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Trendy Ways to Style Your Coastal Dining Room Decor

Trendy Ways to Style Your Coastal Dining Room Decor

A dining room is a perfect place to show off your love for the coastal theme. Having a coastal dining room doesn't necessarily mean your dining room has to be situated close to a water source, probably a beach or facing a pond. On the contrary, you can rock a coastal theme in your dining room, even if your home is situated somewhere inland. Since the dining room is a place you spend a good part of your day in, it only makes sense to use a theme that reminds you of places love - the coast in this instance.

There are different items you can use to get your dining room to come alive with a string of coastal decor items. It also makes a lot of sense, to have a coastal dining room, especially if the dining area overlooks a beach, bond, or swimming pool.

What is coastal dining room Decor?

When you think of the coast, several elements come to mind, such as seashells, driftwood, reeds, fishes, etc. Now, having coastal-themed decor doesn't mean you should start picking up or buying all of these items to dump in your dining room. Although there's room for DIY, keeping a coastal dining room should be what it is; a decor and not otherwise.

The coastal dining room theme is focused on elements that bring the sea and its attendant calmness and fierceness to mind. These elements can be used to embody different emotions and set a dining room tone that comes with the feeling of being at sea. It could also be used to typify serenity, rustic and traditional tones, or a minimal design.

Coastal dining rooms are characterized by natural color schemes, that are cool and give off a calming feel. Other instances would be the use of high-contrast colors in the dining room, to reflect colors used on ships, lighthouses, and flags.

Basic Elements to Work Out A Coastal Dining Room Decor

Ready to light up your dining area with your favorite coastal theme? There are basic elements to introduce to hold up your coastal dining room theme. Have in mind that all of these coastal elements are centered around nature since that's what the coast is all about. A mix of these elements in the right balance will help you to achieve your preferred coastal dining room style.


Blue happens to be the focal color when designing a coastal dining room. You can try various hues of blue, especially calmer hues for painting your dining area. The sea and the open sky are major influences for the favorite coastal blue color, and it can be used on other elements of the dining area, other than the walls. You could have blue chair covers, table covers, or area rugs as it pleases you.

Throw in hints of white and dark blue, for a naval artistic touch in your dining area. You could employ these colors to create exciting paint patterns on your walls. You could as well play with bright colors like the yellow in signal flags and sailors' slickers. Try using the yellow color on elements for an interesting focal point within your dining area.


Your coastal dining decor is not complete without integrating wood patterns, for an added natural feel. Coastal designs often feature rough weathered wood that can be integrated into furniture pieces, artworks, etc.

The dining area affords you ample opportunity to integrate wood into your designs, for example, you can use weathered a dining table or rustic wooden chairs for dining. Skateboard decor is another delicate way to introduce wood into your coastal dining area.


Ropes are another important element in your coastal design. You can use it to symbolize coastal navigation and the fierceness of windy ocean days. It will surprise you how much of an emotion a rope art or coil of rope hanging on the wall can evoke. You can use it in your dining area to create a coastal tone around it. Ropes can be used as a decorative elements for lightings, hangings, and chandelier holders.


You may use maps to set a coastal tone in your dining area, they can be pivotal in creating memories of places that are familiar or to evoke a connection to distant places connected by coastal lines. You could as well use a compass, an other map elements for your dining design.

Coral pieces:

If you're fortunate to live around a beach, it's most likely you'd have a collection of coral pieces found around the beach. Coral pieces are perfect to use as decorative items for your dining area or to be displayed on the dining table.


Lighting is an important element in your coastal theme and it often speaks a lot about décor interest. If you’re looking to add only touches of coastal elements to your coastal dining room design then lightings is the way to go. Coastal lightings come in a variety of designs, ranging from pendant lights to hanging designs, and bulb nettings. You might introduce shell ceiling lights into your dining space to conjure up the much-desired coastal feel. You may choose to use ceiling lights, floor lamps, or table lightings for your coastal décor. Good choice of lighting can transform a seemingly dull space into a magical coastal haven overnight.

Simple ways to integrate coastal designs into your dining space

Ideally, your coastal dining room should feel comfy enough to evoke similar feelings of being at the beach, when you sit at it. Here are some simple ways to integrate coastal designs into your dining space:


You may choose to have images of the coast framed as a picture in your dining area. A simple image of the sun setting over the coast is a great way to set the coastal tone in your dining room. Also, images of nautical symbols can be used for added effect.

Sculpture pieces:

Deck your dining area with sculpted pieces reflecting the coastal theme. You may choose to have sculpted fish, ships, anchor, or any other coastal embellishment for added effect.

Seashell Bowl:

Decorate your dining area with a transparent bowl of seashells to evoke a strong coastal feeling in your dining area. Use a shimmering glass bowl of shell to make a delightful centerpiece, as a focal point on your dining table.


You may use artworks to reflect what aspect of the sea that most resonates with you. A fish lover may choose to have an artwork of dolphins around the dining area. Beach artworks have remained timeless in homes, and it's a perfect option if you're not sure what artwork to go for.

Dining Chairs:

Curate the beach sitting style for your dining area, using covered seats or ventilated cane chairs. You can use the dining chairs to create a contrast of blue, or just go all put to choose a chair style that reflects the beach outdoor life.

Brown Rugs:

Brown rugs essentially complement your coastal dining decor. Apart from the fact that it gives off a natural tone, a brown rug especially those made from jute can replicate the sandy floor of the coastal area.

Coastal Dining wares:

You can introduce a hint of coastal theme to your dining wares. Choose glass or ceramic ware with coastal patterns and designs, as it's another element to show off your love for the coast.


Use an old surfboard hung horizontally on your dining wall to had a coastal hint to your dining area. It can stand alone as the major coastal piece in your dining room while complimenting other smaller pieces.

Driftwood lightings:

Driftwood lightings make for an interesting accessory if you’re lucky to find them. They bring life to your coastal décor with a hint of earthiness. You can choose a chandelier design, or hanging wall lights to brighten up your space.

Wicker furniture:

A simple dining area, with highlight wicker furniture, is perfect to complement your coastal theme. Wicker furniture is a common element in coastal design and you can never go wrong using them in your dining room.

Sea glass accessories:

Glass accessories had a hint of sophistication to your dining space. Use glass accessories for your centerpieces and lightings for brilliant candor. The transparency of glass can be useful in mimicking clear ocean water, and for introducing extra light into your dining space.

Weathered dining table:

Choose a dining table made from weathered wood to complement your coastal dining theme. You’ll never miss the feel of the ocean, dining off this kind of furniture piece, as you’ll always have a feel of ocean nostalgia.


Anyone can create a coastal dining room that they love with the right elements. The idea is to choose natural sea color hues, link blue or green, and a mix of coastal elements to create an impressive balance in the dining area. A combination of lightings, dining pieces, and coastal artworks, are sure to get you that coastal dining room theme you love.