Yellow can be a strong colour but is a great mix with fashionable grey which can be rather dull or bland on its own. Use a hot, spicy yellow sofa or a rich gold to lift grey and silver décor or blend a pale lemon sofa to inject personality into a predominantly white or grey room.

A canary yellow sofa creates a warm and welcoming look in a cottage room or small sitting room, lighting up a space which may lack the advantages of natural daylight. A soft sand shade works well with a textured fabric and rustic red tiles or terracotta on the floor. Use pretty checks and gingham for throws or cushions to create a cosy, intimate feel or hot reds and oranges to warm a cool north facing room.

Yellow was a very popular colour in the 1960s and 1970s so if you are after the retro sunflower look then a bright yellow sofa will complement that theme perfectly and is right on trend partnered with the crisp, minimalist lines of simple Danish design.

Choose total luxury with a rich gold or mustard yellow buttoned velvet sofa, a statement piece like this looks perfect in a large hallway or living area and this fabric/colour mix is also perfect for sharp retro style pieces.

Use a yellow sofa to either warm a cool room or cool a hot room with a creamy custard vanilla shade that will soothe hot reds and oranges.

Yellow is the perfect colour for just about any textile or accessory, think smart navy blue cushions against a canary coloured sofa or vibrant green against cool primrose.

For uber modern, minimalist interiors, a yellow sofa can add emphasis and luxury without diluting the look and effortlessly contributes to the stripped back theme creating something stylish without being austere.

If you have chosen the all-white look for your interiors then soft pastels like cowslip yellow, baby blue or blush pink can just lift the tone and add a little interest and warmth without detracting from the pristine look. A soft yellow sofa with matching textiles can be the perfect complement to an all-white room.

Use canary yellow to decorate the perfect beachside interior, softer and warmer than white, a canary yellow sofa creates the classic seaside interior, bright and sunny and accenting perfectly with nautical navy blue and offsetting the coolness of this colour.

A plain yellow sofa is a great addition in a high-ceilinged room where bold floral wallpaper with a mix of yellow and another colour liked blue, green or fuchsia is designed to create a statement effect, a yellow sofa continues the colour and both softens and complements the look.

Pale yellow or a richer honey tone is perfect in a country cottage, creating light and warmth simultaneously in a low room with beams. Yellow complements exposed timber, tiled floors and rustic fireplaces and is both stylish and cosy.

Use a gentle primrose yellow sofa as the perfect sharing seat in a nursery or child’s bedroom, this soft pastel hue works for both boys and girls and will still be popular through the toddler and child years.

What is the best shade of yellow sofa for your home?

Deep, strong yellows like hot mustard or earthy ochre make a bold statement in a grand room with high ceilings or a large urban conversion that has plenty of exposed brickwork and metal. Any shade of yellow can be opulent in the right setting, much depends on the choice of fabric and the design of the sofa. Golden yellow is lovely in the salon but equally, primrose or cowslip can be effortlessly elegant in a period home with classic architectural features and traditional furnishings.

Pale shades are not always ideal for busy households or rooms with a lot of heavy traffic including children and pets. A textured or grainy fabric in a darker shade like sand or honey can make for a more practical yellow sofa in the family home and is more tolerant of scuffs, marks and stains.

A pale primrose sofa in the nursery is a classic choice and less predictable than the ubiquitous baby blue or pink. This colour transitions well into the toddler years and on into an older child’s bedroom.

Yellow is an incredibly versatile colour and a yellow sofa can be a quiet link item to other bolder pieces of furniture or a standalone statement and this is regardless of the shade; yellow functions on all levels and with almost every type of fabric.

Yellow is one of nature’s primary colours and has a warmth and vibrancy that makes it almost universally appealing. A yellow sofa can both complement and showcase other colours whether you are looking at adding textiles or setting it against a statement wall.

A material difference

A yellow sofa works well in a huge variety of fabrics. Rich ambers and golds suit luxurious fabrics like velvet or satin whereas a grainy, textured material can make sand or pale yellow a little more forgiving when it comes to marks.

Lighter yellows can suit lighter fabrics, who could resist a pale lemon, yellow sofa in a conservatory or orangery or a cool cowslip in a boudoir bedroom or child’s nursery.

Leather is not a stranger to yellow but a leather sofa is perhaps seen more commonly in a rich golden yellow moving towards bronze than other shades or tones. Why not make a statement with a canary yellow leather sofa…so retro, so 1960s and so vintage.

The colour yellow never really goes out of favour because it reminds people of the sun with its life-giving light and warmth. A yellow sofa can be warm and homely, chic and elegant or luxurious and overstated. There are so many variations to suit virtually any home because this colour is just so versatile so if you are someone who looks to re-model and update your interiors on a regular basis, then a yellow sofa will always remain current.

Yellow is good for cold rooms and works just as well in compact areas as large spaces. It can link almost any other colour, shade or interior together. A yellow sofa never dates, it will just reinvent itself for the trend of the moment and so can move around the house to different rooms and change its influence with the use of alternative backdrops and accessories.

If yellow isn’t already on your colour spectrum then take a look at what a yellow sofa could do for your interiors, from bold statements to cool elegance or cosy country pastels, there is no room or interior that couldn’t find house room for this versatile and life-giving colour. Darker yellows are ultimately more practical in busy households so if you have fallen in love with a pale yellow sofa in creamy cowslip or gentle primrose, then this might benefit from a quieter location like a bedroom or upstairs landing to keep it looking pristine and at its best.