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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65"
Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65"
Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65"
Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65"
Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65"
Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65"

Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65"

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Hashtag Home
947 Reviews
$133.99 - $157.99
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
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59'' W x 15.8'' H x 14'' D
Maximum TV Screen Size Accommodated
Weight Capacity
Overall Product Weight
Open shelving
Natural Variation Type
Natural Wood Grain Color Variation
Adjustable Shelving
Wheels Included
Tipover Restraint Device Included
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use; Non Residential Use
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Installation Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
Screwdriver; Power Drill
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
60 Days
Full or Limited Warranty

Featured Reviews

Here are 66 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
947 Reviews
Would Recommend
48/66 recommendations
Featured 66 Reviews
Easy to put together, did it myself in about 45 minutes, so cute!!
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Love it!! Looks perfect in my new place was fairly easy to put together. The TV pictured is 50”
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I just love it… it’s nice and simple And it wasn’t difficult to assemble it
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Love it! Perfect fit for my big TV and get simple for my boho vibe
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Excellent quality for a good price.!
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The pieces arrived in good order and the stand was assembled efficiently by a representative of the Handy service offered by Wayfair. I am pleased with the quality and especially how well it accommodates my 65 inch TV.
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Fantastic stand. Levels the TV so that it is directly in front of the couch. Looks great and was easy to assemble.
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Love it assembled by 2 in 1hr or less. Very minimalist. Arrived very early
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Love this TV stand! It was exactly what I expected and I’m happy with this purchase. A few people in the other reviews complained that it was a little too low to the ground but I chose it specifically for that reason. I have a low, modern style bed and wanted a lower tv stand to match it. I love how it kind of has a floating effect in the front. The TV I have on it is a 47” screen but I’m sure it could fit bigger. I do wish the material was a little better quality, but I think it’s fine for the price. Overall very happy with my purchase.
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5 stars for the modern look! Just perfect and beautiful for my living room! Very easy instructions and installation. It was easier with an electric drill so I recommend that tool. It did have a small dent on the top corner but that part is to the wall so it’s no biggie. That was a shipping error.
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Very cute, color a little gray and darker than in the picture and kinda small for our 65 inches tv but it’s all good.
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Sukrut Surendra
The Packaging was great. Arrived earlier than expected. The instruction manual could have been more elaborate but once you get a hang of what tools to use it was a smooth process. Took less than an hr to assemble. Looks great and unique for my 65 inch TV. Only drawback was very difficult to take cellotape off the ends of the parts.
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Looks great and was really easy to assemble
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Just what I was looking for to fit my 69' inch tv - Wanted something low profile so my TV didn't look massive. Was easy to put together (took about an hour) and I loved how it looked too!
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we love it! Perfect size and looks great against our black walls
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Surprisingly nice build considering the price. Easy to assemble
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The TV Stand looks great! Definitely worth the price!
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Perfect for my living room. Exactly as described.
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Love it!!! Is perfect and easy to assemble.
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It’s almost like this was made to be reversible. As much as i love the slight industrial look to this modern low rise TV stand. I think I like it in reverse giving it more of a Rustic feel. It fits my 65” TV very nicely.
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Very sleek and modern look abs fits well in my house (meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space). Definitely a good buy that I would recommend to any minimalist
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Looks exactly like the picture loved it !! Easy to put together dont regret it at all
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Love it. Pay close attention to manual or else you can easily make a minor mistake. I like how simple it was to put together. Not too many pieces, just right!
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The shelf was easy to assemble and looks great with our new tv on it. The style is simple with clean lines. I'm very happy with it!
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Very happy with this purchase!
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I have a big tv so I’ve been reading all the reviews before I purchased to make sure the stand will fit my tv and also fit to my small living room ,i recommend this one it’s perfect and takes me less than 30mins to install it by myself.
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I love it soo much. Came just as it looked. It’s soo perfect !!
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I love it. Wasn’t too hard to put together but it did take a little bit of time because I only had a screw driver lol
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Easy to assemble, nice and sturdy product. It’s definitely for a gaming area where you will place a big tv on it in my opinion with it being so short.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" reviewKaron TV Stand for TVs up to 65" reviewKaron TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Was very easy to assemble. Waiting on my 65” Tv to see the final look.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Easy to put together (did it by myself) first my TV great. Low profile
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Tv stand worth it’s price. Size is perfect for 65’ tv.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Love this! It was assembled in probably 15 or 20 minutes and easy enough for me to move around my space. I’m actually going to move it under my windows and use it for plants rather than the TV which is what I bought it for.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Absolutely love this ! Perfect size for a studio apartment! Very easy assembly!
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
I upcycled it by adding gold leafing to it and I’m in love! It was already modern but looks so lux now!
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Great for my son’s bedroom ! 65” Tv
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
This was just what I wanted to go with my new modern contemporary theme. It’s easy to put together. The box itself is heavy but I was able to put it together myself. I had to turn mine around to keep my cats from crawling under it but it seems looks good.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Easy assembly, durable, and good quality. The veneer wood material is convincing.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
I like the TV stand. The instructions weren't very clear, however we eventually figured it out. One of my corners was damaged and customer service handled the situation with grace. My television is a 65 in Samsung.
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Cute find on sale. Instructions are vague, but paired with common sense and it’s simple enough.
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Overall, I like the look of the stand and the price was amazing. I’m happy about the purchase. There was quite a few smudges, dents, and scrapes throughout the wood so not the best quality but you get what you pay for I guess!
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It took me close to 2 hours setting it up by myself, but I loved it afterwards. The description on the manual is not helpful, but the YouTube video helped. Pros- Not too expensive. Simple and cool design. If you’re not inpatient, you can set it up yourself. Cons- It is not a solid wood, but a dust board and can be easily ruined if over-screwed or carelessly placed. The black rod has a tiny part that is screwed to the white framework that can easily break if not careful. One broke while I was setting it up, but I could do without it because other screws helped. Overall, I love it on under my 65 inch TV.
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It’s a bit on the shorter side guess I should’ve double checked the measurements, overall it was pretty easy to assemble and great for our 65’ tv.
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I really liked this tv stand it’s a bit small but it was just what i was looking for it shipped so fast and it’s very easy to build
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Great product. Easy to Assemble. Only reason I gave 4 star due to bit damage on corner. Otherwise is 5 for the value of !!!
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
Long story short, ordered this tv stand back in May 2021 and never opened it until today ( January 23rd 2022) and just noticed Wayfair shipped me the white one instead of the walnut color I had ordered. Looks nice though LOL
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
It came with some dents and stains. Besides that it is perfect. It was pretty easy to assemble too, and I even painted it.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
I needed a TV stand that could fit my Sonos playbar and this does without using the dividers. I put together myself. I give 4 stars only because I wish it was a little taller.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
... we literally just got this and are trying to put it together and this is literally what it looks like. The corners of the top part are all screwed up... and this is the front of the furniture. This was meant to be a gift, I’m pretty disappointed it came with some damage to it considering it’s brand new. Which definitely blows because it looks good other than that
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It looks goodBut it is of very poor quality. The wood chipped off while trying to assemble.
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Looks great but some of the holes werent long enough so the screws wouldnt go in all the way, namely on the square wooden boards. I had to made the hole bigger myself before I was able to get the screws in completely. Still managed to strip the screws in the process. Also, the holes where you screw the metal part to werent holes at all (see photo). I had to hammer the screw into it to even make a hole, ripping some of the wood underneath to do so. The instructions also werent very clear. Took 2.5 hours to set up by myself.
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This product receives five stars for the ultimate aesthetic look and feel. My TV is 58 inches and it is perfect for my TV. It sits low to the ground but if the TV is mounted closer to the stand, it would look fine. The package took awhile to come. Once I received the package, some of the parts were dirty/random scratches. It’s been put together for a few weeks and no problems so far.
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Low rating goes towards the packaging and the production of this unit. Regarding the packaging/damage, the TV stand was shipped via FedEx, and the unit was knocked quite a bit in transit. See photo of part no. 1 (the longest part on top), the corner was chipped off. The styrofoam in the package also came apart; when I opened up the package, bits of styrofoam flew all around my living room. Cleaning it up was a hassle..The QC that went into this product was shoddy. The white parts have these black scuff marks that will not come off. I have already tried to scrub it off a wet cloth but it doesn't come off. Also, the back edge of the stand does not align perfectly (see photo); again, a quality control issue. The TV stand was not the cheapest on the market, and considering how this is my first purchase/experience from wayfair, it may be my only experience with this site.
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Truthfully, I wouldn't waste your money. The first package I received, many of the boards were damaged with black marks that wouldn't come off, and then I was missing pieces. The second package I received had all of the pieces, but some of the boards were damaged; thankfully, I could switch them out with the other one to find the best of what I had. The instructions are just pictures and confusing to understand, and once set up; it was extremely short. If you stand a newborn baby up, the baby would be taller than the entertainment center. All in all, I'm not happy with it, but it took so much time and effort that I'm just going to keep it, but definitely not worth the money!
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Arrived scratched in different places. This picture shows one of them.
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One of the piece came out dented and chipped. Fairly easy to put together but given the quality, I don’t expect it to last long.
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The product would have been perfect if it wasn't chipped and the bars actually went the same way. I wasn't able to properly secure the bars because the pieces where the screws go were on different sides. I can't even send it back because the box was already so damaged that it barely survived delivery.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" reviewKaron TV Stand for TVs up to 65" reviewKaron TV Stand for TVs up to 65" reviewKaron TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
The item was damaged and unfortunately the damage is right in the front corner and so visible.The quality of screws are so low and they all stripped.
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Came EXTREMELY damaged. Super cheap quality. None of the pieces match up so all of the edges are off and it looks horrible. DO NOT BUY!!!
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The stand is not at all what I expected and it was chipped on two of the corners very disappointed with the item
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Horrible!!! When it came, it came without any hardware!!! When they finally sent the hardware, there were SEVERAL pieces missing so this is what I am left with!!! Never Again!!!!
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The product came with missing pieces, wayfair ordered replacement parts and I was notified they would arrive 2 months later. I cancelled the replacement parts and ordered another color of the same product to use the parts of. Upon assembly I realized both products (walnut color I ordered initially that came with missing pieces and the oak one I got after) both had defects on wood parts such as scratches and crushed edges. I gave up with frustration as I did not want to spend other couple of hours on call with support and assembled with the bad wood. Extremely disappointed.
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Hi don’t buy it it’s cheap quality And I didn’t see that of you it’s not good really not good
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Love, love, love the stand. It took me a while to put together, because their are not any words with the directions but the end result is amazing. It sits very low , but I like the height because all my living room furniture sits low.
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The box was ripped on one side and open on the other, and the hardware was missing. Besides, the pieces are chipped all over. This is my first bad experience
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This is how it was left on my porch. Box open and tv stand sticking out.
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Karon TV Stand for TVs up to 65" review
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