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Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table

Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: George Oliver
5017 Reviews
$167.99 - $201.99
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
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Price History
Not available
18'' H x 42'' L x 22'' D
Overall Product Weight
Clearance - Floor to Bottom
Top Material
Manufactured Wood
Top Manufactured Wood Type
Base Material
Base Metal Finish Application
Powder Coated
Gloss Finish
Wheels Included
Integrated Wireless Charging Surface
Weight Capacity
125 lb.
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Number of Tables Included
Storage Included
Stain Resistant
California Proposition 65 Warning Required
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
Avoid Power Tools
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
90 Days
Full or Limited Warranty
Warranty Details
Against defects

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5017 Reviews
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66/91 recommendations
Featured 91 Reviews
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* This Coffee Table may have changed since we completed this review.


Coffee tables for decades now have been spicing up our living rooms. They always impact beauty and glamorous appeal in any living room. As part of the living room, coffee tables are used to display magazines, decorations, and electronic remotes. Coffee tables often appear in living rooms, as part of the living room furniture arrangement. With so many coffee table styles, sizes, and features to choose from, it is important to consider a few key design and construction features, to ensure that your coffee table will meet all your needs.

During festive or major events at our houses, family members can always gather around the tables and bond well. They play a major role in congregating people together, especially when playing games like chess or cards. Whether the surface for a game night or just the perfect perch for keeping cups in easy reach, this coffee table is an essential place to gather in your living room ensemble.

Crafted from durable metal, Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table features an X-shaped base with clean lines for a touch of contemporary appeal, while neutral hues allow it to blend with your color scheme. This makes the table a top-notch view for your living room. The manufactured wood top showcases a rectangular silhouette. With the X-shaped base, family members are users can easily seat around the table without any interference from the base.

Just like any other coffee table, Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table requires full assembling. The instructions are clear and you won't need to hire an expert. The edges are carefully molded to make the table modern and classic. The table is available in two colors, gold, and chrome. These colors won't disappoint you, they easily blend well with the rest of your living room decor.

The weight is 25lbs which makes the table portable and size 18'' H x 42'' L x 22'' W. The table does not require assembling for its fully assembled. You can easily slide your feet underneath the table because it has got 15" of clearance space available. The shape of the table is rectangular, making it accommodate more items on the top surface.

Features Sturdy construction

The base is crafted from durable metal, which ensures the coffee table lasts for decades. The metal is well coated with Gold furnish that makes it look outstanding.

Rectangular squared-top

The top surface is a rectangular-shaped manufactured wood, that shows a cases silhouette. The color of the top surface is chrome. This makes the table look eye-catching and modern. It can also support up to 125 pounds after assembly.

Stylish X- leg base

Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table has got a stylish bad that is crafted using metals. The X-shaped base has clean lines for a touch of contemporary appeal, while the neutral hues allow it to blend with the rest of your living room decor.


It is elegant coffee table colors: Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table comes in two colors gold and chrome, which complement well with the rest of your living room decor.

Easy to assemble: When it comes to assembling the coffee table is fully assembled hence no need for assembling the table.

Stylish: This will make your living room a focal point of admiration for any guest entering your house. It’s beautiful and modern. The base has got an X-shaped design that is coated with gold polish. The table tends to blend well with the rest of the living room decor.

Assembling: Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table requires full assembling. The instructions are clear and it's easy to assemble without the need of an expert.


The coffee table can be used for different purposes. Apart from placing your remotes and newspapers, the table can be used in the reception office to attract visitors coming. It can also be used to display flowers or even hold a water dispenser.

Quality metal

The sturdiness of the metal makes it everyone’s favorite choice. It ensures longevity and great strength. Quite on the contrary, wood is still a natural and solid material that can last for years after the purchase. It's a productive investment, and coffee table furniture like this can be a part of your living space interior for many years to come.


The table base is a shaped design, that allows easier movement of guest legs beneath the table. This will allow easier movement.


The table has got 25lbs making it lighter to carry and place in any place of interest in your house.

Cons Maintenance

Some customers complained about the paper on top peeling off easily. When it comes to maintenance of Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table, stains tend to be stubborn especially when cracks and scratches start to appear on this tabletop. Wood tends to get scratches and tuff stains might be hard to get off.

Quick Tips & Advice Tips on how to dress up Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table
Now it's time for the really fun part - style! Follow these simple steps to create a soft coffee table setting for Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table. You will have friends and family think you are an interior style right away!

Height: Give the table dressing substance by adding height. Take care not to go too tall as you need to still see your TV! Try styling objects such as vases, candlesticks, or a tall lantern, adding a candle for an instant mood setting.

An unusual object: Think of something quirky or interesting that you can style as the focal point. We always find placing an object in a cloche works well.

Something fresh: Adding a plant or a small vase of flowers to the space will add life and zest to your setting. Succulents are ideal as they also have a sculptural quality and need no maintenance.

A stack of books: A pile of color-coordinated books or magazines will give your coffee table instant style. Use a few books to make a real impact, topping them off with something decorative like a candle, small vase, or plant The above are some of the ways you can dress this coffee table. Otherwise, you can always dress the table according to your taste.

Care and maintenance

Properly cared Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table can last for years. It’s easy to update as your decorating tastes change, too. Swap the legs, change out the hardware or add a lick of paint. It is such a good investment, but you need to know how to clean wood coffee tables to get your money’s worth. it's time to try one or more of the following methods.

Applying oil can help eliminate stubborn white water rings on wooden coffee tables once finished. Try rubbing in an open doll of mayonnaise with full oil or petroleum jelly right there. If the ring does not quickly disappear, add and wait an hour or two before wiping it with a clean cloth.

Using heat tends to quickly dry out the trapped moisture and remove the white water surface from the coffee tables. So, hold your hairdryer and, using a very low setting, direct the ring to blow. Keep the dryer moving so as not to overheat the area. After a minute or two, turn off the dryer and let the place cool. If the ring remains, try the next step.


These coffee tables aren't just places for your cups of coffee. It can be used to display items, place tasty snacks, and your favorite magazines. So if you’re looking for extra storage, opt for a coffee table with a drawer or shelf. With so many coffee table styles, sizes, and features to choose from, Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table is a good consideration, because of its functionality and is ideal for small spaces. This makes the coffee table a great addition to your living room.

Portability ain't a problem for this coffee table, it can be moved around the Living room easily. Well, one can still opt for something smaller and simpler in design, perhaps something that is more like a side table. It’s a pretty obvious point to make but remember that with mobile coffee tables, the lighter the better.

Depending on your taste, you can always select a coffee table that has got features that will blend well with your needs. The shape of this table being rectangular is ideal for small spaces. The base shape also comes as an added advantage. You will have ease in movement especially if you are stretching your legs or just gathering around the table.

Coffee tables serve several purposes; from completing a look, to storage and display they are much needed in a space. The question is which style will work for your room. Should you go with a wood one with chunky legs, metallic with a glass top; should it be round, square, or rectangular? The options are endless and at times can be overwhelming.

Fits well in my tiny living room. I’m very pleased with my purchase!
Helpful Helpful 0
All from Wayfair! Sofa, rug, coffee table, side table, lamp and wall decor! Love it
Helpful Helpful 0
I purchased this table about 6 months ago and I still cannot get over it! I absolutely love it! Perfect size for a small apartment.
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect size. Very sturdy. Must wipe water stains immediately as water does not soak into the material at all; it will stay wet for hours.
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to assemble. Looks great in my living room.
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks more expensive than it was, people always assume it’s marble until they touch it. It was also very easy to put together.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love it! Perfect for my small living room
Helpful Helpful 0
Pleasantly surprised how good it looked for price.
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to assemble and looks lovely in my living room :)
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this table. It definitely adds a nice elegant touch.
Helpful Helpful 0
Assembly was quick and simple. The look of the marble design is subtle and realistic (not overdone or cartoonish). The material is lightweight and might be easily worn, not similar to real marble at all. Personally would prefer a little more gray and less white but it’s a good table nonetheless. The gold legs are frosted/matte with light yellow undertones (will not match anything that’s bronze or copper).
Helpful Helpful 0
It’s so beautiful! Highly recommend purchasing: it adds a feminine touch to any room. And it’s light weight and not clunky and heavy.
Helpful Helpful 0
Assembly is so straight forward that we didn’t even need instructions. It took less than 10 min to put together and it looks sooooo nice!!! I love it.
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks great! Was really easy to put together!
Helpful Helpful 0
Love love love this table! So glad I got this table. The set up time was probably 20 minutes(if that long). It’s possible to put together by yourself but my sister helped me with holding the legs so I can screw them in. The table top is surprisingly sturdy. I didn’t see any scuff marks on the table when it arrived. It came with all of the tools needed and it is true to the picture. Highly recommend!!
Helpful Helpful 0
A very cute and well built coffee table!!! Is made of good quality and came exactly like expected! I love it!
Helpful Helpful 0
It was very easy to put together and it’s super cute!
Helpful Helpful 0
I LOVE IT !!! im totally happy with my table thanks wayfair for a great services and
Helpful Helpful 0
HUGE fan of this table!!!!!! It was everything i thought it would be. Assembling it was a breeze. Love the finish of the legs! Expected the table finish to be smoother than it is but no complaints. Love love love it!!!!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Very nice coffee table for the price!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great table. Easy to assemble and arrived exactly how it looks in the pictures. I love it!!!
Helpful Helpful 0
No matter how many times I took this apart and put together I couldn’t get it to line up properly
Helpful Helpful 0
Assembly was easy and took me less than 15 min. The color is as described and it’s sturdy.
Helpful Helpful 0
I like it very much, it goes well with my sofa
Helpful Helpful 0
This is a beautiful and sturdy coffee table.
Helpful Helpful 0
Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to assemble too
Helpful Helpful 0
Great piece for the price. It was super easy to put together too.
Helpful Helpful 0
Super easy to put together. Nice sturdy little table.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is an awesome modern piece! Looks really classy on a shag but I had placed it directly on the floor and it looked equally good. It was really easy to assemble and is sturdy. A good value for money product for sure!
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to put together- extremely elegant!-
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks beautiful and super easy to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love! Thought it was a real marble top when I purchased but it wasnt. Regardless still beautiful and very easy to put together
Helpful Helpful 0
I really like this table. The first one that came ended up being damaged but they sent a new one right away. It was very easy to put together.
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect table for our sitting area upstairs! It’s super cute and trendy, and it feels like great quality!
Helpful Helpful 0
Love!!! Perfect size and understated marble design.
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect add to my living room !
Helpful Helpful 0
I love the table was really easy to installing everything was perfect )
Helpful Helpful 0
I really like this coffee table! I ordered it for my new apartment and it did not disappoint. It was light weight enough for me to lift and assemble alone. It took about 15 min to put together and was very easy to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love it, easy to assemble and looks good.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this table! Easy to put together!
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
So easy to put together. Love it. Shown with Remi sofa.
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
Easy assembly and nice simple touch to my living room!
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful table and well made. Person who put it together for me was friendly and efficient. Love it
Helpful Helpful 0
Its nice kinda like a marble finish
Helpful Helpful 0
Very elegant. Material has better quality than the picture can show.
Helpful Helpful 0
This coffee table is much more beautiful and substantial than I expected for the price! It is sturdy and so cute in our space! I am very pleased with this purchase!
Helpful Helpful 0
Ana Luisa
Perfect!!!! Looks like pict!!!
Helpful Helpful 0
I really recommend this coffee table! It's beautiful and good quality.
Helpful Helpful 0
Easiest piece of furniture I’ve ever assembled and looks great! The “marble” top doesn’t feel real but It does look way more expensive than It was.
Helpful Helpful 0
Amazing looking table , good quality and very easy to assemble !!
Helpful Helpful 0
Quiero devolverla es muy grande
Helpful Helpful 0
Very easy to assemble and looks so classy!!!!
Helpful Helpful 0
easy to assemble and look great, we bought it with the two side tables...looks awesome
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks pretty good for the price
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy assembly! Great aesthetics.
Helpful Helpful 0
Had it for over 3 years. Held up nicely
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this table! Modern, sleek, lightweight and easy to assemble. The faux marbling looks super authentic but without the extra weight of true marble. The geometric design of the legs is also aesthetically pleasing. I gave this table 4 stars only because it has a slight wobble to it. Although, that will be easily fixed especially since we will be placing it on top of an area rug. Overall very pleased with this purchase.
Helpful Helpful 1
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table reviewMaksymilian Legs Coffee Table reviewMaksymilian Legs Coffee Table reviewMaksymilian Legs Coffee Table reviewMaksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
Good for the price. Looks nice and contemporary luxe. Be careful to use coasters otherwise the top will peel off over time
Helpful Helpful 1
It doesnt look expensive, but it is a really cute end table for the price.
Helpful Helpful 0
Aesthetically pretty nice. Legs are sturdy. The table top is cheap material. I read other comments about the table top quality and all those comments are accurate. I made sure I have coasters on the coffee table as I’m not sure if it can handle moisture.
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice, but it’s not very marble toppy and it’s more white
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice table but top is not real stone!
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
Es muy bonito, lástima no pude lucirla
Helpful Helpful 0
It’s a lot lighter than it looks and easy to move. The top looks like marble but it’s wood. It has a deceivingly expensive look to it. Unfortunately, mine came damaged and since I didn’t purchase the warranty I wasn’t able to replace it. I purchased it a month before my actual move so the return date had expired. It’s just one small corner so I’m good with it.
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
It’s pretty, looks a little cheap but does the trick. Let’s see how it holds up over time.
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
Have it for 3 years now and it’s still in a good shape. You have to be a little careful with the top since it is not a solid surface like granite, but it looks good! Also, easy to build
Helpful Helpful 0
Really cute but one spill and the top warped like cardboard. I now use it in the playroom for toys instead of as a coffee table
Helpful Helpful 4
Not the most sturdy piece of furniture. Left a cup on it and it left a water mark. Also scratches very easily. Will work for now until I get something else
Helpful Helpful 0
This is only ok... the top is faux marble and sort of more like a sticker over particle board and almost immediately started peeling off. The marble print of the sticker isn’t even great. Very meh.
Helpful Helpful 0
This piece scratches easily and if it gets wet will forever remain wet marks.
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
The quality of the legs is very good but the top does not look like marble and has some bubbles, however, with a few decoration pieces on top it looks perfect!
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
I’ve had this coffee table for close to 2 years and have loved it. It isn’t real wood (which I knew) but I was cleaning it the other day and a piece of paper got wet on the table and dried on it before I noticed. When I went to clean it up the fake top of the table peeled off like a sticker. It is a fine table for what it is and looked great before, but just be careful of the “finish”.
Helpful Helpful 0
It looks pretty initially but it does not stand the test of time. Save yourself money on the long run and buy something better.
Helpful Helpful 0
Can’t tell it’s marble because painted so lightly
Helpful Helpful 0
This table looks cute. When I purchase it I thought it was that laminated it only to my surprise my son peel son of the top last night and is was paper! Be aware of it! I was able to glue some of it back together with a glue stick ‍‍. Other than that it would have been a very nice table!
Helpful Helpful 0
There is a scratch on the surface when I received it. And after one month, the scratch looks deeper.
Helpful Helpful 0
This table is made of a cheap paper material that is easily destroyed by water and gentle use. Attractive but horrible quality. I have owned this for only a year and it’s torn and damaged in various areas. I asked wayfair for help but they said they can’t help me because it’s been a year since I purchased it.
Helpful Helpful 0
This photo is right outta the box. The corner is peeling. It’s rough around the edges. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this poor quality table.
Helpful Helpful 0
This big package was delivered at common mail room where i have to put on my shoulder to bring to my apartment..could have been delivered to my apartment outside least!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Low quality build and the printed top is significantly "veinier" than the photos shown. The top also scratches so easily and immediately exposes the cheap wood underneath.
Helpful Helpful 0
This coffee table is horrible. It is made out of paper and I have had it less than a year and the corners are pressing off. Do not buy.
Helpful Helpful 2
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
The corners of the table began to peel in a matter of 4 months. Would not recommend.
Helpful Helpful 1
This table is so cheap. My one year old can easily move the table around the house
Helpful Helpful 1
Cute but really a bad quality the top is a kind of Carton is to cheap and is pealing off not worth it
Helpful Helpful 1
Easily stained. Cannot used for serving food. Oil stains immediately and cannot clean off from it
Helpful Helpful 1
Very cheap looking everything discolors the marble .i need to stop ordering from way fair
Helpful Helpful 1
The material is terrible. Also mine showed up with a stain. If you’re looking for a sturdy long lasting coffee table, this isn’t it.
Helpful Helpful 0
Arrived damaged and looks cheap.
Helpful Helpful 0
I have had the table for 4 months and it’s already coming apart I would give it 0 stars but it wound let me
Helpful Helpful 0
Maksymilian Legs Coffee Table review
It broke a few months in- one of the legs. Trying to figure out how to get this fixed.
Helpful Helpful 0
Corner was smashed due to cheap material
Helpful Helpful 0
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Chrome kitchen dining table is one of the best colors that will leave you wanting more. This color will illuminate your kitchen making it a focal point of admiration. Chrome is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation. Chrome is also stimulating, vibrant, and flamboyant making it also favorable for toddlers who are studying or for those who loves chrome colors. This sleek look, which is both classic and cool, will look good on any piece of furniture, and will match all the other decor in your home. Because it works on any type of metal and combined with any color, chrome plating works as part of any type of furniture, too. Chrome color on dining table is easy to clean and does not fade easily.


When looking for a kitchen coffee table furnish that will either illuminate your office or bedroom? Gold kitchen coffee table is the furnish of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess, and shares several of the same attributes of yellow. This furnish will illuminate your room making it the focal point of view. It can easily blend with the rest of your coffee table room. Gold coffee table can also be used to place your best flower vase and other decorative items. It’s easy to clean. Gold reflects light making bold and visible to anyone entering your house. This furnish matches well with the rest of colors in your coffee table room. Gold will always create excellent energy. When used near any light source, the warmth of its unique glow and the mood it creates is hard to beat. To maximize this, gilt wall lampshades with gold interiors are perfect for your coffee table.


If you want a fun and interesting place to eat with your family or you would rather have a chic and sophisticated place to eat in, a white coffee table can easily match your taste. This is because white is considered a timeless color. It will never go out of style. Depending on whether you are looking for a coffee table furnish that will match with your house or room décor, white is a very calm color. It often symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom or health. White coffee table will be calm and will brings an elegant look to your kitchen or coffee table. The calm furnishes is suitable for placing your accessories or flower vase. It’s easy to clean and durable. White furnish it can give a totally different atmosphere of relaxation and happiness to the room. it will also add more space to the area making it more comfortable to the eye. Also, if you choose light colored furniture it will add more brightness and style.


A marble coffee table is the perfect way to enhance the beauty and sophistication in your home living space. Marble is a luxurious and strong material that is an ideal selection for high-use furniture like coffee tables. Marble coffee tables have gorgeous and unique detailing; the creamy off-white base color with strands of black interspersed enhances a luxurious and prestigious feel in your home living space. Marble coffee tables enhance a variety of home décor motifs, including a modern contemporary and industrial style. Marble coffee tables can also complement a vintage or traditional style beautifully. You can further enhance a marble coffee table by adding gorgeous décor elements such as a matte black decorative accent, a beautiful wood coffee table tray, or coffee table books. You could also add a bright floral arrangement to contrast the off-white of the marble table top. While marble coffee tables tend to be more expensive than other coffee table varieties, you are paying for an extremely durable and timeless furniture piece that will last for years to come. Marble coffee tables add a sophisticated and luxurious flair to your home décor.


If you are in the market for a coffee table, there are so many choices that you can choose from ranging from glass, wooden, to metallic coffee table. However one of the most durable type if coffee table in the market is the metallic coffee table reason being, metallic coffee table are very versatile and as a result you are likely to easily find one that blends seamlessly with the type of décor that you are using. Plus metallic coffee table are always very durable and long-lasting since metal is a very strong element. Metallic coffee table are also very affordable as compared to other types of coffee table, this is because metal is a readily available product. One disadvantage of owning a metallic coffee table is the fact that it’s high likely to rust if it’s not well coated with a weather resistant plant.


Steel is also a type of metal that is quite popular within the furniture industry. And just like any other metal it’s highly durable and can withstand anything that you throw at it. The steel coffee table is a very reliable piece of furniture as it’s quite versatile when it comes to finishes and colors, meaning that it can be easily personalized to match your preferred color or theme. A steel coffee table is easy to clean and maintain as it has very little risk of being affected by bedbugs, termites, or cockroaches which tend to affect most wooden coffee tables. One huge disadvantage of having steel coffee table in your living room is the fact that due to poor finishes the coffee table may have rough edges that may end up destroying your living room floor, or even leaving you with an injury.


Stone coffee tables are a modern choice to enhance the sophistication of your home. Stone coffee tables have been a popular choice for home living spaces for generations; they are beautiful, strong, and sturdy coffee tables. Stone coffee tables can enhance many home décor styles, including traditional, industrial, and vintage. Stone coffee tables are easy to clean and maintain; it’s best to wipe up any spills immediately using warm water and a mild soap. There are sealants or protective veneers specially designed for stone coffee tables; it’s best to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are properly cleaning and maintaining your stone coffee table. A stone coffee table elevates a modern, clean, and lavish ambience in your home, allowing you to showcase your style and design. A stone coffee table makes an ideal addition to any home living space. It’s best to ensure that you take care if and when children are around a stone coffee table (to safeguard against possible injury or damage).


Wood coffee tables are a beautiful way to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home living space. Wood is a traditionally used material to craft coffee tables, as it is known for its incredible strength and durability. Wood coffee tables enhance a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home and provide you with ample space and storage. Oftentimes, wood coffee tables are built to include a shelf underneath the table top (either an open shelf or storage hidden behind cupboards), allowing you to display décor items or use it for extra storage. You can enhance a wood coffee table by pairing it with beautiful décor elements, such as candles, decorative accents, unique textiles (such as a table runner) or floral arrangements. Wood coffee tables complement a range of home décor styles, including coastal, farmhouse, traditional and modern; each of these home décor styles can be further enhanced by styling your wood coffee table to suit your design preferences. A wood coffee table makes a great addition to any home.


Most often when you select a coffee table, you’re selecting one individual coffee table. In other words, you are only seeking to purchase the coffee table that will likely be the focal point of your home living space. A sole (or individual) coffee table is a typical furniture choice for many people; it is easy to select an individual coffee table that will complement your existing home décor motif or enhance a particular style you have in mind. Having one coffee table allows you to create a focal point in your home living space and enhance the beauty of your coffee table. You can enhance your individual coffee table (and create a focal point in your living space) by positioning the coffee table in the centre of the room, adding unique décor pieces or floral arrangements, or using gorgeous textiles to spruce up the look of your coffee table.


Hardwood coffee tables are made from wood sourced from leaf bearing trees, such as balsa, oak, maple, and cherry. Some of the most popular and widely used wood varieties for furniture making are classified as a hardwood. Hardwoods are known for their incredible strength, as they have a higher density than softwood varieties. Hardwoods are also extremely stable and durable, making any hardwood variety an ideal choice for high-use furniture pieces. Given the wide range of available hardwood types, there are plenty of options in terms of physical features (for example, lighter tones or rich hues, even versus uneven grain pattern, etc.). A hardwood coffee table would make an ideal addition to any home living space; with the wide range of options to select from (hardwood wood varieties), you are sure to find a hardwood coffee table that suits your needs, style, and budget.


Walnut is a hardwood wood-species that is dark colored with very attractive grain patterns. Walnut furniture products such as the walnut coffee table are famous for their good looks and texture. Some of the advantages of choosing a walnut coffee table is that you will be preserving the environment since walnut wood is environmentally friendly and eco-friendly. The walnut coffee table is also a very durable piece of furniture with a life spun of up to a 100 years, plus it’s mold and water resistance. On the other side there is one huge con of why you might not want to get the walnut coffee table, which is that it’s extremely expensive as compared to other hardwood coffee table such as the oak coffee table, plus it easily get damaged when it’s scratched with sharp objects.

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