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Gatsby Pedestal Dining Table
Gatsby Pedestal Dining Table
Gatsby Pedestal Dining Table
Gatsby Pedestal Dining Table
Gatsby Pedestal Dining Table
Gatsby Pedestal Dining Table

Gatsby Pedestal Dining Table

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture
1 Review
$2339.99 - $2759.99
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
Price History
Not available
54'' L x 54'' D
Overall Product Weight
Top Material
Solid Wood
Top Wood Species
Base Material
Stainless Steel
Natural Variation Type
Natural Wood Grain Color Variation
Top Color
Gray Natural Eucalyptus
Base Color
Tables Included
Extendable / Collapsible Table
Leaf Included
Seating Capacity (60" W x 60" L Size)
Seating Capacity (72" W x 72" L Size)
Seating Capacity (54" W x 54" L Size)
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Level of Assembly
Partial Assembly
Adult Assembly Required
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty

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1 Review
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Featured 19 Reviews
Outstanding table. Beautifully made.
Helpful Helpful 1
Simple but elegant. Thought a bit expensive when I ordered but understand why given the superb craftsmanship and look. Lovely end table
Helpful Helpful 1
Love the chairs. Now my office is vcompmete with Jonathan Charles Santos.
Helpful Helpful 0
This accent chest is gorgeous! It arrived in excellent condition and already assembled. No weird smell. Just gorgeousness. And the drawers are smooth to open and close. I am so, so happy with it. Love it!
Helpful Helpful 0
Exquisite quality tables! They were delivered in perfect shape, well packed and months sooner than ordering them locally. Measurements and color were exactly as describedpictured.
Helpful Helpful 0
Lovely! Well-made and works perfectly in the room.
Helpful Helpful 0
By far the most expensive item purchased from Wayfair to date. The selection was easy; shipping was fast; the level of protective packaging is appreciated. This table is very beautiful, and compliments other furnishings in my home.
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful finish, heavy, quality piece of furniture.
Helpful Helpful 0
I absolutely LOVE these chairs. They are so incredibly well made. The packaging was great so there was no damage at all. They look way better in person than they do online. We are so pleased with the company that made them that we are hoping to purchase more furniture from them through Wayfair!
Helpful Helpful 0
I ordered 6 of these chairs for my dining room. They are the most beautiful dining chairs I have ever seen. They are so much more beautiful than the pictures depict. Unfortunately 2 of my chairs came with damage on the seat, but Wayfair immediately corrected the issue and all is well. I’m so excited to show off my new chairs!Lea
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful finish. The saber legs are very rich looking.
Helpful Helpful 0
This table is breathtakingly gorgeous! It was professionally packed as it arrived in perfect condition.
Helpful Helpful 0
Always superb quality from Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture! Thank you Wayfair for carrying top of the line products.
Helpful Helpful 0
Fantastic! Well made and beautiful.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is the most beautiful desk that I have ever seen. It was in all honesty not what I needed, but definitely was exactly what I wanted. I sit at it almost every day, and can't believe it is truly mine. If it had not been on sale there is no way that I could be sitting here and sharing this. It is the most beautiful thing I own, (except for my cat, Mosby) and I will have and take care of this desk until I am here no more. The craftsmanship is extraordinary and how wonderful that humans can make something this stunningly gorgeous. I would kiss the hands that made this desk. Susanne in Richmond VA
Helpful Helpful 0
Wayfair customer
Beautiful table! Excellent customer service!
Helpful Helpful 0
It is beyond beautiful but arrived with slight damage from two loose cardboard triangle tubes that rubbed the paint. Wayfair did a price adjustment which is much appreciated.
Helpful Helpful 0
classy looking table but I think overpriced
Helpful Helpful 0
Very pretty but silver color more of a gold/greenish color. Will try metal polish to see if brightens up.
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The pedestal base is designed to perfection and are suitable for socializing or ad-hoc working. They are also perfect for café areas. This base has a central column designed to maximize leg space. The base is also perfect for dining tables, because the top is round and can easily sit on a single solid leg in the middle. They are stylish, architectural, and just plain useful in a dining room. The base is also comfortable to sit at. The pedestal tables are a go-to on all sorts of projects, because it's easy to nestle them into corners and avoid the hassle of working around table legs. The base makes the desk to be heavy. Almost all tables supported on a single pedestal are delicate. They are top-heavy and can sometimes lack adequate bracing. If they get tipped over, furthering their inevitable demise, and they get wobbly. This is a common problem that happens to almost all small end tables with a single pedestal.


When looking to invest in a kitchen dining table, the color is one of the factors to consider. Gray color on kitchen dining table makes your working kitchen look modern and elegant. Gray it is a shade of white or a tone of black. The color also portrays boldness and when a furnish is applied on top, it gives the dining table a vintage look. Gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color. The color will blend well with the walls color of your kitchen, making your kitchen look modern. This color being neutral makes it easy to maintain and clean the dining table. It does not fade easily when wiped. Versatile and timeless, gray works particularly well on dining tables. The color has no hue and reflects and transmits only a little light.


We all want to make our dining area look spacious if we have a small dining space. If you so use natural shade for your dining table, you can easily do that. Natural coloured kitchen dining tables can make your room more lively, spacious, and attractive. As dining place is not just a place where we eat rather we gossip and spend time with other, so we should choose such colour which should have a pleasing effect. You can prefer a natural wooden look or the natural colour of any marble for your dining table. If you use natural shades for your dining tables, it will give you an outdoorsy effect. You can choose any colour shade or any material for chairs. You can also choose a mismatched theme for your dining set which goes nice with the natural shade of kitchen dining tables. You can also use natural shade as a base and you can place glass as table top.


Silver kitchen dining table has a wonderful and eye-catching concept. This kitchen dining table will be a focal point in your kitchen or dining room, making it look unique and modern. Silver dining table is easy to clean and does not fade easily. Silver is often seen as the ultimate balance between black and white, allowing it to be an unbiased color that works well with most palettes and schemes. Silver color on your desk will illuminate your room or office color making it look elegant and unique, this color is calming too. A silver dining table offers you the luxury of a medium that's easy to clean. They are attractive and fit well into any modern home. The color reflects light hence making it a piece of art on your dining table. Anyone entering your house will easily notice the silver dining table because it’s a focal point of admiration.

Stainless Steel

We consider many factors for choosing appropriate dining tables as this is the place we gather most of the time during the day. Comfort and style are the two things that we consider before buying a dining table because it is the place where your guests, family members, and friends gather. For style and comfort, things are important first is the material that we choose for our dining table and second is the colour that becomes the style statement for your dining area. Great dining tables can create great memories. Stainless steel can be a nice choice. Stainless Steel is a very durable material, apart from its durability its shine is another reason for attraction. This colour gives a clean and minimalist look. If you have big and formal dining you can choose this shade because stainless steel shade gives a very sober and sophisticated look. Thus, stainless steel has both features, it has functionality and also enhances style. Stainless steel colour can be nice with any shape of tables.

Made in USA

The two things that we look at in our first glance are the style and craftsmanship in the home interior especially for kitchen dining table. These two things you can get in the USA made furniture especially dining tables. The most important feature of USA-made dining tables is that the timber they use for wooden dining tables. Apart from this, they use modern technology along with the skills which are offered by their hands for decades. Furniture making is one of the oldest art of America. Even children know this art which they learned from their parents. American dining tables can be durable, they are also very stylish and beautiful. American dining tables are stronger, its strength makes them a popular choice. Another aspect which also makes them popular is their eco-friendly feature. They bring the lumber which is used for the dining tables, from sustainable forests without causing much damage to our environment. American furniture designers believe in a natural and simple look. They don’t use any chemicals for the dining tables. Thus, for a sound investment, you can prefer the USA-made kitchen dining tables.


A metal kitchen table is a distinctive way to add a sleek, modern look to your kitchen or dining room. Metal kitchen tables are available in a variety of styles and designs; there are kitchen tables made entirely of metal (the legs and tabletop), or tables that have metal supporting legs/beams or features (such as a pedestal support). A metal kitchen or dining table is a great way to enhance your dining space and create a modern, industrial design motif. Metal kitchen tables are practical, functional and aesthetically beautiful. Metal kitchen tables are an ideal choice for small or large spaces, as they are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different room motifs. Metal kitchen and dining tables clean easily, and it’s best to ensure your table is cleaned regularly (with a furniture wax or polish) to maintain shine and the table’s finish. A metal kitchen table is a stunning way to add a sleek, contemporary furniture piece into your existing décor.

Solid Wood

Solid wood dining tables are gorgeous, authentic and elegant furniture pieces that enhance the beauty of your home. Solid wood tables are built and designed with superior care and craftsmanship, and are made to be strong, durable and long-lasting furniture pieces. Solid wood dining tables are naturally beautiful and are available in a range of wood types, styles and colors to suit different design preferences. Most commonly, solid wood tables are made of oak, pine or mahogany, but many wood varieties are ideal choices for crafting tables. Solid wood dining tables can easily integrate into modern/contemporary, rustic or traditional décor motifs. While the natural beauty of many wood varieties is stunning, a benefit to solid wood tables is that you can paint or stain the wood to suit your ever-changing preferences. A solid wood dining table is a classic, timeless furniture piece that never goes out of style!


The right kind of Kitchen dining table is very important because it has many uses in one place. Dining tables come under a wide range of materials. Before installing the right dining table you have to keep two things in mind, first, the functionality of the table, and second, the style. Steel is such a material that can serve these two purposes. Steel can be used both as a base and also table top. Steel is known for its strength, it can hold any weight. Steel dining table tops give a very clean shiny look. Steel dining tables are scratch-proof so, you can choose this material for dining tables. Steel is not vulnerable to moisture thus, it won’t rust, providing you with a long-lasting service. Steel dining tables are budget-friendly and come at affordable prices. It can perfectly fit with any kind of interior décor. Steel dining tables give an industrial look to your dining space.


The Kitchen dining area is a space where you get together with your family members and enjoy your meal. You can come across different materials used for dining tables. A dining table is a centrepiece in a dining room. So, you have to think before choosing the right materials for your table. Wooden table tops increase the warmth of your dining area. You can opt for wooden dining tables. You can simply add a touch of elegance to your dining area by using a wooden dining table with some mixed colours of chairs. You can also choose some dark wooden shade. If you want to create some pastel theme then you can also use some lighter wooden shade. You can simply use wooden logs as your table top. You can also choose any hardwood or softwood like oak, pine, etc. Wooden dining tables can perfectly with any of your interior themes. There are a lot of styles available for wooden tables which will give your Kitchen dining Table area a new dimension.


Natural style of dining table is a style that seeks to embrace simplicity and nature. This style is well suitable for people who love simple tone color’s and shades. With natural style one can easily add some natural colors to blend well with the rest of dining room or kitchen. You can even install aquarium life in your kitchen to lighten up your kitchen. This style will indeed illuminate your room making it elegant and brightens up everything. It also as unique curves on the legs to give a cottage look on your desk. The style can also give your room a natural look because of the curves hence making it a focal point of view. Natural dining styles will provide you with a mind-blowing working environment for your kitchen.


When furnishing your kitchen or dining room choosing a dining table is a very crucial decision you have to make. The dining table whether it’s in the kitchen or dining room it serves the same primary purpose, as a place where you, your family members and at times even close friends come together to share a meal. A dining table comes in different sizes from one that can accommodate either a large family or a small family. They also come in different shapes from square, rectangle, to round. The popularity of the dining table can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and since then the dining table has appeared in many dining rooms across several centuries. For example, during the Victorian era dining tables were used to display of social and family status. And up-to-date dining rooms with dining tables are considered to be fancy especially when the furniture matches the design or décor of the entire dining room or area.


Eucalyptus wood species for the dining tables are a great choice. This wood species is dense, however easier to cut using machine cutters making it produce dining tables that are modern and presentable. The wood takes paints well and when furnish is applied to them, it tends to illuminate the kitchen. The eucalyptus wood is resistant to rot and decay. The wood is strong considering its density. However, the wood is quite brittle and is low in shock resistance. The wood has a moderate durability rating. Eucalyptus wood species is usually red to reddish-brown with slightly interlocked grain that can also be a ripple. It is heavier when compared to some other woods, but grinding, sawing, or polishing is an easy task. Eucalyptus is also prone to cellular collapse so distortion in drying is quite common as well as surface checking. Eucalyptus wood has got a high oil content that makes it stand up easily to moisture, it's comfortable to sit on, and it's a sustainable wood.


Hardwood wood types are extremely versatile and easy to work with. Some examples of hardwoods include oak, cherry, maple, ash and poplar wood. Hardwoods come from trees that have leaves and produce a fruit or nut. Any type of hardwood variety can be used to craft very durable, long-lasting furniture pieces. Hardwoods often have distinct markings in the wood and beautiful variations in the colors, grain patterns and textures of the wood. Hardwood varieties vary in their tones/colors; however, most are a warm, rich color. Kitchen or dining tables crafted of a hardwood variety are available in a range of designs to suit different home décor motifs; for example, some kitchen tables can be crafted to be more modern or industrial by adding glass or metal to the table. Hardwoods are an ideal wood to create distinct and ornate details on the tables; this enhances the beauty and elegance of the table.

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