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Trendy Ways To Rock A Round Coffee Table

Trendy Ways To Rock A Round Coffee Table

Choosing a perfect round coffee table for your home, workspace, or for your coffee business is essential if you want to utilize your space well. Making sure your little space looks even more unique and beautiful could be achieved using a round coffee table.

Essentials to Consider When Choosing Your Round Coffee Table

In choosing a round coffee table, you might want to consider the following things:

1. Style: Your style determines your choice, you might want a round coffee table with a woody outlook or a floating round coffee table. Choosing according to your style and what you want your round coffee table to look like would help in making your decisions.

2. Space: Your space determines the circumference of the round coffee table. Your furniture designer should be the one to help you with this, and it is done by measuring your space with a tape rule. This would determine how big or small your table would look.

3. Motive for getting a round coffee table: Your motives for getting a round coffee table will give you an idea of how to utilize your space. Choose a design that best suits your motives and the one that gives you the satisfaction that you desire. Motives differ from one person to the other, a coffee business owner may not choose the same design a normal person would choose.

4. Harmony: There must be a sync between your round coffee table and the furniture you would be using in your living room. A set of normal sofa or Chesterfield sofa would go well with the round coffee table. You should ensure you create a striking and unique balance that would capture your guests and make your living room a masterpiece.

5. Height: The height of the table is important when choosing a round coffee table. A round coffee table must not be too short or too tall. It should not be lower than 2 inches so that you and your guests can easily place things on them if there's a need. If you have children between ages 1-1½ years around, and you want to decorate your table, keeping it too short could be a disadvantage. This is because children are active at this stage of life so they tend to pull down every accessory you used to decorate your table.

6. Material used: There are a number of materials that can be used for designing a round coffee table. Such materials include glass, steel, wood to mention but a few. Glass top round coffee tables look more sophisticated and classy than other materials. If you want a classy look, you could go for the glass top ones.

Styling A Round Coffee Table

1. A round coffee table with a vase of flowers:

A vase of flowers would go well with a round coffee table. This is to display a flash of color or colors if more colors of flowers are used. It helps to brighten the mood and improve the fragrance of the atmosphere.

2. A rectangular tray and a vase:

A round coffee table would look pretty with a rectangular tray on top. Using a round tray might not make a difference but a rectangular or square one would work well. Note that the color of the tray must be in sync with the round table. A flashy color should not be used on a round coffee table with flashy color.

Using a white tray on a deep brown woody coffee table, for example, would complement the color of the table. This is because the round coffee table originally has a deep undertone, the white color of the tray would tone it up and make it pop.

3. Arrange a few books on top of the table:

Arranging a set of books, ranging from two to three would keep the table from being bare. It'll also add a decorative attraction to the round coffee table especially if the color of the book cover is catchy and attractive. You can make use of different magazines instead of books if you find it too nerdy, magazines also have a way of drawing people's attention.

Another way to also tone it up is by stacking up those books or magazines inside a tray with a little fancy box containing sweets and chocolates in them. In one way, you'll get to engage your guests with the books and in another way, keep them entertained with the chocolates.

4. A set of scented candle glasses:

Your round coffee table should not only look good during the day right? Here is one way to keep your coffee table fancy even at night. A set of scented candles can be placed on top of the table. This would actually pop on a glass-top round coffee table. It helps in giving the table a kind of warm highlight and also keeps the fragrance of the room fresh and pleasant. They can also help to lighten up the mood. Here are some options:

  • Bar chart arrangement: You can arrange your candles in a bar chart form. You just have to touch it up by attaching a ring of flowers or decorative ribbons to each of the candles in the middle. Note that these candles must not be thin, they must be thick and they must have quite a moderate circumference to make sure they stand out on your table. Arrange them in descending order in a tray and add decorative sprinkles inside the tray. You could also use petals instead of sprinkles and then place them on top of your round coffee table.
  • Glass candle circular arrangement: Old glassware can be washed and recycled into candle containers. This would work best for people who could make their candles at home. Pour in your candle into the glass jars, make sure to make different colors of candles. Arrange them directly on the table or inside a tray, placing them on the round coffee table. You can also stick some fancy glow stickers on the glasswares to create a glow effect at night.
Using a Round Coffee Table

1. Limitations

Using a round coffee table is good for fostering easy communication, making sure that some people are not left out in the conversation. The usage is quite limited in terms of the quantity or number of people that are present, this is why a round table is never used as a conference table. Once the circumference is occupied, there won't be a space for the others to occupy anymore. Therefore, someone who wants a table for conferencing purposes might not want to consider this.

2. Longevity is material dependent

In the construction of the coffee table, different materials are suitable for construction depending on your style and what the furniture designer considers good. The following are the pros and cons of different materials suitable for constructing a round coffee table:

  • Glass: Glass top round coffee tables are very pleasant and stylish. They can complement other furniture like the sofa no matter the color of the furniture. They are very portable and takes up little space. One of their disadvantages is that they could break at any time if care is not taken. Imagine a house with children jumping and playing around, they might be tempted to hop on the glass round coffee table and play. Apart from breaking easily, they could also cause home accidents.
  • Wood: Round coffee tables that are made of wood are excellent and nice because of their aesthetic value. Many trendy designs have evolved in the wood crafting sector. While the sight of a wood round coffee table can be pleasant, it is very important to note that it is prone to damages and invasion by termites. Termites feed on wood primary and they could reduce the value of the wood to a bare minimum leading to total loss of quality. Fungi-like mushrooms or morels can also grow on wood if exposed to moisture. Another disadvantage is that it can be quite heavy to carry about for those who like to move their furniture often.
  • Steel and brass: Using Steel or Brass as a material for the construction of your round coffee table. Steels are lightweight and durable if it's gotten from a good source, it could be used to create a lightweight, durable table. Though, using steel as the only material might not give a classy look to the round coffee table. It would be best to use it in combination with materials such as glass to give it a better look.

3. Edged spaces: In spaces where there are edged spaces, round coffee tables cannot fit in them due to the circumferential outlook of the table.


You can explore more with a round coffee table for your personal use or for your business. A round coffee table is very good and fascinating when balanced with other interior decoration accessories.