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Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table
Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table

Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: George Oliver
47 Reviews
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62.4'' L x 35.1'' D x 29.25'' H
Overall Product Weight
Top Material
Solid Wood
Top Wood Species
Base Material
Solid Wood
Base Wood Species
Top Color
Base Color
Tables Included
Extendable / Collapsible Table
Leaf Included
Seating Capacity
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use; Non Residential Use
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
All Tools Included
Commercial Warranty

Featured Reviews

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47 Reviews
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33/34 recommendations
Featured 34 Reviews
Really sturdy and beautiful shape! The color is a little different than pictured with almost a little bit of a greenish undertone, didn’t like it at first but it really grew on me. Great quality
Helpful Helpful 2
Very sturdy and beautiful table. Very easy to put together!
Helpful Helpful 1
Love everything about this table and the look that it brings to a space. Relatively easy to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 1
Looked just like the picture and is the perfect size for my dining area.
Helpful Helpful 1
LOVE this table! Once assembled, it is so sturdy and solid. It’s beautiful, simple, and so durable. Really happy with this one.
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Really cute, easy to assembly.
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It’s a beautiful table really love the color
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful table! Great condition and shipped super fast! I love it
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Great table! Easy to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love the mid century vibe. It’s on the thinner side. Wished it was wider anda bit longer. I come from a big family and we like to cook a lot of dishes. Wished it was at least 42 inches wider to hold more dishes. Beside that, the table is sturdy, beautiful, and simple.
Helpful Helpful 0
This table is beautiful and it great quality for the price!!! Would buy again and again.
Helpful Helpful 0
It really can seat 6 people (I was skeptical). Design is simple and elegant with the right chairs. Material feels durable. No issues with cosmetic defects. Happy with this purchase (:
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this table!!! Its super nice and a solid piece. Wood tone is true to photos
Helpful Helpful 0
This table surpassed all of my expectations! The quality is amazing, it really is heavy duty. The size is great for my apartment yet still being able to fit 6 people comfortably. The legs are beautiful along with the finish.
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Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table reviewDannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table review
Very pleased with this table’s design and size. Fits very well in our smaller space and can still fit 6 adequately for larger parties. Easy to assemble and nice quality. Rubber wood is quite soft - do be warned that this table scratches easily. Use a tablecloth or avoid placing heavy rough-bottomed objects on it or be prepared to buff it. All in all a great quality and design for the price!
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Came way faster than the anticipated date and looks amazing in the dining room
Helpful Helpful 0
The table looks just as it was pictured. Very easy to assemble. We couldn’t be happier.
Helpful Helpful 0
The dining table is heavier than it looks! Very pleased with the quality of this product
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WeWork co Alma
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this table
Helpful Helpful 0
Overall, this is a solid, sturdy table and it looks nice. However, the color is slightly lighter than it appears in the picture, and it arrived with some slight damage (pictured).
Helpful Helpful 6
Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table review
Great size. Feels very sturdy. Super easy to put together. The color is somehow warm and ashy at the same time. I’m hoping I can find chairs to match. Have no regrets about my purchase.Update- two years later- I took off one star. The table top turned out not to be very durable. Everything scratches it and wet items leave crazy water marks. I fixed it by using place mats but it was kinda crazy when it’s supposed to be a dining table where glasses and bowls would go on it.
Helpful Helpful 2
Beautiful table. The color is really nice. Seems very sturdy. On the smaller side but should still fit 6 chairs. Afraid that it will scratch easily despite saying it’s a durable wood but so far I love it.
Helpful Helpful 2
Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table review
I love this table, but there were a couple of scuffs on the surface of the top. I'll be engaging Wayfair to see if anything can be done, but otherwise the table is exactly what I wanted and works perfectly for our needs.
Helpful Helpful 2
Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table review
I love it! The only reason why I put four stars is because it has a dark spot on one of its legs and it’s starting to scratch off and one
Helpful Helpful 1
Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table reviewDannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table review
I love the look of this table and the color is lovely. Two downsides: It's incredibly heavy and the top finish had some odd streaks...but all able to be worked around. It's a keeper!
Helpful Helpful 1
The table is nice but the staining on top was completely uneven
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Nice solid construction. Easy to put together. Arrived without damage. Comfortably seats six. Does seem to pick up stains really easily.
Helpful Helpful 0
This table fits SO well in our smaller house! It is bigger than our previous table and somehow makes the room actually look and feel bigger! It’s a gorgeous color and substantial in weight (love a good solid, real wood table)! My only complaint (and it was remedied with a partial refund) is it came damaged on the one side...not noticeablebad enough to require a replacement.
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Table is great for the price point. It is solid and looks great in our kitchen. Its not going to be high quality look but for a simple modern feel it works. Easy to assemble.
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The veneer on the top looks very fake but the wood underneath is solid and the design is nice
Helpful Helpful 0
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Randi Janea
It came in without scratches and it was very easy to add the legs. Enjoying the table
Helpful Helpful 0
Ordered and it came with a big old scratch down the middle right out of the box. Very disappointing. Also the color is a little weird. Not a rich brown like I hoped.
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Dannaka 62.4'' Solid Wood Dining Table review
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Solid Wood

Solid wood dining tables are gorgeous, authentic and elegant furniture pieces that enhance the beauty of your home. Solid wood tables are built and designed with superior care and craftsmanship, and are made to be strong, durable and long-lasting furniture pieces. Solid wood dining tables are naturally beautiful and are available in a range of wood types, styles and colors to suit different design preferences. Most commonly, solid wood tables are made of oak, pine or mahogany, but many wood varieties are ideal choices for crafting tables. Solid wood dining tables can easily integrate into modern/contemporary, rustic or traditional décor motifs. While the natural beauty of many wood varieties is stunning, a benefit to solid wood tables is that you can paint or stain the wood to suit your ever-changing preferences. A solid wood dining table is a classic, timeless furniture piece that never goes out of style!


The Kitchen dining area is a space where you get together with your family members and enjoy your meal. You can come across different materials used for dining tables. A dining table is a centrepiece in a dining room. So, you have to think before choosing the right materials for your table. Wooden table tops increase the warmth of your dining area. You can opt for wooden dining tables. You can simply add a touch of elegance to your dining area by using a wooden dining table with some mixed colours of chairs. You can also choose some dark wooden shade. If you want to create some pastel theme then you can also use some lighter wooden shade. You can simply use wooden logs as your table top. You can also choose any hardwood or softwood like oak, pine, etc. Wooden dining tables can perfectly with any of your interior themes. There are a lot of styles available for wooden tables which will give your Kitchen dining Table area a new dimension.

Dining Table

Finding the perfect dining table is key to designing and beautifying the your dining area, that is whether you are carving out a transitional space between the family room and an open concept kitchen room, or you’ve got the traditional dining room. In many homes dining tables are the gathering areas where family members come together to share a meal after a long day at work. The perfect dining table is one that fits your budget, fits perfectly into your space, and one that matches or complements your style. When choosing the perfect dining table you should always be cautious so as not to giving into trends, since if you get a dining table that is too funky or has too many details, there might come a time that you will wonder what you were thinking getting such a dining table, one thing that you should do when getting a dining table is to ensure that you keep it simple and sturdy.


A six sitter kitchen dining table is considered as the standard size of the perfect dining table in most countries around the world. This makes it very popular and the only kind of furniture that you are likely to find in 90 percent of all households around the world. When it comes to the cost of owning and maintaining one a standard six sitter dining table does not cost that much, plus it require very little or no maintenance at all depending on its quality. However an adjustable six sitter dining table will incur you some extra price in terms of initial cost and maintenance cost. Most people prefer the six sitter as it has room maybe for a guest or in case you intend to have kids as the average number of family members in most homes is usually five to six.


Rectangular tables are the most common type of kitchen dining table these days. A rectangular kitchen dining table has functional and styling features. If you have large dining, then you can go for rectangular dining tables. Rectangular kitchen dining tables are available in a variety of sizes as per need. This type of table is flexible for various party sizes and compositions. A rectangular kitchen dining table is a good shape for more than four people. Rectangular tables tend to have space for food and tableware and make your dining experience and more comfortable. The right design will change the ambiance of your home. The advantage of a rectangular kitchen dining table is that it helps generate equality. Rectangular tables can be customized according to one's needs and choice. Rectangular dining tables can easily accommodate an extra number of guests. You can choose different kinds of materials like wood, metal, or glass to give a unique and eye-catching look to your table.


The standard kitchen dining table is one of the most popular dining table in most households across the world. In most scenarios the standard kitchen dining table is usually a four sitter or a six sitter. A standard dining table provides you with everything you need to enjoy and bond with a group of friends or family members over a meal. A standard kitchen dining table does not have all those extra features such as adjustability it just resembles a traditional table in terms of structure, just four legs and a counter top. One huge advantage of owning a standard dining table over an adjustable dining table is the fact that it requires less or no maintenance and it’s quite cheap. Despite it being standard it can always be added a few features or designs to make it more appealing and to match your home’s interior décor.


This style incorporates raw materials to give the space an unfinished feel. This style of dining table is simple. With Industrial style, we're describing an interior characterized by coarse structures, smooth surfaces, and a lot of metal. This is typically used for dining tales that looks as if it came from a turn-of-the-century factory building. It’s also an aesthetic trend in design, that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces. If you're putting together an industrial-style kitchen dining table, consider implementing metal light fixtures with exposed bulbs, furniture with metal legs, metal. Industrial style has a mix of modern and traditional design and works for interiors that must serve as places to live, work, and play.

Modern Contemporary

A modern kitchen table is a stunning way to showcase your contemporary style and create a bold focal point in your dining space. Modern kitchen tables are available in a variety of styles; some common elements of a modern kitchen table are clean, sharp lines, the use of contemporary materials (such as metal and glass), and bold angles. Modern kitchen tables are usually available in round/oval and square/rectangular shapes, and the tables typically accommodate anywhere from 4-8 seats. A modern kitchen table is a bold furniture piece that will enhance the contemporary look and feel of your dining area. A modern kitchen table can be further enhanced when paired with modern seating and adorned with contemporary tabletop décor pieces. A modern kitchen table is an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their dining space and create a stylish, contemporary aesthetic.


If you’re looking to maximize on space in your kitchen, the extendable dining table will be a great fit for you. Extendable dining tables are a great way to maximize the kitchen and dining room space you have available. Extension tables use mechanisms and brilliant design to give users the option to adjust the table's length, by adding and removing seating and surface space when necessary. You can expand your dining table to host parties when you need more space and collapse it when you want to create more room in your kitchen. This table is great because one has the freedom to maximize space at will, making them good for small rooms. Extendable dining table can double as a place for children to study, for family to play board games, or for friends to sit and share a glass of wine.


When furnishing your kitchen or dining room choosing a dining table is a very crucial decision you have to make. The dining table whether it’s in the kitchen or dining room it serves the same primary purpose, as a place where you, your family members and at times even close friends come together to share a meal. A dining table comes in different sizes from one that can accommodate either a large family or a small family. They also come in different shapes from square, rectangle, to round. The popularity of the dining table can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and since then the dining table has appeared in many dining rooms across several centuries. For example, during the Victorian era dining tables were used to display of social and family status. And up-to-date dining rooms with dining tables are considered to be fancy especially when the furniture matches the design or décor of the entire dining room or area.


Hardwood wood types are extremely versatile and easy to work with. Some examples of hardwoods include oak, cherry, maple, ash and poplar wood. Hardwoods come from trees that have leaves and produce a fruit or nut. Any type of hardwood variety can be used to craft very durable, long-lasting furniture pieces. Hardwoods often have distinct markings in the wood and beautiful variations in the colors, grain patterns and textures of the wood. Hardwood varieties vary in their tones/colors; however, most are a warm, rich color. Kitchen or dining tables crafted of a hardwood variety are available in a range of designs to suit different home décor motifs; for example, some kitchen tables can be crafted to be more modern or industrial by adding glass or metal to the table. Hardwoods are an ideal wood to create distinct and ornate details on the tables; this enhances the beauty and elegance of the table.


If you’re looking for durable dining table wood, Oak is a smart choice for you. This wood species is dense and hard with a deep natural grain that has the texture you can see and feel. It's one of the most durable dining tabletop options you'll find. With a wide and open grain, it holds up especially well to surface scratches and can very easily be sanded and refinished. The wood is easier to clean and takes scratches and dents well. Oak dining table is best for everyday use especially for families with young children. The wood is hard and can withstand constant use. The wood can last decades with simple care. Kitchen dining tables made using this wood are usually beautiful and elegant. The furnish makes them illuminate the dining room, and anyone entering the room will automatically notice the dining table. Oak is very practical and functional because it is resistant to dings and dents.


Rubberwood kitchen and dining tables are a distinct way to enhance your dining area. Rubberwood is a lighter colored wood that is sustainable, durable and extremely cost-effective. Rubberwood is an ideal wood variety for high-use furniture, such as kitchen and dining tables, as it is very stable and long-lasting. Naturally, rubberwood is a gorgeous blonde to tan color, however, rubberwood takes stains and finishes quite well; this gives you the opportunity to alter the appearance of your table as your style preferences change. Rubberwood kitchen and dining tables make an ideal choice for those who are environmentally-conscious (rubberwood trees aren’t used for anything but furniture; if they are not used, the trees are burned). Rubberwood kitchen tables are also an ideal choice for people who enjoy DIY projects. A rubberwood kitchen table will enhance your dining space and add a beautiful focal point to your home.

Light Wood

If you’re looking to invest in a kitchen dining table, it’s important to consider wood-tone. The lightwood has a tone that illumines the most when highlighted. Lightwood has a bright tint on them. The graining is very smooth and gives a modern chic look. You will often find this wood in Scandinavian furniture and homes. If you're looking for super blonde wood in its natural form, this is probably your best choice. light-toned wood is great because you can’t see the dust, dirt, or scratches easily. They are also easy to clean. This tone will illuminate your room making it a focal point of view. Kitchen dining tables made using the tones speak or themselves, because the tint is so bright, and the tone is very welcoming. This tone is eye-catching too. The light wood tone matches easily with the rest of your room or house décor.

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