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Currant 6 Drawer 64'' W Solid Wood
Currant 6 Drawer 64'' W Solid Wood
Currant 6 Drawer 64'' W Solid Wood
Currant 6 Drawer 64'' W Solid Wood

Currant 6 Drawer 64'' W Solid Wood

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Greenington
25 Reviews
$2462.00 - $2780.00
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
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34.29'' H x 64'' W x 19'' D
Main Drawer Interior
9.75'' H x 29.5'' W x 14.44'' D
Overall Product Weight
Solid Wood
Material Details
Solid bamboo
Drawers Included
Number of Drawers
Drawer Glide Material
Dovetail Drawer Joints
Mirror Included
Tipover Restraint Device Included
Natural Variation Type
Natural Wood Grain Color Variation
Wood Species
ASTM F2057 - 19
Level of Assembly
Adult Assembly Required

Featured Reviews

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25 Reviews
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21/21 recommendations
Featured 21 Reviews
Strong, well built. Worth the money. Ive tried to skimp on furniture purchases in the past and it feels really good to get quality when you pay a little more.
Helpful Helpful 5
I love the fact that the company that makes this dresser promotes sustainability! The dresser is beautiful, well-made and will last for years.
Helpful Helpful 3
Great piece! I purchased the dark brown. Solid. Sturdy. It’s not varnished which gives it a rustic mid century modern feel. Very happy with this purchase.
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Currant 6 Drawer 64'' W Solid Wood reviewCurrant 6 Drawer 64'' W Solid Wood review
My husband and I just moved into our first house and wanted a dresser that would like a lifetime. This is a great dresser. Smells amazing. The quality of the design is amazing. It's very well built. I love that it comes assembled..just make sure you had several people to help you move it. I knew bamboo was strong and this dresser has stood up to 3 kittens. They've tried and the simple can't scratch it. The only thing to kinda complain about is the drawers are hard to open and there are some imperfections in the stain. Highly recommend.
Helpful Helpful 2
Beautiful and great quality! Very smooth surface and self closing drawers. I would like the drawers to be deeper.
Helpful Helpful 2
I love this piece - nice quality, nice finish. Solid sturdy. Arrived in perfect condition and no assembly required.
Helpful Helpful 1
Quality construction. Looks great!
Helpful Helpful 1
Amazing just like the rest of the set. Best furniture I have ever owned.
Helpful Helpful 1
Great product , just as explained very happy with this purchase
Helpful Helpful 1
Beautiful, sturdy with smooth finish outside as well as inside drawers. Soft close drawers. Comes fully assembled.
Helpful Helpful 1
Much better than I imagined.
Helpful Helpful 1
Another nice piece of furniture with problem-free delivery and set up. Very happy.
Helpful Helpful 1
Gorgeous, and it looks awesome in my bedroom.It was worth the wait to complete my bamboo furniture set.
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Megan Rachelle
Beautiful set, exceeded my expectations.
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Absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture with excellent quality of build and materials. This dresser was exactly what we were looking for and I really appreciate that it's manufactured with sustainable and renewable materials.
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It came fully assembled, which is nice. Absolutely beautiful and a SOLID piece of furniture. Delivery was quick and on delivery day the guys put it in our bedroom at no extra charge, also nice since it weighs about 300lbs. We've bought several pieces for our new apt from Wayfair and are continually impressed by the regular communication regarding delivery and the quality of the products.
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Super heavy!
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This is a beautiful addition to our new master bedroom, and exactly what we were looking and hoping for. Extremely well made, heavy in weight but graceful in style. The soft-close drawers are a bonus.
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This dresser is beautifully made with its smooth edges and soft close drawers. This is a heavy and very high quality piece and well worth the investment. The drawers are very spacious and I love the style!
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This dresser is a good quality dresser and has nice lines.
Helpful Helpful 2
Love it. Heavy piece though.
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A dresser and a chest function the same, but the difference lies in the piece which is designed. A dresser and chest of drawers are some of the most important elements serving both as storage and décor piece. Organize your interior with a brown colour dresser and chest finish. The streamlined brown colour drawers offer a modern style with minimal fuss. A wood dresser and chest in a neutral, classic, or contemporary finish will work with any décor. This type of dresser and chest finish is very luxe and are also versatile giving a warm rustic beauty that fits comfortably into any bedroom décor. The rich look flows beautifully over the decorative framed details and flawlessly captures the true feel of the rustic design which is the perfect choice for any home environment. No matter its style, colour scheme, and design, the dresser and chest have a lot of functions from storage to creating an atmosphere that will also serve you for years to come.


A natural finish dresser will create a subtle and understated look in your home. ‘Natural’ can mean many things; most often, a natural finish will be a neutral-colored furniture piece that is crafted of a subtly colored wood (like parawood). Natural-finished furniture pieces serve to enhance a rustic, coastal, or farmhouse design motif, but are versatile enough that you could integrate the piece with your existing furniture. While a natural-toned dresser or chest may seem simple, it’s anything but; a natural finish is sophisticated and distinctive, not to mention versatile. Natural-finished dressers or chests are perfect for people who enjoy DIY or home projects; the beauty of a natural finish is that you can easily paint or stain the surface to change the appearance to keep up with your ever-changing style preferences.

Low (Under 36 in.)

Dressers and chest under the category of 36 inches and below is indeed an elegant choice for individuals seeking uniqueness. Firstly, this height is ideal for both small and large spaced bedrooms. The number of drawers here ranges from two to one drawer. They also are ideal for offices and corridors. In bedrooms, they can be placed on the adjusted side of the bed. This way, they end up adding style in a bedroom and as a result offering bed storage. The surface top comes in handy and the uses are in abundance. Firstly, individuals can place storybooks on the top or important files on the drawers. This is because the height is short and can be accessed easily even when sleeping. If you planning to store separate items, for instance, men can store laptops in them. While women will go for jewelry storage. In case you are done using this chest, one can take it to the office and use them like small storage cabinets. Hence, saving on buying other items and reducing furniture clutter at home.


Wood is classified into two major categories, that's is softwood and hardwood. Softwood is easier to work with hence making elegant dressers and chests in your room. On the other hand, hardwood is the most durable material when it comes to furniture making. Wood is well treated to the longevity of dressers & chests. Users can pick either softwood or hardwood for their preference. Both kinds of wood need care and maintenance and from time to time wipe your wood perfectly. If you love personalized touch in your dressers and chest, you can always go for these materials because it's easier to work with compared to metals. Wood does not rust but if not well treated it can get attacked by wold borers or termites. A wooden dresser can be enhanced by applying a finish to give your dresser an attractive final look. Wood is sturdy and durable hence making your dresser & chest give you service for decades.


Having (6) six drawers in a chest or dresser will provide you with an unforgettable view. First, this number of drawers is ideal for children, adults, or even guest bedrooms. This is because one can share the drawers or arrange clothes in n organized manner. The size can be narrow or wide to allow users to select the best size for the available space. The knobs of these drawers can be customized or enhanced by crafting a perfectly unique design. If you love getting more storage space for your items, six drawers will indeed serve you well. This size can fit in both small spaced and large spaced bedrooms, depending on the arrangement of the drawers. The drawers in the chest will be narrow, making them ideal for a small spaced room, while the dressers will have a wide version that will fit in a large spaced bedroom. Six drawers chest and dressers can be decorated using flowers or placing a mirror on top of the dresser.

Extra Wide (Over 64 in.)

A dresser over 64 inches has a large surface area on the top. Except for more drawers for ample storage of clothes or items that you don't intend to share. A wide dresser is made up of double columns of wide, spacious drawers. Extra-wide dressers and chests over 64 inches are ideal for large spaced rooms. More drawers have a warm appeal of a modernized cabin in the dresser and chest making them appear beautiful. They also tend to be sturdy and exceptionally broad drawers, that offer pragmatic durability in an understated silhouette. Since this site is wide, leaving it plainly in a bedroom may appear boring. Consider dressing the top with either; a flower vase, a stack of books, and toys if it's intended to fit in the children's bedroom. With this extra width, the dresser and chest will be able to accommodate more items on the top. Most extra-wide drawers, tend to have more than 9 drawers in number.

Wide / Long (Over 58 in.)

If you appreciate having a wide or long width on your dresser or chest, then going for 58 inches and above is a perfect choice for you. The top surface leaves plenty of room to turn it into a vanity and add a mirror or display a table lamp and some framed photos. With these width dimensions, expect more drawers for storage of clothes or tucking away toys in children's bedrooms. However, the height is ideal for a large bedroom-sized room. Dressers and chests found in the range of over 58 inches are also attractive to make a statement in a bedroom. Wide or long-width dressers and chests have between six to ten drawers for the storage of clothes. This is ideal for couples who share a room. It can also be a good alternative to a closet for young children. However, this is not ideal for a small room because of its size.


Bamboo wood species, 'prides' themselves for durability, and ease of working compared to other wood species. Because bamboo is durable, dressers and chests made using it are firm and long-lasting. Bamboo wood specie is easier to maintain and absorbs dent, scratches, and is easier to clean. The wood species absorbs finish and desired colors very well, forming elegant dressers and chests. It is also more resistant, making it a good choice for the dresser and chest frame. Elegance is highly portrayed on dressers and chests because this wood species absorbs finish well, making dressers and chest blend with the rest of the bedroom furniture. Bamboo wood can also withstand everyday use because of its resistance, making it suitable for families with kids. Another added pro of bamboo wood species is the ability to hide marks formed- meaning the marks and stains won’t be seen. When treated, it is more resistant to wood borers and other pesticides that may try to damage the wood. Dressers and chests made using bamboo wood species last for decades.


Hardwood is a durable wood species that is long-lasting when used to craft dressers and chests, it produces durable and sturdy products that will perfectly fit in your bedroom. Owing to its durability, the wood species produces a sturdy dresser and chest that will serve you for decades. It is also easy to maintain compared to manufactured wood. To avoid attack from wood borers, this wood species is treated to borers or other elements that may cause decay. This species is over of the most preferred materials for not only crafting dressers and chests but also another wooden home; it is designable and has a distinctive appeal. Hardwood produces numerous styles and designs for dressers and chests allowing users to pick from their preferences. Unlike other species, this wood species has hues and lines that make it look even more attractive. Dressers and chests made from hardwood species can be part of any design scheme or well with the rest of the bedroom decor.

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