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Trendy Corner Desk Styles For Your Home

Trendy Corner Desk Styles For Your Home

At the heart of proper space management is the need to choose functional and trendy furniture to achieve the optimum use of space; as a result, designers are thinking of how to put the smallest space in your home – corners inclusive to the best use. Corner desks are a functional piece of furniture that helps to put your wall angles to the best use.

Corner desks are a no-fail way to utilize your corners, especially if you've not found the 'right' place to work from or if your sole aim is basically aesthetic purposes. Other corner desk designs are also perfect for carving out your work area and can sit pretty anywhere, even if it's not a corner.

Hence, if the increasing need to work from home has left you wondering what kind of desk to purchase, especially if you're constrained for space, our list of trendy corner desk styles will help you decide speedily. You'll always find something that suits your taste, style, and budget.

Trendy corner desk styles that are perfect for your home

So you probably might be unsure of what to expect from a typical corner desk, other than the fact that it sits in a corner. However, we'll walk you through trendy designs for your home and the perfect one that fits your space needs.

1.Cubicubi Modern Desk

This trendy corner desk style is perfect if you'll be sitting at it all day. It has a unique L-shaped design that allows it to sit pretty in arc-shaped corners or on its own. It's a classy desk style if you want an inviting workspace, a study, and even has sufficient room for a workstation. It comes with a drawer, where you can easily keep small items handy.

It includes a special small table, where you can place a laptop, your books, or even eat from if you care to eat at your desk. The curvy corner edge contributes to its breath-taking look and makes it impressive to look at, no matter where it's placed. It's available in black, natural, rustic brown, deep rustic, and white colors. So it's pretty easy to choose a design that fits your style.

2.Rolanstar Computer corner desk and shelve

This style of corner desk is designed with full functionality and aesthetic appearance. It features a corner desk and a vertical standing shelf for your books. If you want to create a dedicated study area without the luxury of space, this desk offers all the functionality you need in one design. Other than your books, it also ample room to hold other small items like your picture frames, flower vases, etc.

You can also use this desk in your work area, as its surface area is large enough to hold a monitor or laptop. You also get to decide what side of the table holds the shelf. If you need the work table on the right, you can easily install the shelf on the left side, on vice versa as the case may be. Some style of these desks also features feet pads, which makes them easy to place on any surface. Above all, this desk also looks great and will improve the overall look of your workspace or study area. Either you go for the rustic brown or black color.

3.Compact L-shaped corner desk

Minimal is the definition of style for most people, and this desk is the perfect of minimal when it comes to compact l-shaped corner desk designs. It features a simple work surface area, that allows you to decide what you want to do with it. Either it's a workspace, study table, or writing table for you, it provides sufficient surface area to do what you choose with it. You might even decide to pair with a partner to use this table, you'll both get to work at it conveniently. The table is also perfect to use as a workstation, as the L-shaped surface is wide enough to hold your monitor, laptop, keyboard, and mouse and there will still be space left for other small items, like your picture frame and pen holder. It comes in a beautiful oak-colored finish.

4.Sauder Transit L- shaped corner desk

This trendy L-shaped desk is the king of versatility; it features everything you'll need from a desk in the most compact manner. Do you need a drawer, workstation, bookshelf and what have you, from your corner desk? This desk style packs all these features in the most remarkable ways.

On some days, you need enough space to work; spread out papers, open files, work on your desktop all at once; the transit L-shaped desk provides a unique work surface that you can easily extend out to reveal more room for all your needs.

On other days when all you need is a simple desk to write or study; the desk does it perfectly too! All you need is to push in the extended L-area and you have yourself a regular desk. It's perfect if you need a space-saving desk style, and do not need a permanent work area throughout the week. If you have additional items that you need to keep handy, the shelves are the perfect place to hold them. Aside from the amazing functionality of this desk style, it's salt-oak finish is perfect to create a stunning work area.

5.Corner desk with side shelves

This black desk is perfect for achieving the perfect office look for your home. It features side desks on the legs where you can keep your books and other small items close and handy. The table has a large surface area that's perfect for holding everything you need for a typical workday. It's an interesting desk design if you have a wide space dedicated to your home office. It's also great to accommodate two persons if you have to work at it simultaneously.

6.Corner desk with storage shelf

This is the perfect corner desk if you have a small room, with little or no space for a large desk. This compact corner desk with a storage shelf is large enough to hold a monitor and still leaves you sufficient space to hold a keyboard. It comes in black and brown color design, so its easy to choose what you prefer. The foot shelves can be used to hold books and other items. Despite their size, they look amazing and contribute functionality anywhere it's placed. The table height is also perfect and comfortable to sit while working.

7.Rotating L-shaped corner desk

This rotating desk is another trendy corner desk design that allows you all the versatility you need from your desk. It features a flexible design with casters that allows you to rotate the extended part of the desk to your preferred position.

This style of desk is best for a simple work area and allows the flexibility you need for a small room. The sides of this desk have shelve frames that are perfect to hold your books and other stationeries. This may not be your best pick if all you have is a corner, as the flexibility of this desk requires some extra space.

8.L-shaped corner desk with side shelf

This desk is another trendy design you can choose for your work or study area. It has a full L-shaped surface area, with a shelf extension on the upper and lower side of a side of the desk. It affords you sufficient space to do all that you need to, and extra space for shelving all your books.

It's best for a space that's permanently dedicated for work or study. The desk comes in black; often a combination of wood and steel frame, they are sturdy and can hold up a good deal of weight. Its sleek design also contributes to a fantastic-looking workspace.

Why Choose a Corner Desk?

Now that you know the trendy corner desk styles that are suitable for your space, you might be wondering what difference a corner desk is from a regular desk. Here are a few reasons to choose a corner desk;

An Ideal position for work-related activities

A corner desk helps to utilize your corner space away from the light rays through the windows. It keeps excess light from interfering with your computer screen. It's also perfect if you're having a conference or video call, giving you a nice backdrop of your space.

Ideal for saving space

Corner desks are designed to use up space efficiently and help you to utilize your corners when you are constrained for space. It allows you to free up your space for other things, where a regular desk would have been the go-to option. The desk styles with extended shelves help achieve more with a compact footprint instead of a separate desk and shelving unit.

Less distraction

Working or studying in a corner is easier and reduces distraction while at it. It's easier to focus, with fewer things demanding or drawing your attention away from your work. Working with your face to the corner also reduces visual distraction to the barest minimum.

Boost productivity

It's easier to get more done working at a corner desk, as you're able to focus on your work hundred percent. Since distraction is reduced, you're able to do much more.


Many trendy corner desk styles are available and you can easily decide what suits you based on your unique need, the purpose of the table, and preferred design. With corner desks, you are set to achieve more with less space.