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Using a White Dresser to Enhance your Home

Using a White Dresser to Enhance your Home

A white dresser is a really versatile piece of furniture and adds style and storage to virtually any home. A white dresser can be quite the chameleon item as the term has come to mean different and distinct types of furniture depending on which room you are in and where you come from. Although the basic design remains the same, there are variations on the dresser design worldwide.

A White Dresser in the Bedroom

In the bedroom, dressers are sometimes referred to as drawer dressers. What this means is a chest of drawers essentially, sometimes with a mirror on top so a usable and practical piece of furniture but not one you can easily sit at. The alternative is a dressing table which is keyhole or more commonly kidney-shaped and lower so there is room for your legs, and you can sit down comfortably and style hair and makeup.

White dressers are available in literally hundreds of designs and sizes. If you only intend to use the dresser for storage, then a taller unit works well. If you want to display decorative items and/or sit at the dresser with a mirror then a lower, wider piece of furniture is a better option.

How to Style a White Dresser in the Bedroom

Here are some of the most popular and trending ideas for a white dresser in the bedroom.

  • A white bedroom dresser is a real touch of luxury, useful drawer storage with any style of mirror on top to suit the room’s interior design and a plush cushioned stool to add that boudoir feel.
  • Team a white dresser with a white floor, white bed with white blinds. It is so effortlessly minimalist and gives a clean neutral look which is also ideal for smaller, dark rooms as it maximises the impression of light and space. If all white is just too much, add in splashes of strong colour with a vibrant bedspread or quilt cover.
  • Style your white dresser with a silver or chrome mirror, this can also pick up other grey accents in the room. A lamp is another alternative.
  • If you want to introduce texture and rusticity to a predominantly plain white room, then team your white dresser with a rattan stool which can be either painted white or au naturel.
  • Vamp up a white dresser with chrome or mirrored edging, to add just a touch of 1950s chic retro styling.
  • Add a mid 20th century vibe with white dresser drawers in a plain brown frame set on short legs, a real Scandi look.
  • Sliding drawer fronts on a white dresser are a good option if there is limited floor space and it means the dresser can sit almost flush to the bed and you can still access the contents.
  • If you have the space then two small white dressers either side of the bed provide excellent storage for all those bits and pieces plus a location to site a night light, much more practical and stylish than a bedside table
  • If you have a bedroom cum study, then a white dresser can be a stylish storage item that doesn’t make the room look too much like an office.
  • Place a white dresser in a bay window and take advantage of all that natural light flooding in, the perfect place to apply makeup. Team with a velvet covered stool and keep all your items tucked away in the drawers out of sight when they are not in use.
  • Add a touch of luxury with an ornate, antique three panel mirror, perfect on top of a mid-height white dresser with a gold finish that creates an opulent boudoir style.
  • Keep the kids’ bedrooms free of those ubiquitous plastic storage boxes with a white dresser which will slot right in to any interior design and doesn’t take up valuable floor space. There is lots of helpful storage. Put pens, pencils, toys and games in the drawers and artwork and pottery pieces safely out of the way on the top.
In the Kitchen

In the UK, a dresser is often thought of primarily as a piece of furniture for the kitchen and is usually a separate freestanding piece away from built in units. Made of wood, a white dresser can sit in the dining area and complement any kitchen interior plus provide useful storage for all sorts of items.

The bottom half of a kitchen dresser is normally dedicated to a cupboard with a couple of drawers sitting above which can be used for table linen, table mats and crockery. On top is a useful shelf which is handy for practical purposes like keys or mobile phones although some people do put ornaments on here. Then the upper half of the dresser is either open with shelving or closed with glass fronted display cupboards, for China and glassware.

A white dresser is the perfect choice for any kitchen/dining area as it complements every colour and interior theme, so you don’t need a white kitchen to match. A white dresser can be rustic in a period or traditional home or high gloss and uber contemporary in a modern setting.

In the living room or sitting room

The practicality of a white dresser means that it isn’t just a piece for the kitchen or dining area; it can serve plenty of useful functions in other parts of the home.

In the living room or lounge, a white dresser is great for storage and display all in one.

Use the lower cupboards and drawers to tidy away books, board games and TV accessories and the top half to display ornaments, family photographs and China. Practical and decorative, a white dresser doesn’t take up much floor space and offers real functionality and value for its size.

Antique or modern

The popularity of the dresser as a stylish and functional piece of furniture just doesn’t seem to wane so there are plenty of modern incarnations of the white dresser available to buy.

If you are looking for an older piece for your bedroom, then you can easily find wooden dressers in antique shops or online. Many of these are in their natural wood state and can be painted white or a variation of off white to suit your own tastes.

Most pieces designed for the kitchen are made from either pine or oak and sometimes the top half is actually detachable from the base so they can be separated into two pieces making it easier to transport. Modern dressers for downstairs living tend to be constructed as one integrated piece.

The history of the dresser

The dresser sometimes also called the Welsh dresser is a piece of furniture that dates back to Tudor times in Britain, where it started life as not much than a side table with a row of drawers on top. The dresser remained a popular piece of furniture in the middle-class kitchen all the way through until the 19th century.

The dresser fell out of fashion during the mid-20th century when the furniture revolution happened along. Homes were full of pieces with crisp, Scandinavian lines and nobody wanted items which were considered dated and old- fashioned.

Dressers were not confined to the UK and can also be found across Europe from the 16th century. Dressers in the British Isles were usually quite plain but in France, wooden dressers were more elaborately decorated with architectural features. A similar design can be found in Germany during the same period.

In the USA, the term dresser can denote either a cupboard to hold dishes and cooking utensils or a chest of drawers or bureau topped by a mirror for use in the bedroom or dressing room.

A white dresser is one of the most functional and useful pieces you will ever bring into your home. Remaining a singularly popular item of furniture, it is endlessly versatile and can be put to good use in almost any room. A white dresser is the perfect embodiment of style and functionality which is a principle cherished by all the legendary furniture makers down through the centuries and makes it the perfect piece for any bedroom regardless of colour scheme or interior design.

White is the perfect colour to blend into more traditional settings but also gives a sharp contemporary vibe in modern interiors. A more angular design with retro handles and fittings can take this piece into something that is the antithesis of old-fashioned and outdated but if you do want a rustic look, then antique shops are brimming with examples.

It is a testament to the success and popularity of dressers that modern furniture companies all contain white dressers in their catalogues.