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Trendy Twin Beds For Homes; Why They’re A Must-have

Trendy Twin Beds For Homes; Why They’re A Must-have

Owning a king-sized bed is the best thing until you’re hosting someone who enjoys sleeping alone, or you don’t have the space to accommodate its large print. Have you figured that a twin-sized bed can make all the difference? Well, if you probably thought these beds are for kids’ rooms, then you’ve been missing out on all the good that you could enjoy from using a twin bed set.

In this article, you’re about to discover brilliant ways to rock a twin bed, improve your bedroom outlook, utilize your floor space, and of course, upscale your comfort. What’s the point of sharing a large bed, and ending up on each other’s side of the bed, when you could comfortably use twin beds, right?

Why Are Twin Beds a Great Option for The Bedroom?

Well, there are many reasons why a twin bed is perfect for your space if you’re considering them. Although they’re used in kids’ rooms, they are perfect for adult rooms as well, and if you get your décor right, they look just as mature as queen or king-sized beds. Here are perfect reasons to use a twin bed;

Flexible sleeping options:

One of the reasons why twin beds are the perfect choice for homes is the flexibility it offers. If you have a home of your own with multiple rooms, you want to have twin-sized beds sitting in at least one of them. Take for instance, you have a guest who drops in from time to time, if you have a twin-sized bed in your guest room, you could decide to keep it side by side to make a king-sized bed. Your guest might feel it’s okay to use only one of the two, and the day more than one person needs to use the room, you have nothing to worry about.

Sometimes it may not just be about guests, it might be you switching up things in your room, especially if you share the room with someone. You can both decide to keep both beds together or separate, as often as you have to.

Great for privacy between roommates:

It’s not unusual to need your privacy, even if you share a room with someone. Having twin beds makes it easy to create your corner within the room. This way, you maintain a side of the room, while the other person does the same. This might not be possible if you both share a king-sized bed. More often than not, there might not be a sense of privacy, since you’re virtually often in each other’s faces, even when it’s time to sleep.

A perfect option for light sleepers:

Twin beds are great for light sleepers, who seem to be sensitive to everything, including the rustle of the sheets. A couple or siblings who tend to have a light sleeper can use a twin bed to make it more convenient to share a room. Having separate beds is a cheaper way to ensure everyone is sleeping comfortably through the night, without having to worry about the loud breaths or tossing of the person sleeping next to them. It’s great for sensitive kids or a married couple who want to share a room but wouldn’t want to sleep in the same beds.

Perfect for receiving guests regardless of age:

If you’re looking to host guests frequently or seasonally, twin beds are the way to go. It’s the best way to ensure everyone gets a bed to sleep instead of splurging on the sofa each night. This makes it easy for guests to look forward to coming over to your place, as they can rest assured that they’d get all the comfort that they need. Also, it helps you stay relaxed when receiving guests, and you don’t have to turn down an extra guest for lack of a comfortable place to sleep.

A great option to utilize space efficiently:

Got a small room? Twin beds are the perfect way to manage your space, the case is no different if you have a large room. Here’s the deal; if you have a large room, with few fixtures and furniture pieces, it’s easy to get worried about how to use the space. Having twin extra-large beds in the room helps to use up a considerable amount of space in the room, unlike a large bed that may seem lonesome in the room. Also, the twin bed can do so much in a small room; if you have a small space to be shared by two people, the space might not be sufficient to comfortably place a king or queen-sized bed, as it might not leave sufficient space for walking. However, with twin-sized beds, you could decide how to configure your space. You could decide to arrange the beds against opposite walls in the room or form an L-shape arrangement, so the space left can be utilized for walking, etc.

A perfect solution to unique bedding needs:

Sharing a bed is fine until you have to share with someone who has unique bedding needs and won’t sleep comfortably in a bed with the specific kind of bedding that you prefer, or you might just be the one with these needs. Certain people will love to share a room, but they have a challenge – their bedding needs are different. Some don’t enjoy sleeping under a duvet, while others do. This shouldn’t be a problem that should lead to spending excessively on another queen-sized bed or having to stick with the discomfort for a long time. A twin-sized bed allows you to stay as close as you need to be, to the next person, without having to stick to the discomfort of sharing the same bed continuously.

What Important Features Are There to Note About Twin Beds?


Twin beds come in various dimensions; some are standard, while others are extra-large and suited for big adults who need more space for proper comfort. Adults with smaller body mass can use smaller twin beds, and there are those suited to suit young adults and young kids as well. Look out for the following dimension so you can choose a bed that’s specific to your needs:

  • 1.Standard twin bed: 38” x 75”
  • 2.Standard Extra-large bed: 38” x 80”

Wall backdrop:

There are many ways you can improve the feel of a room with a twin bed so it doesn’t look like it’s for children, except it really is. Try using neutral color tones on the wall to give the twin beds a mature wall backdrop, and make its ambiance perfect for an adult’s room. This way the twin bed gives the room a mature feel even though positioned separately. If you like colors, make sure it’s used sparingly so it doesn’t mimic kids’ room.

Quality beddings for texture:

Having a twin bed doesn’t necessarily mean cutting down on the quality and details that would be relevant to make it comfortable. Heavy bedding materials are the right way to add texture to the bed so it doesn’t feel less than a standard queen-sized bed. The texture of the bed will significantly improve the aesthetics of the room and contribute to comfort than when you choose to do without them.

Add some weight with layers of bedding:

Twin beds can be improved to give the feel of a standard bed if managed properly. For instance, it may feel too thin, and you might need to use layers of beddings to make it feel more like what you want than using thin sheets of beddings on it. You want to ensure that the bed is as cozy as it can be regardless of its size.

Extra elements for texture:

If your twin bed is sitting in a large room, then you want to ensure that other pieces are sitting in the room to hold it all together and give it an impressive feel. Round antique mirrors, wall hangings, flower pots, center rugs, etc. are simple but effective ways to add texture to the room. Without them, the bed feels to be a piece of furniture sitting in the bedroom without any appeal to it. Dressers, for instance, complement twin beds conveniently and hold them up together to make a fantastic room space.

Keep important items handy:

This may not seem so necessary until you need to grab the toilet paper on the other side of the room, and you can’t tap the next person to help you get it, because you’re not sharing the same bed, or because they are sleeping on the other end of the room. Then you have to force yourself out of the bed, walk the distance to grab that item you need so much. It’s best to use twin beds with a small side-table where you can easily reach for the items you need, without necessarily having to disturb yourself or your partner to get it across.


The beauty of twin-sized beds is that you can eat your cake and have it. that’s right! If you want to keep the beds close and even lay it as one king-sized bed, it’s easy to do that without hassle. Similarly, you may decide to separate the beds at other times for various reasons, such as privacy and unique bedding needs. Twin beds help to solve various bedding problems that come with sharing the room with a partner and equally make you relaxed about receiving guests.