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White Desk Usage Ideas in the Home Office

White Desk Usage Ideas in the Home Office

If you are a business-oriented person, a reader, a person who wants alone time to himself or herself, or a person who works from home, you might want to consider decorating your home office stylishly and stunningly with white desks in different forms that will look appealing to you and to people who visit your home office.

An office should be one that induces creative thoughts and imaginations, so decorating your office with white desks is a way to create such an environment because white color has a way of creating a sophisticated appeal to welcome your guests and clients. A little touch of light color can be incorporated to make it look more appealing to people. Here are some stylish ways to rock a white desk in your home office.

1.A cute little wall-adhering flower vase stand

Imagine different kinds of colorful flower vases containing series of colorful flowers adhering to the white desk in your office, such a beautiful sight to behold. White desks can be incorporated as a small flower vase hanging, if you are the type that loves and is obsessed with flowers, your flowers can be arranged in a vase such that it would create an artistic ambiance on your walls as an extension of your white desk.

2.White desks with drawers

Instead of having just a plain desk with nothing attached to it, why not consider a white desk with drawers to save space from having to build a separate drawer which could take more space than expected. The drawer could be arranged in a vertical position at the left or right side of the desk or it could be horizontal. However, both methods could be used depending on what works for your space.

3.Non-detachable chairs

Depending on your preference, you might want a chair that is non-detachable from the desk to create a more serious environment for yourself. It could be separate from the main chair and table, it could also be a small-sized table and chair located in one corner of the office.

4.Gadgets and flower vases

You could spice up your white desks with gadgets like a desktop or a laptop for mobility which perfects your work environment and a flower vase containing beautiful flowers. You could also include small containers for stationaries like Pen, Pencils, Markers and the likes. This would prevent your table from looking bare or scanty.

5. Wall-Adhering large white desk

How about a long desk protruding from the wall with pegboards? Generally, for most people, facing the wall depicts concentration, you might want a desk that adheres to the wall in such a way that you would be facing the wall while working.

6. Pegboards

You might want to spice up your desk using pegboards to give room for organization as regards stuffs like stationaries, little flower vases, wall canvases, to-do lists and the likes and also for neatness. The pegboards can be used to hold up tools you use in the office for professional reasons but if you’re a casual user, you could use it to display decorative items, pieces of jewelry like your necklace and other items not really related to work.

7. Chairs with cushions

In a more professional office space, you’ll need at least three chairs to complement your desk one for you and the other two for your guests or clients. Just throw a cushion on each chair to give it a more comfortable and soft feeling when you or your clients sit on it.

8. Lamp

Your office may already have a considerable amount of light but a warm lighting lamp could be placed on the white desk to introduce a warm feeling and homeliness to the desk. The lamp does not necessarily need to be too bright. The important thing is to create an atmosphere with a soft feeling, appealing to work in.

9. Artistic wall hangings

If you are considering a white desk that would adhere to the wall or you want to arrange your home office in such a way that the desk would be positioned very close to the wall, artistic wall hanging is also an option to spice up your white desks. You can use grid boards to arrange them, helping to achieve a perfect neat look.

10. Wallpaper designs

If you have your white desks close to the wall and you don’t want to incorporate artworks, you could use wallpapers to design the wall facing your desks such that when you look at it, you get this warm and satisfactory feeling, it could be a plain design or one which has simple pattern design at the center depending on your preference.

11. Wool fluffy rugs

Some individuals don’t appreciate bare floors, you might want to spice up your white desk area with a fluffy rug that gives you a feeling of warmth when you place your legs on it, it could also be used to make your workspace attractive, you might opt for a white color rug to complement your desk or another appealing color that matches it well.

12. Bookshelves

The bookshelves could come in different forms depending on the artistic prowess of the carpenter and the overall symmetry of the room. The shelves could be attached to the white desk or it could be a separate wall shelf. In order to conserve more space, the bookshelf could be built together with the white shelf, either in a sideway pattern or horizontally beneath the surface of the white desk.

13. Furniture stickers

You may want to accessorize your white desks with different colors of adhesive wallpaper made for furniture, this gives room for a wide range of designs to pick from which includes wood stickers designs, rainbow designs, box designs and so on. You could use three different matching wallpaper to decorate the desk to bring out a more unique design that is different from the initial ones.

14. White desk with stool

You can accessorize your white desk with a stool by the side, you could use it as a stand for your flower vase or decorate it based preference and fancy.

Using White Desks Appropriately In Other Areas

White color is known to create an atmosphere of calmness, warmth, and a holy feeling, when you see a place covered with white, you begin to feel safe there because you know that the place is neat and conducive. White desks could be used as a piece of furniture in other places aside from the living room work area, such as:

The kitchen

Many people spend a considerable part of their time in the kitchen because food is prepared here and as a makeshift area for dining and wining in some homes. White desks with drawers can be used to create a space for a workable environment in the kitchen as well. Colors like blue, ash, purple or red could be incorporated into the decor to give it an appealing feel. Making food should be done in an environment that depicts joy and happiness, and the white color suits this purpose. White desks can be used as storage desks for storing food items in the kitchen as well.

The garden

In most homes, the garden consists of different arrays of colorful flowers and a large table and chair arrangement either at the center or in the corner of the garden. The chairs can be arranged in different patterns round the table depending on the shape of the desk which could be rectangular or circular. An outdoor sofa could be used instead of the normal chairs to complement the white desks with a number of throw pillows on the sofa, the sofa could be white, ash/grey, blue in color but the silvery ash color complements the white desk well. A well-arranged scented candle can be placed on the white desk to create a warm feeling, an outdoor umbrella can be used to create a shed to prevent harsh weather impact on the guests. A colorful array of flowers could be arranged at the center of the desk to add a colorful ambiance to the white desk and lights hanging down towards the white desk could be used to add warm lighting to the desk.

Coffee Room

Styling your coffee room with a white desk in a blend of appropriate colors and patterns. You could use the grid pattern for the arrangement of your desk such that it’ll accommodate quite a number of people. You might want to opt for decorating your coffee room with different colorful flowers placed on a round white desk to create an attractive look. The pattern of chair arrangements depends on the size and shape of the desk.


White desks make a beautiful statement piece in any space. They are particularly interesting when placed in the work area, and accessorized in tune with the overall decor of the space.

Working at a desk becomes simply inviting when the desk is a white one. Also it has a psychological effect that makes you prepared to work on your ideas. Outside of the work area, they remain stunning, nonetheless.