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Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Zipcode Design™

The sofa received an average score of 4.19 from 8569 buyers.

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Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa Review
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When it comes to home decor there are so many important things one need to take into consideration to create the perfect home. However nothing is as important as having a good, reliable sofa within your living room.

If you are in the market for a sofa there is one specific sofa that you should definitely take a look at the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa from Wayfair, which is one of the most popular sofa on most furniture platforms. The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is a three-seater sofa, with button-tufted back cushions, clean lines, and firm seating area. It comes at a very affordable price tag, after all who doesn’t love a good budget? Plus has one of those expensive looks that makes it look as if it’s worth a fortune, especially with its sophisticated, sleek vibe. The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is not only tailor made for a modern family home but it also blends seamlessly with a contemporary interior design and as a result meeting all the requirements of a perfect piece of furniture. The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is very durable as compared to its competitors as its upholstery is made out of foam-filled microfiber.


1.It’s available in two different microfiber fabrics (upholstery).

Microfiber is a unique manmade fabric material that is usually used to cover sofas and couches. It mainly preferred for its durability and aesthetic appeal, plus it’s made out of fine silk fiber, cotton, and fine wool. Despite being durable the microfiber fabric used to make the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is so dense so as to ensure that the different colors in each fabric appear more vibrant than it would appear in other types of fabrics.

Maintaining the microfiber fabric used to make the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is relatively easy, for example if some soiling occurs on your sofa or maybe a child pours some juice on the sofa or you need to clean it up is a clean piece of cloth, some soap, and water. Plus you can also add some vinegar if you intend to eliminate stains that might have been left from a pet’s urine. It’s also good to note that this microfiber Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa can be steam cleaned. In general the material looks and feels great plus it’s very easy to clean up.

The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is available in two different color microfiber fabric:

Black Microfiber fabric

Black is one exceptional sofa color that can work and blend seamlessly into any color palette that you choose for your interior décor. A black colored Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa will not throw off your color palette but instead it will add an unexpected touch, and depending on your color palette it can act as a statement piece or a neutral piece.

Brown Microfiber fabric

Brown is a popular sofa color especially in households that have small children, who are likely to bring dirt on to the sofa. It might not be the most attractive color that will capture ones attention as they enter in to a room, it’s however known to add warmth into your living room, plus it’s a good color choice for anyone who is trying to achieve more neutral interior.

2.It’s a three seater

The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is a three seater sofa making it the staple furniture piece in every home, due to its fine functionality. And as a three seater it a space savor and as a result solving 80 percent of all furniture arrangement issues which are always space. Unlike a one seater or two seater sofa, the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa three seater has an additional seating space which enable three people to share the sofa comfortably. In case you already own an L-shaped sofa the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa comes as a great addition to create an aesthetic U-shaped seating scheme.

3.It’s stain resistant

In case you have kids, you understand how kids are like little tornadoes in your house causing messes everywhere. Having clean furniture and little children are two things that cannot co-exist, but with the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa stain resistant sofa you do not have to worry any more about stains, its stain resistant fabric is designed to be easy to clean plus it uses advanced technology that creates a barrier that prevents any liquid from soaking down below the surface in to the cushions and causing any damage. With the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa you don’t have to worry any more, let the kids be kids, since the sofas fabric is stain resistant and easy to clean.



The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is highly durable and once you buy it you are assured that it will serve you well for over a decade without having to conduct any repairs and changes. Durability is one of those feature that this specific sofa does not compromise on, as it is one of those things that every customer who is in the market to buy a new sofa wants to be assured of before buying the sofa. What determines the durability of the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is it’s quality solid inner frame, the cushions can always be replaced once they get old or worn out, but no sofa can be considered to be durable if its inner frame is not strong enough and solid to last over a decade.

2.It’s affordable

The three seater Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa won’t leave your pockets empty as it’s available at an economical price tag. It’s budget-friendly, beautiful, functional, and durable, which is everything every homeowner is always looking for in a sofa.

3.Styling is easy

Styling the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is much easier than you thought, especially when you compare it with some its big contemporary competitors. With the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa you do not need to be extra creative all you need is just to splash a specific color, pattern, and style plus some throw pillows to create a chic-style within your living room.

4.It comes with an optional protection plan

The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa comes with an optional protection plan which comes in really handy especially if you have kids or pets that are always running and playing around within your living room, creating a greater chance of damaging your beloved Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa. The protection plan is just like a car insurance or health insurance but unlike insurance it’s a one-time costs that’s covers the entire life span of your Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa. One huge advantage of this protection plan is that it’s optional which means if you do not want it you can opt out, but if you opt in, it’s very affordable.

5.It has a microfiber upholstery

The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa has a microfiber upholstery that perfect for anyone who is always on a tight schedule and doesn’t have time to conduct everyday household chores, mainly the modern-day working family. This is because this specific sofa does not need so much care and attention, plus it will serve you for years. Especially considering that the upholstery material is stain and scratch proof.


The cushions are a bit firm

The only con associated with the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is that its cushion are a bit firm especially for any old aged person who intends to get one. This is a huge discomfort for most old aged persons since their backs will tend to start aching in case they sit on the sofa for a long period of time. Unlike on plush sofas you cannot sink into the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa back cushions and back cushions, plus they are not detachable like in many sofas.


The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa is a pretty modern sofa especially for any minimalist looking for a sofa that fully functional, I would highly recommend the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa. It’s also a good choice in case you have children who are always playing around in the living room or even pets, as it is highly durable with a fabric that is resistant to stains or scratches from pets. The Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa has all the quality of a perfect living room sofa since it’s durable, functional, affordable, and pretty comfortable. I would highly recommend it to any young adult who just moved out of their parents’ house in to their own apartment, especially if you are on a tight budget or you have a limited space within your apartment. This is because the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa can easily fit into small space despite having room to accommodate three people plus it’s very affordable. I would however not recommend it for any elderly individual since, as earlier mentioned the cushions a quite firm and can cause severe back pains to any elderly individual. In case you are looking for a sofa that will deliver on its daily functionality the Ibiza 80.3'' Flared Arm Sofa has our approval.

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sofa-type: sofadesign: standard


The type of this sofa is sofa, and its characteristics are as follows.


A stylish sofa at the center of any social space will always act as the focal point, whether you’re all hosting a game night or just curled up to the latest Netflix series, on your sofa is where you will be spending most of your time. It might not only be the centerpiece of your living room, sofas being some of the priciest pieces of furniture. They are choice that you have to ensure that you get it right. As long as your cushions are holding up the sleepover will always erase all the signs. Remember that many people prefer sitting across from each other at an angle. So there you have it, whether you want a modern or a mid-century styled sofas, sectional sofas are always the best sofas to go with.

Compared with other elements, design is like the soul of a sofa, and good design will make the sofa more practical. The following is a description of the design of this sofa.


This style of the couch is about the moderate plan and cleans lines. There are numerous assortments of this style of couch. It's intended to look great and be agreeable – the outcome is it's not the most agreeable furnishings, but rather is combined with the correct home plan, it can look fantastic. The standard couch merges with the features around it. . Think of a standard sofa as a fresh start with an infinite number of stylistic layout blends possible.

The standard sofa is the most ideal choice for a home flaunting any design style as they pair well with a wide range of shading plans and are immortal and a lot simpler to keep clean. . It will absorb the busy patterns, and these patterns allow sitting more comfortably within the overall scheme. A standard sofa in a living room provides a perfect canvas to add to your style.

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