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Levine Sled Coffee Table
Levine Sled Coffee Table

Levine Sled Coffee Table

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Bernhardt
2 Reviews
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18'' H x 48'' L x 28'' D
Overall Product Weight
Top Color
Base Color
Top Material
Base Material
Metal; Stone
Wheels Included
Integrated Wireless Charging Surface
Weight Capacity
80 lb.
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Number of Tables Included
Storage Included
Level of Assembly
Adult Assembly Required
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Full or Limited Warranty

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2 Reviews
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8/12 recommendations
Featured 12 Reviews
This is a very high quality piece from a reputable manufacturer in Bernhardt. Easily to assemble, very sturdy. Furthermore, this was the best price available. It has a slightly stressed finished, ample under table storage and is a sizable centerpiece for certain room configurations. It can be casual or formal.
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Beautiful piece but to echo other reviewers, the top does need to be screwed to the base (screws weren’t included)
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I needed a solid table fir my Crystal Singing Bowls and this one is perfect, size and style are exactly what I was looking for. i just wish there was some end tables too
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Chair is perfect and so is Wayfair!This chair is not even 6 mos. old and the wear and color fading is really scaring me. I have a 15 year old Lazy Boy in my rec room and the leather looks better than this. Please respond....
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Beautifully sideboard, great quality, and Wayfair order process, delivery and customer service was top notch as usual!
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Gorgeous table! Can move around easily if needed. Classic table.
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A little darker than we had expected.
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The table itself is stunning. Unfortunately, there was a shipping faulty and the table came damaged.
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The table that I received should not have been able to leave the warehouse. It was clearly damaged. To make matters worse, somebody made a poor attempt at a patch job on it. The fact that this table could be shipped out the way that it was and somebody thought that it wouldn't be noticed offends me. I am familiar with the Bernhardt label and I've seen some pieces in showrooms. The table that I received is not the quality I was expecting from what I know of them.I gave the table two stars based on the honeycomb design alone. The design is unique and not something you'll find in every home. However, if you are looking for a stand alone statement piece this table is not it. You will need to dress this table up to achieve a high end look. It also is not scratch resistant so you will need to purchase a glass or acrylic table top to protect it. I would not recommend this table to anyone that has young kids or likes to entertain often.Overall: was the table worth the $750 I paid for it? No. Would I recommend this table to anyone else? Probably not.
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I ordered a fabric that they could not provide a sample prior to purchase. Don't make that mistake. The fabric is "shiny" and not what I expected. So, a big disappointment. The other thing I don't like is the the way the back cushions are finished. It seems like every manufacturer is cutting corners on quality. To finish corners like this is just substandard. I would not purchase this product again. The couch is very expensive and it is not the quality I expected.
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The finish is coming off! Beware Wayfair sells 2nd and 3rd quality items.
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Beautiful piece, but it had cracks, and a smashed corner.
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Levine Sled Coffee Table reviewLevine Sled Coffee Table reviewLevine Sled Coffee Table reviewLevine Sled Coffee Table review
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Coffee tables are always the centerpiece or focal point of your living room, and the living room being the one place in your house that you and your family spend the most time in, that’s why when choosing a coffee table you should ensure that you get it right. And nothing brings out the best of your living room like a coffee table with a sled base, as it is designed to give your home a sophisticated charm creating a sleek modern vibe in your living room. Whether it’s a wooden or a metallic sled base the coffee table bring about a modern industrial design with a little bit of chic aesthetic in to your home design. This specific type of coffee table tends to add subtle into the design of your space especially if you have a small living room.


If you are in the market for a coffee table, there are so many choices that you can choose from ranging from glass, wooden, to metallic coffee table. However one of the most durable type if coffee table in the market is the metallic coffee table reason being, metallic coffee table are very versatile and as a result you are likely to easily find one that blends seamlessly with the type of décor that you are using. Plus metallic coffee table are always very durable and long-lasting since metal is a very strong element. Metallic coffee table are also very affordable as compared to other types of coffee table, this is because metal is a readily available product. One disadvantage of owning a metallic coffee table is the fact that it’s high likely to rust if it’s not well coated with a weather resistant plant.


Stone coffee tables are a modern choice to enhance the sophistication of your home. Stone coffee tables have been a popular choice for home living spaces for generations; they are beautiful, strong, and sturdy coffee tables. Stone coffee tables can enhance many home décor styles, including traditional, industrial, and vintage. Stone coffee tables are easy to clean and maintain; it’s best to wipe up any spills immediately using warm water and a mild soap. There are sealants or protective veneers specially designed for stone coffee tables; it’s best to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are properly cleaning and maintaining your stone coffee table. A stone coffee table elevates a modern, clean, and lavish ambience in your home, allowing you to showcase your style and design. A stone coffee table makes an ideal addition to any home living space. It’s best to ensure that you take care if and when children are around a stone coffee table (to safeguard against possible injury or damage).


Most often when you select a coffee table, you’re selecting one individual coffee table. In other words, you are only seeking to purchase the coffee table that will likely be the focal point of your home living space. A sole (or individual) coffee table is a typical furniture choice for many people; it is easy to select an individual coffee table that will complement your existing home décor motif or enhance a particular style you have in mind. Having one coffee table allows you to create a focal point in your home living space and enhance the beauty of your coffee table. You can enhance your individual coffee table (and create a focal point in your living space) by positioning the coffee table in the centre of the room, adding unique décor pieces or floral arrangements, or using gorgeous textiles to spruce up the look of your coffee table.

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