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Trendy Ways to Identify and Style A Mid Century Modern Dresser

Trendy Ways to Identify and Style A Mid Century Modern Dresser

Dressers add a chic feel to a room, but when it comes to a homey, classy, in-between traditional and modern touch, the mid-century modern dresser takes the lead effortlessly. The dressers are characterized in simple yet impressive designs that add functionality to a room contribute to aesthetics without demanding excessive detailing. They are usually constructed in various sizes with drawers featuring a combination of 4-8 drawers depending on the required storage capacity. With mid-century dressers, you just can’t imagine how much the clean lines and finish of a dresser can improve the feel and coziness of your room.

5 Ways To Identify a Mid-century Dresser

Once you begin to appreciate how much candor a mid-century dresser can bring to your space, the next question on your mind might be, “how do I know a mid-century modern dresser when I find one? What even makes it more tricky is the fact that contemporary designs are coming up to mimic the style of mid-century dressers, knowing a couple of things to look out for in this dresser will help to unmistakeably identify one when you come across it.

1.Modern-yet-traditional touch on the dresser:

New dresser designs offer a variety of functions that are unique to more recent times, but this isn’t the case with the mid-century dresser style. The mid-century dresser style delivers on a combination of a traditional feel into a modern design. It features less detail on the surface of the drawer and only includes functional parts like the knobs and gliding panes. Also, except fine line finishing on the edges without any attempt to get artistic in whatever way. The unique construction style of these dressers makes them perfect for use in any room, without having to worry about altering the interior design of the room it's going into.

2.Tapered legs:

When it comes to these styles of dressers, tapered legs are a big deal. While a few mid-century modern dressers might not have this feature, most do. Whatever the motive behind designing modern dressers, they have come to stay as unique identifiers for mid-century furniture. The tapered legs feature round vertical legs, with a wide upper part attached to hold the weight of the dresser, and a narrower part towards the base, to sit on the ground comfortably.

3.Wood Grain:

Another impressive marker for a mid-century modern dresser is its wood grain. These dressers are constructed with solid brown or dark wood, obtained from hardwood like oak, teak, or maple. The wood grain is one reason why mid-century dressers have stood the test of time, as the wood continues to serve its years of use without collapsing. It's not unusual to find dressers with this wood painted in various colors and finishings to fit the style and decor of the room. More recent dressers designed to mimic these dressers rarely have solid wood frames. Rather they are designed with cheaper engineered wood, which isn't as durable.

4.Low-ground design:

Spotted a low-ground dresser somewhere? It's probably a mid-century modern dresser. They often come in low-ground designs that make it possible to sit at the dresser, while facing a mirror, or to easily pick out items from all the drawer sections. Additionally, the low-ground feature reflects the traditional nature of the design, which prides comfort over features. In more modern designs it's not unusual to see dressers that are designed to offer a range of features all in a single unit. However, the mid-century design is all about simplicity.

5.Clean line edges:

Clean line edges are an important aspect of a midcentury dresser design. It prides simplicity over details, and that's why it has remained sought-after in more modern times. The edges may feature curved or sharp transitions at the angles and up to the legs. As detailed in other features of this dresser, the clean lines also contribute to the texture and feel that the dressers give in a room. It makes it easy for the dresser to blend effectively into the arrangement of the room without contributing significant distraction.

5 Mid Century Dresser Styles to Look out For to Spice Up Your Space

Choosing a mid-century modern dresser can turn out to prove to be a daunting task, especially since all of these dressers often look alike and have similar appearances. Except for a few unique variations, one might just be unsure of what to look out for. Here are some dresser styles that can inspire your choice of a mid-century modern dresser, when next you’re shopping for one.

1.The lintel oak finish standard dresser:

This dresser style is not particularly about its long name but about the impressive features that it details. If you’re living in a modern home with a traditional theme and enjoy the country-home retro interior, this style of the dresser will work perfectly with your space. Its amazing oak finish is the breathtaking aspect of it that makes it sit elegantly in your room in all of its rich sturdiness. You’ll surely be proud to have this dresser sitting in your guest room or bedroom. You can be sure that this dresser will remain timeless no matter how many centuries it gets to survive.

2.Pinewood 6-drawer dresser with caramel finish:

Furniture with caramel finishes often offers an unbeatable appeal in any room, and when it's pinewood, you know you’re up to or a lifetime of continuous use, with a magnificent piece like this. You may find the in a combination of drawer designs with one or two drawers sitting prominently above the others. Aside from the extra storage space, this design might offer, the impressive combination of various-sized drawers will contribute to the overall aesthetic relevance of the dresser.

3.Multi-color Mid-century Mid Dresser:

If you’re looking for a stunning dresser that isn’t only functional for storage but also as an aesthetic piece, a functional multi-color mid-century dresser is your best bet. It brings you all the functionality of the dresser while improving the look of your space. As a multi-colored piece, it works well in a minimalist room where a major accent piece is required to hold things up against a plain or neutral-colored backdrop. If you’re big on organization, some styles are specific with each drawer or a pair themed in unique colors. You may use this feature as a marker when organizing your items by determining what set of items go into each color of the drawer.

4.Vintage retro mid-century modern dresser:

This modern dresser style gives you a feel of traditional furniture in a modern room. If you love to decorate your room with vintage pieces, this dresser allows you to have a feel of it sitting magnificently in your bedroom. With impressive tapered legs, it brings an aura of balance to the profile of the dresser. It could also double as a statement piece in your room while complementing other decorative pieces and setting the ambiance for a relaxing atmosphere. With a low-ground profile, you can sit at your as long as you want without having to worry about reaching for small items within the drawer.

5.Teak buffet-door multipurpose mid-century dresser:

Mid-century bedroom dresser for your bedroom or a living room treasure chest? With this modern dresser design, the choice is yours to make. Made from sturdy teak wood, and a buffet-door highlight, this dresser offers you functionality on a whole new level. If you’re tired of the regular minimalist pull-out style drawer associated with mid-century dressers, this style gives you a little extra than the regular. It’s a perfect piece of furniture that can conveniently hold items in the living room that could contribute to clutter. Decorative items live throws, blankets shouldn’t be out of reach when needed, and this dresser makes it easy to store these items close by.

Decorating A Mid-Century Modern Dresser

Whether you prefer a minimalist room or a room filled with all the elements you care about in the right combination, there are ways to decorate your dresser to beautify your room effortlessly.

Mirror; a mirror, though functional, can add to the aesthetic feel of your space; you can place it above the dresser. Large round mirrors particularly give the room a classy feel.

Decorative/vintage bowls; A large vintage bowl or small decorative bowl will nicely complement your dresser’s modern look. A Mid-century dresser is naturally minimal hence you can enliven it with one or two complementary bowls for accent.

Picture frame: Placing a picture frame of someone you love or a memory you cherish on a corner of your dresser is a great idea. It keeps it within eye-view and can be used to fill extensive surface space that’s common to dressers.


Mid-century modern dressers are here to stay and will be around for longer than we know. It offers a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal without compromising on storage needs. If you’re looking out for dressers to buy, these style combinations will provide valuable insight and inspiration on the dresser style that fits your needs.